Mailbag #4- 8/9/01

Please welcome Yoshi Dude, our new 3rd permanent mailbag responder! Now on with the messages:

In Mario RPG can you get Wario,if u can how? -Cliff

Purple: You can't get Wario in SMRPG. If someone says you can, they're lying and trying to be cool.

Yoshi Dude: Sadly, it's not possible. Nor is it possible in Paper Mario. WHY MUST WE BE DEPRIVED OF OUR WARIO? Wait... I'm not supposed to ask the questions. ^_^;

Magma Mario: No, no ,no, no and no.

¿Que significa "knipio"? Mi otra pregunta es ¿puede mario habla italiano? -Jyrus

Purple: Wow, you're in luck! I've taken two years of Spanish in school so I guess I could answer your questions! I'm sure you know English (since I've seen you type it on the boards) so that's just how I'll have to respond since my sentence-forming in Espanol is very shaky... I'm guessing you mean "Kinopio". It's Japanese for "mushroom". I'm sure that Mario can speak Italian; he probably learned from his parents when he was young, and he has that accent in some of his games (but then again, it's otherwise in the cartoons!).

Yoshi Dude: Me no speak Español.

Magma Mario: I believe that Kinopio means mushroom in Japan. Also, Toad's name is Kinopio in Japan. Well, nobody's heard Mario and Luigi speak Italian, but they come from Italy. Mario and Luigi are Italian names.

In response to the question about Morton Koopa Sr, Bowser is the english name of King koopa so that probably is correct -Fox Zerro

Purple: It doesn't seem to me that Bowser would have two aliases, but you never know!

Yoshi Dude: Bowser is the English name of King Koopa? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bowser IS King Koopa, not the English version of it. I believe Bowser was Bowser in Japanese and English.

Magma Mario: Uh huh..... Bowser does indeed mean Koopa in Japan.

When Mario would change his sign [the V sign]? -Annie Brazil

Purple: Probably never, since it's one of his trademarks.

Yoshi Dude: I dunno. When?

Magma Mario: Uh, I don't know when, but I think you don't know what the v sign means. It means peace. (I think).

How do you get the jumble hopper in pilotwings64? -joshua

Purple: Er, wrong site.

Yoshi Dude: Does this have to do with Mario? I don't know anything about pilotwings64.. did you try

Magma Mario: ???? This isn't a Pilot Wings 64 mailbag, joshua.

How come in pilotwings64 when you get a birdman star it does'nt save and every time i want to play that birdman level I have to get the star again? how do I get it to save? -joshua

Purple: I think it may be because you're playing the wrong game.

Yoshi Dude: Same as above.

Magma Mario: Hellloooooooooo! Isn't a PW64 mailbag or site! MARIO!!!

To a response for the Morton question, Morton Sr. is Bowser`s dad, it isn`t Bowser`s name. -Michael

Purple: Yes, since the cartoons indicate that all of the Koopa Kids were adopted.

Yoshi Dude: That makes sense... maybe Nintendo will show Bowser's dad one day. Or maybe it's some weird Star Wars like thing, where it turns out that Mario is Bowser's father. "Bowser... I am your father.." ;)

Magma Mario: I said that on my answer.....

I've been playing Super Mario World for half of my life now and it just seems a little strange that the highest amount of levels i have beaten is 94. Are there any more levels or did the creators just stop short of 100? -Ky Ky

Purple: The number in front of the slot that you play (in your case 94) indicates how many goals you have cleared, not the number of levels, since some levels have more than one goal. There are 96 in all, so you are missing 2 of them. There aren't any more than 96, but I have no idea why it couldn't have been nice and even like 100.

Yoshi Dude: Um.. I don't think there's a rule of having to get to 100 levels. ;) Seriously, I don't know..

Magma Mario: They stopped short. There are 94 levels in Super Mario World.

The super mario comics!!! Thank you! -Mallow

Purple: No problem, enjoy!

Yoshi Dude: Yeah!!! What about them? ^_^;

Magma Mario: What about them.....

In the late 80s or early 90s I had a game that Mario was the only character. The game was about the size of adeck of cards maybe a little bigger. It had three or four buttons to control him and the object was for you to get Mario over these plat forms by running or jumping and as the levels got harder he had to start dodging bullets and bombs. There were times that he could jump and get a mushroom which would give you a extra man. The levels went 1-1 1-2 1-3etc. 2-1 2-2 2-3etc. I t was operated by a small battery that was about the size of a dime .there was also a clock on this thing . I have been looking for this game for approx. 8yrs. Can you please help me?? It would be greatly appreciated. -Michael

Purple: What you describe sounds like a Game Boy to me, but it might've been one of those promotional products for Mario fans.. I really don't know.

Yoshi Dude: "I think you're referring to Game and Watch. There was a Zelda one, too. Um.. did you try ebay? ^_^;"

Magma Mario: Sorry, while we are Mario gurus, I just don't know. It would help if we had more info because in most of Mario's games he must jump on platforms and avoid Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs.