Mailbag #9- 3/5/02

Now on with the messages:


Purple: No, I can't say that I have.

Boo: Boo likes his potatos raw! Then comes mashed and any sort of fry. Oh, but how does a Boo sustain food in his stomach? He doesn't! Ka ha ha ha!! Heck, I don't even have a stomach! Ka ha ha ha!!


Magma Mario: I thought you answered mailbag questions..... no. Purple, please don't put this question in!

Gamer Extreme: Ya.

Kamek: Simply put: "No, I haven't". We must be pretty desperate for mailbag entries.

Qeomash: I think YOU have, and look what it's done to your mind...

Toad: N/A

have u noticed that in super mario rpg, if you jump on Gaz's head and *ride* her 30 times in a row BEFORE you get the Lazy Shells, instead of the lazy shell armor you get the super suit? Cool, heh? I deserve a cookie for being the first person to find this otu. -ChronicProcrastination

Purple: You *rode* her 30 times in a row??? Do you happen to have a life? Oh, and also that's not Gaz. Gaz is the one in Rose Town with all those Mario figurines.

Boo: Well, I never played the game, but good job! :::Final Fantasy victory music plays::: Boo commends you for your valiant efforts in the search for the mysteries SMRPG. Ka ha ha ha!!

Yoshi Dude: Ride Gaz? When?

Magma Mario: Erm... I doubt this is true, but everyone try it anyway. I'm not gonna waste my time. Besides, how would you know when 30 times has passed.

Gamer Extreme: That's nice.

Kamek: No, I didn't know that, but I bet Qeomash did.

Qeomash: I'm sorry, I can't believe you. 1. Gaz is a guy. 2. You're thinking of the girl in the Mushroom Kingdom, not Gaz. 3. Nobody would *ride* that little girl 30 times for no reason...You haven't even done it. 4. You're psychologically incabable of lies via e-mail, you Procrastinator you! 5. If you found something this special, you'd give a name and e-mail.

Toad: Sorry, but I have no cookies to give and I don't know what you're talking about because I've never played Super Mario RPG. I'm at the bottom of the barrel in this website. I've hardly ever played any Super Nintendo video games. I'm almost positive that they talk badly about me behind my back and every time I turn around I feel someone throw a can at the back of my head. Nobody ever tells me who did it but I'm suspecting Boo.

Are they going to make Super Mario 64 2 for GAMECUBE? -Leo

Purple: Yes, they are as a matter of fact. It's better known as Mario Sunshine. I'm sure you've heard of it.

Boo: No, it will be called Super Mario 128. Ka ha ha ha!! But anyway, I think the actual Mario game coming out is named Mario Sunshine.

Yoshi Dude: Unless they do a bunch of games in one, then they better not.

Magma Mario: They quit the project. (As far as I know.)

Gamer Extreme: Uuhhhhhhhh......

Kamek: I don't even think Super Mario 64 2 will ever come out now, and if it does of course they will re-name it. I think the whole Super Mario 64 2 thing was just one big internet rumor. Maybe we will find out.

Qeomash: No, they're not. (Mario 64 on the 'Cube?) However, how would "Mario Sunshine" suit your fancy?

Toad: I believe they are, it's called Mario Sushie or Sunshine or something along those lines. I don't think the name made much sense to me when I heard it first.

Why won't nintendo make another game with the koopa kids in it? Is it because of all the new games with baby bowser in them? Or is there some other reason why they won't put the koopalings in new games? -Kooky

Purple: The world may never know...

Boo: Maybe the Kooplaings aren't featured in any more games because after Mario and Luigi beat them in Super Mario Bros. 3, they all ran off crying never to return.

Yoshi Dude: The Koopa kids got a part time job at K-Mart, and this did not satisfy Nintendo.

Magma Mario: Because, Bowser ate them. Didn't you notice the major size change when N64 came out?

Gamer Extreme: Maybe because nobody likes the koopa kids

Kamek: You can't even guess how long I have been asking myself that same question. Small world.

Qeomash: The reason is that, in a lawsuit from the Koopa Kids themselves, Nintendo lost the right to use them in the games. Something about "Being beaten up by a plumber..."

Toad: I'm not really sure, I think I've heard they're making a remake of Super Mario World or something like that, but I don't know if the Koopalings will appear in any totally new kind of game.

Can you tell me the last names of both Mario and Luigi? Thanks -Nick Luc

Purple: Mario.

Boo: Erm... I think it's Mario, which in my opinion is kind of stupid. Why didn't Nintendo put more thought into their last names?

Yoshi Dude: Mario. Seriously. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.

Magma Mario: Mario and Luigi's last name is Mario.

Gamer Extreme: I don't know.

Kamek: Its never been said. According to popular rumors on the net their last name is Mario. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. They are after all the Mario Bros. I don't know if this is true its another internet rumor, but have you ever found Luigi in Super Mario 64? I rest my case.

Qeomash: Mario's last name is Mario, and Luigi's is Mario.

Toad: Their last names are Mario. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Kinda weird isn't it? I wish my first name was my last name too...

