Mailbag #8- 11/22/01

Now on with the messages:

Boo has 2 questions about Super Mrio Bros. 2. (This game is just so mysterious to me...Ka ha ha ha!!) Anyway, why is Birdo named Birdetta at first? when did it get shortened? -Boo

Queen of Sarcasm: I've heard that before too, but with bad memory, I can't remember from where...

Curious Ghost: N/A

Jokester: I assume it's because to save space for names.

Blunt Dude: Never knew it was Birdetta.

Short-and-Sweet Guy: I don't know.

Opinionated Koopa: I have no clue she was Birdetta, I thought it was always Birdo or Ostro (from Wario's Woods).

Sage: I've never heard her called Birdetta. Although, I do remember one of the Mario Cartoons having Birdo and a Birdo baby...

Novel Writer: I'm guessing Birdetta was the Japanese name and the Americans who are in charge of Mario liked Birdo better.

My other consecutive Super Mario Bros. 2 question:Why don't the red doors appear inside the vases? -Boo

Queen of Sarcasm: Since this game was originally set to have a Persian theme, it also contains famous Persian traditions. One of them is that magic does not work in containers... just kidding! I really have no idea. But think about this, a genie cannot perform its magic unless it's out of it's lamp!

Curious Ghost: N/A

Jokester: Why doesn't Nintendo make a Mario launch for GCN? How come my new obsession is from Konami? Why am I named Yoshi Dude instead of Yoshi Dudette? Why do fools fall in love?How come Boo asks so many questions? Blah blah blah blah blah. :P

Blunt Dude: Dunno.

Short-and-Sweet Guy: I don't know.

Opinionated Koopa: No clue. These are all just part of Nintendo's plot to confuse you about Super Mario Bros 2. Don't worry. Theres all kinds of weird funky things in that game.

Sage: It's something to do with the compressed air of the vase and the expasion ofthe door from potion to door.

Novel Writer: Again, I would have someone else do that one if I were you.

I have a question for Kamek......As your reply to the last letter in the #7 mailbag, you said that you liked Luigi too. Did you somehow become ATTACHED to Luigi as you waited in Baby Bowser's Castle for Yoshi and Mario to arrive? -Qeomash

Queen of Sarcasm: Everyone has a soft spot!

Curious Ghost: Ka ha ha ha!! So Kamek bonded with little Luigi?? Ka ha ha ha!!

Jokester: LMAO!!!!

Blunt Dude: Heh heh. ROTFL. That's a good one.

Short-and-Sweet Guy: Don't know.

Opinionated Koopa: Yes. Why do you think I tried to stop Yoshi from saving him? Anyways I can relate well to Luigi. We are both neglected. Wait almost everyone except Mario can be considered neglected. Oh well.

Sage: N/A

Novel Writer: I have no idea what to answer for this.

Excellent page. I give it five stars. But I have two questions and I figured you are the people to ask. What exactly is Luigi's Mansion? Since when did Luigi get his own mansion? My second question is, why was Mario captured twice (in Mario is Missing and Luigi's Mansion) and Luigi isn't captured at all? I like Luigi better than Mario, but I think that Mario is a better warrior, so how come the bad guys can always grab him? Doesn't Mario know how to fight back? -Luigi Mario

Queen of Sarcasm: Thanx! Here are the answers to your questions:
1. I'm not too sure who's mansion it is, but all know is that Luigi must clear out all the ghosts out of it. Somewhere I heard that Luigi owns that mansion, but other sources say that it's just a random house that Luigi has been sent to.
2. Luigi was captured, in the very beginning of his life (play Yoshi's Island)! Actually, both Mario and Luigi were captured when they were born, but Mario managed to escape from Kamek's evil clutches!

Curious Ghost: Big question here. First of all, I think that Luigi inherited the mansion, but I don't know from who. In general, Luigi's Mansion is a game where you have to suck up all of the ghosts in the mansion with the vacuum. I don't know why Mario is captured and not Luigi, but I have a theory. Maybe it's just because Mario causes more trouble for the bad guys they're always planning to find a way to capture him.

Jokester: 1.Uh.. I'm not sure of the story, because I don't really care about that game. ^_^;; I think it has to do with Luigi going into a mansion to save Mario, not to own a mansion..
2...good question. o.o; I don't know.. maybe Mario has been getting lazy. Seen his stomach lately? A little too much spaghetti! :P

Blunt Dude: They usually use a unsespected trap to get Mario. and....Luigi doesn't have a mansion. That's just the title, as far as I know..

Short-and-Sweet Guy: That is weird. They probably wanna give Luigi a name for himself

Opinionated Koopa: No, Mario doesn't know how to fight back. Luigi was me, in Yoshi's Island. Of course I tried to capture both of them.

Sage: I think that the mansion isn't Luigi's, and that Mario had just beencaptured by the ghosts while he was in it. As to why it's named what it is, who knows. The reason Mario is always captured is he always jumps rightinto things, while Luigi stays a distance so he is never caught.

Novel Writer: It is quite the page. I've heard that Luigi just goesin a haunted mansion to save Mario from the ghosts or something. I personally don't know too much about it either. I think the reason Mario got captured twice and Luigi didn't get captured at all is because they wanted to make a game starring Luigi, but it wouldn't have made sense for Luigi to be going after the Princess, because if that was the case then Mariowould help. But, if you would like a twisted point ofview... than very well. I think that whoever is stealing Mario, does it at night. And Mario is so busy fighting monsters and saving Princesses all day, thathe is terribly tired at night. Making him a heavysleeper. Luigi on the other hand is not a heavy sleeper. Like it or not, Luigi is more of Mario's second hand man. Therefore he doesn't do as much work, only because Mario is an attention and popularity sponge. So Luigi has not as restful nights, therefore when people try to steal him he will wake up and fight back.

in the game super mario world for s nes, how do u get past the forestof ilustion -Pete

Queen of Sarcasm: Use The Force, Pete.

Curious Ghost: Boo can't help you, Pete. I don't own the game.

Jokester: ..huh?

Blunt Dude: You must find the secret exits.

Short-and-Sweet Guy: I don't know.

Opinionated Koopa: Okay, the Forest of Illusion is HUGE first of all. It's a maze, and if I'm not mistaken it should look sort of like a circle with a line through it when its done. Here you can find the blue switch palace, but find the key in the water level. If you wanna take the easy way out just play the first forest level, then find the key in one of the pipes there to go to the water level. Sorry I don't exactly remember the names of all the levels. Play the water level and finsih as normal. When you finish it you will go to the next forest level which should appear at the very bottom of the map. When you are there find the key hidden under the "boards" decending over the endless pit. Use Balloon Mario to get it. When your finished be prepared for Roy's Castle. If you wanna complete the forest use your try to do it on your own, but I will say that one of the entrances to Star Road is hidden off to the left.

Sage: Umm...depends on where you are in the forest. All I can say is that you must complete a few secret passages in the maze (remember that yellow levels have 1 exit, red/ghost houses have at least 2.) I would suggest checking out TMK..

Novel Writer: I have no idea. Sorry.

Hello, this is Deezer from the Mushroom Kingdom. I was visiting The Mario RPG SOTSS when I saw your Doctor Topper final question. Since you no longer take entries, what is the right answer? -Deezer

Queen of Sarcasm: You are Deezer? Riiiight, and I'm Barbara Bush. From the very confused, real Deezer when the automated mailbag-submission-thank-you note was sent to him: "Umm I didn't send this. And I don't know who did, since I'm the only one with the password to my e-mail. Sorry for any confusion."

Curious Ghost: What are you asking me for? This question seems to be directed towards Qeomash, and Boo will not tell the final question's answer. That's up to Qeomash's decision.

Jokester: XQ-17.

Blunt Dude: I'm pretty sure it was jalapeno margarita, but not positive. Ask Qeo.

Short-and-Sweet Guy: I don't know ask Purple.

Opinionated Koopa: Wow! Your famous dude. I never made it that far in Dr. Toppers Quiz.

Sage: #1. Wrong site. #2. I ain't gonna tell ya in the MNM mailbag. (E-mail me directly and I will.) #3. I don't believe your Deezer, considering he usually would just e-mail me,rather than contact me via an affiliate's mailbag. #4. Deezer got to the Ultimate Question a looong time ago.

Novel Writer: Sorry Deezer, but I have no idea what so ever. When it comes to Super Nintendo I am a dumb, deaf, and blind man. Sorry.

can you give me a romm of super mario world please i really need it -devin

Queen of Sarcasm: I'm sorry, but we do not give out ROMs to people. However, you can download the Super Mario World ROM from EMUSANET.

Curious Ghost: We don't carry any of those. Sorry, guy.

Jokester: You really need it? You really really need it? You really really REALLY need it?

Blunt Dude: First of all, roms and emulators are illegal (we're the ones to talk). Anyway, this site does not give away that due to it's... um.. illegalness. Try Mario roms or conduct a search.

Short-and-Sweet Guy: I don't have one.

Opinionated Koopa: No I cannot personally, well I could but I chose not to. Check out

Sage: Ummm...I don't remember where I got mine. I don't use too many ROMs, so I can't help you.

Novel Writer: I don't know anything about a romm for Super MarioWorld. And if we did all have one it would not be any of my business who gets it. I am in charge of all that is useless. Yoshi Dude once said that he was in charge of all that was useless but I blew him right out ofthe water! WEEEEEEEEEE!

Will we ever see Wart, Mouser, and everyone else from SMB2 again, not just in a remake for GBA? -Moe Stooge #1

Queen of Sarcasm: I highly doubt this, but the insanity of the world may cause them to appear again.

Curious Ghost: No. They were small time characters.

Jokester: I doubt it.. well, maybe some. Who knows? Chances are, just more characters will be made.

Blunt Dude: Nintendo has no plans of this from what I know. I did see a screenshot of Peach throwing a veggie from SMB2 in the Super Smash M.

Short-and-Sweet Guy: Well I think they should remake that game for some other consoles.

Opinionated Koopa: I don't know, I wouldn't bother me if we didn't, my question is will we ever see Kamek and the Koopa Kids ever again.

Sage: I'm sure we'll see ShyGuy, the Snifits, Birdo, and those veggies again.

Novel Writer: I doubt it. I don't think a lot of good Mario characters are lost forever. Just try to get attached to the characters that you can be on Mario Kart 64 and possibly Waluigi, I don't think they're ever going to dissapear. Although... I think that Waluigi should.

How come Boo asks so many questions? -Yoshi Dudely Duding Dudeler.. Dude..

Queen of Sarcasm: How come a mailbag responder is asking questions in his/her own mailbag?

Curious Ghost: How come you're a dude if you're a girl? Next question.

Jokester: N/A

Blunt Dude: Yoshi Dudely Duder Dude, whatever your name is. It's natural for Boo. And you don't happen to be just Yosh Dude, would you?

Short-and-Sweet Guy: Ask him not me. He he he

Opinionated Koopa: Thats a good question, dude (or Dudely, Duding, Dudeler). I think he asks more questions than answering them (j/k). Oh well.

Sage: Scroll down a bit and you'll find your answer.

Novel Writer: Boo asks so many questions because he doesn't know the answers and he needs us geniuses to answer them for him. By the way Yoshi Dude, didn't you ask a few questions as well? You should look at yourself before you point fingers at poor Boo. NAUGHTY!

I just had an interesting idea. It is kind of more, science related then Mario. I got the idea from a flash movie. OK, say Mario had a time machine. What if Mario went back to a long time ago and somehow accidentally killed the baby version of Mario. Would he suddenly disappear and be erased from the face of the Planet? Would Bowser rule over the whole universe? Which brings me to another question, does anyone know why Bowser is evil? How about this theory. What if Mario went into the time machine, and managed to go back in time and kill himself (maybe fall off of a cliff) without anything or anyone seeing him. Would Baby Mario grow up and go into the time machine and 'accidentally' kill himself. Would this process keep repeating itself, oh! The horror! -Mike

Queen of Sarcasm: Your brain needs some rest, Mike...

Curious Ghost: Big question here! Anyway, yes, if Mario killed his past self he would be wiped from the planet. Also, I think Bowser's just naturally evil. Or how about this? Anyone familiar with Sonic the Hedgehog should know that he and Robotnik were brothers. I think Robotnik was an orphan that Sonic's uncle Chuck took care of later. Maybe Bowser and Mario have a similar story, where Bowser was tired of seeing Mario do better than he and that sparked a rivalry. Oh, and Bowser wouldn't rule the universe. Luigi would just take Mario's place. Being the understudy, it is his sworn duty. And if Mario died and Baby Mario didn't, then Baby Mario would suffer Mario's later fate.

Jokester: That's a spiffy idea! Send that to Nintendo.. perhaps it'll appear in its magazine.

Blunt Dude: Um.. what a q! Mario would be erased.

Short-and-Sweet Guy: He he he

Opinionated Koopa: Congratualtions! This is the first mailbag question I really want to deny responding to. Why would Mario kill his past self to begin with. I don't think he would exist if he did that. I doubt that Bowser would rule because both Mario and Luigi are USUALLY at the same kinda skill. Also Bowser is evil because he grew up with me as a role model.

Sage: As for the time machine and killing baby Mario, that would create a paradox (if baby Mario is dead, then older Mario won't exist and so nobody would go back and kill baby Mario so older Mario would exist and go back and kill baby Mario, making it so older Mario couldn't go back and kill him so then...) and the Space-Time continuum would be destroyed forever. And, yes, if Mario went back and fell off a cliff and didn't kill the Baby Mario, the older Mario would still go back and die.

Novel Writer: I believe there was a very old and crappy video game called Mario's Time Machine. I've never played it but I've heard it exists. I think you should watch the movie, "Back to the Future" It will answer all of your time Machine questions. I don't know about Bowser being evil. His evilness does not have anything to do with trying to destroy Mario in my theory. I just think it was evil of him to try to, ah, play around with the Princess when there's someone out there who is the mother of his ugly children. What kind of father is he? But I don't blame him for constantly attacking Mario. Mario should have backed off to begin with. He has no right to ruin poor Bowser's fun.