Mailbag #2- 5/25/01

Our second mailbag has arrived! Thanks to all who submitted stuff to it! Read below for answers to your questions and comments. This time, Magma Mario will answer the questions along with me! Thanks, Magma Mario!

Do you think they should make more Mario comics? -Nick

Purple: Definitely! I especially loved those Super Mario Adventure comics that appeared in the Nintendo Power magazines several years ago! They should make Mario comics more widely available with new adventures. It would be cool if they had them anime style, too!

Magma Mario: I never read the Mario comics, but I wish they still printed them because I didn't know they made Mario comics "till" like a few months ago, sorry.

In response to Aaron in the 1st mailbag, there IS a Luigi in SMRPG, but he only appears in the ending. -Frog Mario

Purple: Thanx for that info. I've never beaten the game, so I didn't know that.

Magma Mario: Also, if you look in Star Hill, you can find Luigi's wish, "I want to be a great plumber just like my brother, Mario," by talking to the stars with faces and yes, Luigi is the leader of a parade in SMRPG.

When will Mario get married? -Super Geno 64

Purple: I think he will get married when he can find someone that doesn't easily allow herself to be captured by Bowser and wears the same dress all the time!

Magma Mario: He might not get married, you never know. That's something you'll have to ask Shigero Miyamoto or Nintendo.

In your last (and first) e-mail bag, a poor Square fan was misinformed. A question was asked about why Square hasn't been developing for Nintendo. David resonded that they'd probably just like to stick with Playstation. This is not the case now! Reportedly, a representative from Square has recently contacted Nintendo about Square developing for the GameCube. However, he was turned down. Nintendo is practicing a business trick of playing hard-to-get after being duped by a 3rd party. I, for one, hope that eventually Nintendo and Square get back together, however unlikely. -Grady Martin

Purple: As David reportedly said, "It was an educated guess, aren't we all entitled to those if we don't know the answer?" Anyway, thanks for the info; that's what I heard, too, but the website that had that info thought Nintendo was trying to cover up for being turned down by them! I can't remember where I saw that, but I remember that the site had a lot of Final Fantasy stuff on it.

Magma Mario: Great Scotts, you're right! I knew this but I didn't start answering questions until the second mailbag. Yes, Nintendo did turn Square down, but maybe Square is playing favorites. What if they're just sticking with the best system. To tell you the truth I am also a Playstation gamer and I enjoy Final Fantasy so much only Mario could beat it. SMRPG was also my favorite SNES game and was made by Square.

How do you make the banner exchange? -Larry Koopa

Purple: I didn't make it, Orbit Cycle did it for me! All I did was provide the info for each site, and then copy and paste the generated code onto my page!

Magma Mario: Sorry, you'll have to ask Purple.

Why is Mario so popular in Super Mario 64? -nathan

Purple: For one thing, he's the main character, and the ONLY controllable character in the game, which is not fair, by the way!

Magma Mario: I don't know. Maybe because his name is in the title and you have to control him the whole time? What do you think Purple?

In response to your previous Mailbag: Luigi does appear in Super Mario RPG! At the end of the game, he led the parade, even though he kind of was a jumble of green pixels. -Fire Mario

Purple: Funny how Mario decides to tell me this in two different forms (scroll up to the 2nd question). But thanx again.

Magma Mario: Haven't I, Purple, or David already answered that question? Yes, he appears once at the end of the game in green pixels (in a parade), and you can find his wish, "I want to be a great plumber, just like my brother Mario."

In the title screen of Super Mario All Stars, of what Mario and Luigi talk about? -Annie Brazil

Purple: From studying their silhouettes and gestures, it seems like Luigi is complaining that he never gets to be the star in a lot of games (he points to himself a lot), and Mario is trying to reason with him.

Magma Mario: They do talk, but you'll have to ask Nintendo about that.

In response to the question about Morton Koopa Sr., I believe that's Bowser. After all, they are his kids. Maybe Bowser is just a nickname. So Bowser's real full name would be King Morton Koopa Sr. -Realgtx

Purple: Actually, it's because all of the Koopa kids were named after famous musicians, although it really makes no sense to me.

Magma Mario: Ok, here's tthe deal. In Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island, I believe that Baby Bowser's dad is Morton Koopa Sr. But, when Kamek gives Baby Bowser a double dose of growth magic, he grows so big, and destroys the castle and everything in it, Including Morton Koopa Sr. Baby Bowser later grows into Bowser.

Do you think Nintendo should make comics? -Nick and Nate

Purple: Yes! Like I said in response to your first question, they should especially make more Mario comics! Kirby comics would be cool, also!

Magma Mario: Yes, they should. They used to make Mario comics but they quit. Two months ago, they quit making Poke'mon comics.