I have beat Luigi's mansion and went to the hidden mansion, I am getting throught it faster than ever. Everything is the same, what's the use of it? and plus the ghosts are easier to catch, press joystick and C stick and it takes off 10-30 damage a pop! -Luigi

Purple: Don't ask me! I also wonder why whatever you do in the Hidden Mansion affects the first mansion.

Boo: OK dude, use better grammar next time. Also, I don't own a GameCube yet. And yet again, please use better grammar as I can't understand much of what you're saying besides that you beat Luigi's Mansion and something about doing 10 to 30 damage.

Yoshi Dude: Now I have more reason to dislike it.

Magma Mario: I don't have a Game Cube, but I might have one in time for New Year's.

Gamer Extreme: I don't know. Maybe they made a mistake.

Kamek: You make me jealous. I think you can guess I do not have Game Cube....yet!

Qeomash: I've beat it twice through now, and I don't even know what's the point of the secret mansion!?!

Toad: I am proud of you for beating it so quickly. I don't know about what the point is, I haven't played it yet.

u guys suck. how the hell could u believe that deezer was actually asking u guys. thats sad..... like tmk would bother sending a question to this wannabe mailbag. -Dontaskme


Boo: Well, I don't happen to know this Deezer, so I just decided to give him an answer. As for you, I'd show a little more respect you ignorant, self-absorbed, moronic, lowly, stupid sack of crap.

Yoshi Dude: No, but you do.

Magma Mario: Go back to the hole you came through.

Gamer Extreme: WATCH YOUR MOUTH! And shut up.

Kamek: I don't know. Your probably right, but shut your whole! Like he would rather speak to you, but at least we have a fricken mailbag! You haven't even seen my bad side yet. If this were not a mailbag YOU would be sorry!

Qeomash: I'm sorry, but if you didn't notice I, THE OWNER OF THE SITE "DEEZER" WAS ASKING ABOUT, SAW RIGHT THROUGH HIM!!! (Or, if my suspicions are correct: saw right through YOU.)

Toad: WE suck?!?! You're the one sending letters that are supposed to be hurtful but end up to be the work of a sissy baby who likes to act tough on the internet. I am not offended, I just have pity for you and I'm a little concerned. I bet you get beat up all the time at your school because your a little weakling who wants to be big and strong. I'm sorry that you have a horrible personality, I really am.

What will be the last Mario game for the N64? -Miguel

Purple: I'm afraid there won't be anymore Mario games for the N64. Mario Party 3 was the last one.

Boo: I think N64 has run dry on Mario games. Mario Party 3 was the last game made on N64 about Mario, and I don't think anymore will be made for the system.

Yoshi Dude: Mario Party 3, I think.

Magma Mario: It's already been released. It's Mario Party 3.

Gamer Extreme: I don't know Super Mario 2000000.

Kamek: There may be one more release, but I doubt it. The last game has been Mario Party 3 with Paper Mario close behind. Forget about the N64 already! Think about Game Cube instead!

Qeomash: You mean, what WAS the last game for the N64. And it was Mario Party 3.

Toad: It's Mario Party 3 I think.

Could I use the Super Mario Kart Ending Pic (w/o the whole thing) & The Koopa Troopa From Mario Excitebike Sprite?? Answer....... -Mike V.R.

Purple: Sure you can! I just ask that you please link back to me and give credit to MNM.

Boo: Don't ask me. That's the webmaster's decision. (Webmistress if you want to get technical)

Yoshi Dude: Uh.. for what?

Magma Mario: As long as it's alright with Purple.

Gamer Extreme: I don't know. Don't ask me.

Kamek: I don't quite know what to say, but I'm pretty sure the answer to this question is in the Site FAQ.

Qeomash: Umm...that's a picture I don't want to know anything about...

Toad: I've been told by Purple that you can use any of those pictures. So enjoy!

Why aren't the N64 codes avalible -jphnny Bgood

Purple: I am still working on the codes section. For now I'm just working on Game Genie/Game Shark codes.

Boo: The N64 codes are not available because they haven't been put on the site to my knowledge.

Yoshi Dude: What?

Magma Mario: Because we're so busy.

Gamer Extreme: What N64 codes?

Kamek: I don't know why they aren't availible.

Qeomash: Why?

Toad: I am not sure what you mean. If you mean on this page, then I don't know. If you mean on the internet, then you aren't looking hard enough.

What is Bowser? -Blake

Purple: A Koopa.

Boo: Bowser is just a really big and scary Koopa.

Yoshi Dude: Bowser is the King of Koopas, and Mario's most persistant rival. You can find many pictures of him throughout the site an' such.

Magma Mario: Can the questions get any dumber? A bowser is a giant turtle with a shell that will destroy you all!! Bwa Ha Ha! Oops, sorry. I got a little carried away.

Gamer Extreme: Who knows?

Kamek: Whoa you don't get out much. He is a koopa. More than likely the best "race" in Super Mario Series. I would know. *PROUD TO BE A KOOPA!*

Qeomash: His technical name is Turtulus Aggressivus. Otherwise, he is a Koopa. Or, if you want to get really general, he's a boss.

Toad: I don't know what species Bowser is, but I know he's really scary.