Mario Bros.

Not to be confused with Super Mario Bros., this is the first Mario game that came out featuring his name in the title. This game can also be found as one of the SMB3 mini-games.

# of Players2
# of LevelsInfinite
Controllable CharactersMario and Luigi
StoryAll kinds of strange creatures have been infesting the pipelines in Brooklyn, NY. The two plumbers, Mario and Luigi, have been called to save the day!

Graphics5Since this was the first game that featured Mario and Luigi, the technology back then was very primitive. I'm sure that the graphics were amazing to the people back then, though.
Sound4It's kind of hard to get any of the songs in this game stuck in your head since they're all just bleeps and clicks.
Challenge8The game is repetitive, but each level becomes harder as the enemies speed up and multiply.
Replay Value10It's hard for a modern gamer to be addicted to this repetitive gameplay, but any classic-lover can play this for hours on end, since there is an infinite number of levels to conquer.