Mailbag #5- 8/11/01

Now on with the messages:

This is an awsome page. And the fan fiction stories are the best! -Max Jones

Purple: Thanx! I liked your fan fiction, too!

Yoshi Dude: You can say that again! ^_^

Magma Mario: Okay, thanks. I'm glad you like Purple's site. Are you subscribed to the Kinopian Press? If not, you should.

In the General Mario Knowledge Quiz question #2 it asks for the first appearance of Mario, the answer is Donkey Kong, but I thought his name was Jumpman. Should'nt the answer be Mario Bros. -Little Toady

Purple: Well technichally, Jumpman was the name of the character in Donkey Kong. But Mario is Jumpman. They just didn't think of the name Mario until Mario Bros. It's like you are the son of your parents, but you're also the cousin of your cousin, yet you are the same person...yeah, something like that ^_^

Yoshi Dude: Nope. I see what you're saying... but no. ^^; We know our mustached plumber as Mario today, and the questions asks for his first appearance. Even though he was called Jumpman then, he was still the same guy. Just with a different name. Plus, if it asked when Jumpman's first appearance was, it'd be too easy. ;)

Magma Mario: Umm, well.... Jumpman and Mario are the same person, Jumpman was later renamed Mario. What do you think Purple.

We would like to know why the game capsule locks up the computor when left unattended for a while? cntrl alt dlte is the only way out but you go back to windows. Thank You -BRIAN

Purple: I haven't the slightest idea what the game capsule is, but another way to close it is to try Alt+F4. It might freeze the computer because it takes up too much memory. That's what my SNES9xw does to me, so I just play it right when I turn my computer on before opening any other programs.

Yoshi Dude: I think if you connect Pipe A to Pipe C and if you move the Goomba chip around.. waitaminute... this isn't a Mario question!

Magma Mario: Sorry, I don't know a lot about computers.

If Bowser had kids, whose his wife? -The bean

Purple: Some sources say his wife's name is Lena Koopa ^_^, and other sources say that the kids are adopted.

Yoshi Dude: You don't want to know. Trust me.

Magma Mario: Will people please quit asking the same questions over and over. (Sigh) The koopa kids were adopted.

I would just like to say that this is by far the best Mario site I've ever been on. I especially like reading all the fan fiction. Including my own. Keep up the good work. -Max Jones

Purple: Thanx!

Yoshi Dude: You mean you don't read your own fics when you type them? I sense advertisement. -_^

Magma Mario: Well, I assure you, as long as Xtremgaming and all of Purple's host cooperate, (which they aren't) we'll continue to dish out all the nostalgia.

What happened isn't there a mario RPG 2 Game coming? -Nicola Totaro

Purple: Where have you been??? Super Mario RPG 2 was released in February! The name of the game was Paper Mario, but it was intended to to be the sequel to SMRPG.

Yoshi Dude: Paper Mario is supposedly the Mario RPG 2 game.

Magma Mario: Well, Super Mario RPG 2 was actually Paper Mario. Nintendo changed its name twice. It was Super Mario RPG 2, then renamed Super Mario Adventure, then finally Paper Mario. I really don't know why Nintendo changed the name. Possibly something about Square working for Playstation.

Thanks to TMK for screenshot.

in super mario world on the snes there is a level that i cant reach the secret exit in. its the last ghost house in the valley of bowser. -Brian Greene

Purple: Jill tells me to say "Check here!"

Yoshi Dude: That's nice...just kidding! ^_^; I'd love to help you, but my Super Mario World is messed up and keeps erasing itself. Did you try

Magma Mario: Here it goes: Okay, on the Valley Ghost House, be regular small Mario. In the hallway with 5 doors go through the last one and pick up the P Switch once you go through. Carry the switch over to the block. Press the P Switch and hit the block. Control the blocks up to the northeastern corner of the screen and slide through the hole. You'll find the key and the keyhole.

Where did Birdo and Daisy come from? I never heard of them. -BingoBango the chewy chewy cocoa bean

Purple: Birdo first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 as an end-of-stage boss. Daisy first appeared in Super Mario Land as the damsel in distress.

Yoshi Dude: Birdo is some baddie furst found in Super Mario Bros 2. Daisy was the princess Mario had to save in the Mario Land series.. I think.. o.o;

Magma Mario: Birdo first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 as an enemy who served Wart. Daisy's first appearance was in the Super Mario Bros. Movie where she took Peach's place as the princess and became Luigi's girlfriend. In Mario Tennis, Birdo showed her good side and fell in love with Yoshi.

Pokemon is basicilly dead, but did you think Pokemon at one time was doing better than Mario? I'm with Mario the whole way! I'm glad Mario is coming back again. It was because of Pokemon that Mario toys are extinct(The only way to get them is at E-bay), and that there is no more official comics,TV shows, or Mario related anything(except a few games here and there)What do you think of Pokemon? -Cameron

Purple: Pokemon is to evil as Mario is to good. But I guess I really don't mean that wholeheartedly since I do like Pikachu. I have to admit that during these times, Pokemon has been ruling the toy and game industry, but to be honest, Mario has prevailed much longer than Pokemon! He's still popular even after 20 years!

Yoshi Dude: Pokemon's dead? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE INFORM ME OF THIS?I like Pocket Monsters more than Pokemon. :P

Magma Mario: I would like to state that poke'mon and Mario are both worthy games, and poke'mon isn't dead either. But the answer to your question is sooo simple, blank has better graphics, sounds, play control, gameplay, and plot than blank. Also, who likes blank more than blank? My last comment is, whoever prefers blank over blank is definitely a raving lunatic.


Purple: Right...

Yoshi Dude: Um.. quack quack quack

Magma Mario: Sigh, I didn't even get a question to answer! Woe is me! (sobs)

About 4 to 5 years ago, my dad and I went to Frys (a computer, computer game, video game, etc. store.) There was a section where you could play the video games that they were selling. This was when Nintendo 64 was new. There was a Mario game that I really liked. I did not know the name of it. We rented it a lot after that, yet I never learned the name. I do remember some details. The Princess had been kidnapped and Mario had to find her. You could walk up to this castle and it would be raining. When you went inside, you could talk to a bunch of people. You could also go in the princess's room and jump on her bed. In the cloud world, you could do the same thing. You could go into peoples homes and talk to them, jump on beds, etc. I also remember that it was 3-D and that it was very vivid. It was even more clear and life-like than Super Mario 64. It was more like a computer game than a video game. I know that this isn't much to go on, but I have been trying to find this game! ever since my father left. That was 4 years ago. Can someone please help me find it? -Ruby

Purple: Are you sure it wasn't a Super Nintendo? The details that you describe sound strangely like Super Mario RPG! Well, just the jumping on the bed part, that is.

Yoshi Dude: I KNOW! I KNOW! PICK ME! It's Super Mario RPG for the SNES! You must buy it NOW because it's SUPERIOR! ^_^

Magma Mario: Hmm... this sounds like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It wasn't exactly 3-D, and it was for the Super Nintendo. At one point, it would rain at the castle and you can jump on all the beds. However, I warn you, if you do not like RPG's, this game is not for you! Even Purple has trouble with it and if you like, and ever do get the game, mail me if you have any questions at [REDACTED]. This game is EXTREMELY hard to find, and places have a hard time keeping it on their shelves, even the occurence of a store having it is rare. One more thing, I suggest Ebay.