Episode 4: Mario's Magic Carpet

Live Segment

The Mario Bros. are having Lyle Alzado as a guest and they are preparing for his arrival when they get a phone call from their eccentric cousins Marianne and Luigeena. To their horror, they were also planning on dropping by, as well! So as Mario and Luigi are preparing for everyone's arrival and trying to figure out how they can prevent the three of their guests from meeting each other, they realize that they do not have the refreshment that they need so they leave to go shopping for it, promising to return quickly. At this moment, Lyle drops in and makes himself at home, wondering where everybody is. Just then, Marianne and Luigeena (played by Lou Albano and Danny Wells) arrive, as well! When they notice Lyle sitting on the couch, they immediately fall in love with him and start fawning over him, making Lyle very uncomfortable. Finally, Luigi and Mario return and pry their two crazy cousins away from Lyle. They then promise to leave, only after Marianne asks Lyle to go dancing with him later on, though. But when they see Mel Gibson on the street, they immediately forget about Lyle and hightail it out of there. At first, Lyle is relieved at this, but then realizes how much he wanted to go dancing and becomes sad. Mario and Luigi then try to cheer him up.

Cartoon Segment

Non-Main Character Appearances: Pidgit


Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool are wondering through a desert in search of Aladdin's Magic Lamp. The Princess believes that this lamp can help in saving the Mushroom Kingdom from King Koopa's clutches. Exhausted from the intense, dry heat, they keep seeing things like waterfalls and food in the desert only to discover that they are just mirages. The final mirage that they encounter is a swimming pool, and when they all go to dive in, they discover that it is really one huge, blue trampoline! The trampoline sends them careening into the nearby palace where they encounter a mean-spirited king who immediately captures them. He steals Princess Toadstool into his harem and banishes Mario, Luigi, and Toad into the slave quarters to work like dogs.

As the three guys are being led through the slave quarters, Mario discovers the magic lamp that they've been looking for sitting within the palace! So when night comes and the three of them are alone, Mario snatches the lamp and makes the genie emerge from it by rubbing it. The genie, which is a woman, seems to have a really bad attitude and doesn't seem to have mastered her magic very well. This is evidenced when, upon overhearing that the king of the palace is selling Princess Toadstool to the highest bidder, they see that King Koopa is there in the palace and is trying to purchase her, and the genie tries to thwart his plans by casting a magic spell on him. Unfortunately, though, all it does is create a very bad-smelling mist within the palace that disappears pretty quickly. When the mist is gone, they see King Koopa whisking the princess away on a flying magic carpet!

Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the Genie go after them immediately, first on foot, but realizing that they won't get very far that way, they buy a used magic carpet and take off on a high-speed air chase to rescue the princess. Their first attempt fails when Toad starts jumping around on the carpet to create a big dust cloud so that they aren't discovered, but when the Genie sneezes all of the dust away, they are caught like deer in headlights. Koopa then tosses Princess Toadstool into a pit of quicksand, and the Mario Bros. fly down to rescue her. Meanwhile, Koopa uses his carpet phone to call an army of Pidgits to come interfere. As soon as Luigi pulls the princess out of the quicksand and she is safe in their carpet, a bunch of Pidgits come flying in and start eating away at their carpet. In a panic, they are at a loss of what to do as their carpet begins shrinking away into nothing and. Then, Luigi suddenly remembers that he speaks the Pidgit language, so he grabs one of the Pidgits and orders it to go eat away at King Koopa's carpet instead. The Pidgit obeys and takes his army to Koopa and they all begin eating away at his carpet. King Koopa panics and while he's careening towards the ground as his carpet shrinks, he vows to get back at the Mario gang. All the Mario gang can do at this point is laugh at him.


There is not much to say about this episode except for the Pidgits. What is interesting to point out is that they fly on their own rather than ride on magic carpets, and they speak a language that consists entirely of the word, "pidgit."

Errata, bloopers, and other inaccuracies

  • This isn't so much an inaccuracy in this episode, but rather is a correction to one that has been seen in previous episodes. In previous episodes, the color Toad's hat was red with white spots. In this episode, it is white with red spots- the color that we see him in today.

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