Luigi's Mansion Review

# of Players1
# of Levels2 multi-roomed mansions
Controllable CharactersLuigi
StoryAn announcement came in the mail for Luigi and Mario notifying them that they've won a mansion in some sweepstakes. Even though neither of them had entered in any sweepstakes, they are too excited to care. Deciding to go visit their brand-new mansion right away, Mario agrees to go ahead himself and meet Luigi there. As Luigi is on his way to his new mansion, he gets lost in a creepy forest which delays him for a bit, but he finally makes it out into the clearing. Out in front of him looms a rundown, old mansion. However, his map points him to that very spot. In spite of it all, he decides to enter the mansion anyway, but then discovers that Mario isn't anywhere to be found!

Graphics10This game introduced us to the world of 128-bit graphics, so how could we not be impressed? Luigi and his friends/enemies never looked better!
Sound10Great stereo sound all around along with detailed sound effects!
Challenge4It's not too hard to vacuum up several dozen ghosts and find all the rooms and keys- this game is all about graphics.
Replay Value2Once you beat the main mansion, you get to play in the Hidden Mansion, which is exactly the same as the first mansion except that your vacuum is stronger and the ghosts' stun times are shorter. There's not too much entertainment in sucking up ghosts time after time.