Mailbag #10- 2002

This mailbag was never completed so it is missing responses from several staff. Now on with the messages:

All your base are belong to us!! All your base are belong to us!! All your base are belong to us!! All your base are belong to us!! All your base are belong to us!! -AllYourBase AreBelongToUs

Purple: What a great way to open our 10th mailbag!

Some Other Guy: Hmm...I see...

Boo: You're living in the past, my friend...

Yoshi Dude: All your originality are non-existant!!

Magma Mario: You don't deserve to be a mailbag question person.

Kamek: Yeah...sure pal.

Qeomash: All our base belong to us.

Toad: What is a person supposed to say to something like that?

Does Iggy Koopa wear glasses or are they just his eyes? -Henry

Purple: Yes, as I quote myself in a very badly composed email to Toad awhile back while eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut: "dont scare me like that max ^;; Yes, there is a fifference. Iggy wears thick black glasses"

Some Other Guy: Yes, he does wear glasses.

Boo: I believe they are his eyes.

Yoshi Dude: Maybe they're glassed eyes! O.O

Magma Mario: I'm not sure, but I think it's glasses.

Kamek: He wears glasses. I'm pretty sure of it.

Qeomash: Glasses. (However, reports are he had Bowser perform lasic and it failed miserably. That caused his vision to slip farther, and that makes him such an easy boss.)

Toad: I think it's his glasses.

I'm sorry I asked a question, Purple. -Some other guy

Purple: Apology accepted. Now don't do that ever again, ya hear?

Yoshi Dude: You are not forgiven. YOU ARE NEVER FORGIVEN! AUGHIPOO!

Magma Mario: What?

Gamer Extreme: ok???

Kamek: Alright, I'm sorry I answered your question.

Qeomash: So am I.

Toad: I think that Purple is the only person who can answer this one.

Is this mailbag 10? Am I a responder in mailbag 10? Do I work here now? Is this a waste of time? Is that too many questions? Am I allowed to ask more than one? Are GUEST responders allower to ask questions? Can I respond to my own questions? How am I gonna do that? It's gonna be hard to answer this. -Some Other Guy

Purple: Yes, yes, only for mailbag 10, not at all, not at all, of course, no, no, using words, not really.

Boo: Yes, this is mailbag 10, yes, you are a responder for mailbag 10, you are only working here for mailbag 10 because you only volunteered for that mailbag and must reimburse your volunteerance or become a staff member if you want to do another mailbag, I don't consider this being a waste of my time answering this because it is a mailbag question, you'll have to ask yourself if it's a waste of time working for the mailbag, you can ask as many questions as you like, yes, you are allowed to ask questions, I don't see why you would want to answer your own questions, being that you were the one who asked it and thus wanted the opinions of others to answer the question for you, for if you wanted to answer your own question then you shouldn't of asked it in the first place since you already know the answer and don't need other people to give it to you, and you'll have to ask yourself how you would answer your own question because I am not you, therefore I don't think like you, act like you, or in any way relate to your opinions about your own question in any way whatsoever, which fortifies the fact that you'll have to use your own brain to answer such a question that concerns you and only you and not anyone else, as they can not answer a personal question that pertains to the way your mind works, so you'll have to find your own way of answering this question if you do choose to answer it, even though the like would be highly moronic. By the way, this question was a breeze, my friend, and was not hard in the least bit like you stated thusly, and shouldn't have even added that part to the end of your question as you are not me, and with that stated, you do not know the level of difficulty this question was set at for another person besides yourself, and if this was supposed to be a CHALLENGE, I can truthfully tell you that you have failed in stumping this ghost in the least, and I laugh at you for it! KA HA HA HA!! KA HA HA HA!! KAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HAA!!! KAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HAA HAAAAAAAA!! KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA HAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Yoshi Dude: That is a major waste of time. QUESTION OVERLOAD! @_@

Magma Mario: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes,Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Say what, Boo said in an earlier mailbag, Now, that wasn't hard.

Gamer Extreme: wat??????

Kamek: I don't know if this is mailbag it? I don't think you are a responder...are you? I don't know if you work you? I don't know if thats too many it? I don't know if you are allowed to ask more than one question...are you? I don't know if GUEST responders allowed to ask questions...are they? I don't know if you can respond to my own questions...can you? I don't know how your gonna do are you? I hope that these responses may help clear-up any questions that you may have had.

Qeomash: I don't belive so. My clairvoyancy is limited to 'bag 9. Not that I was informed. With your questions, yes. No. Yes. I don't know what "allower" means. No. I don't know. And, acutally, it wasn't hard to answer this.

Toad: It most certainly isn't a waste of time. When people do not know things about Mario they ask us, and we shape and mold their minds so they know as much as us (if that's possible). I am guessing that you can't answer your own questions because if you could, then why would you ask them in the first place? I don't think there is a limit on how many you can send in. But remember, they are supposed to be Mario related, no more about Fred Durst, ok?

Look! I can draw Fred Durst! __( LB ) | ~ ^ | ' ' 7 ~ Isn't it amazing? YES! If you don't see Fred Durst, you're stupid, or your computer is stupid, or Purple didn't post it right. If you do see him... Isn't it amazing? Yes, it is. -Some Other Guy

Purple: I love Limp Bizkit, but I cannot see Fred Durst, therefore I am stupid or I didn't post it right.

Boo: Please get a hobby.

Yoshi Dude: Or maybe you're stupid.

Magma Mario: Ok, Some Other Guy is officially crazy.

Gamer Extreme: You're like weird.

Kamek: I'm not stupid, my computer is not stupid and I'm pretty sure Purple posted it right, but I can't see Fred Durst, unless of course he is a demented bunch of punctuation marks.

Qeomash: Who the heck is Fred Durst?

Toad: I thought these questions were supposed to be Mario related? Or do we have a Fred Durst segment of the page now?

i really love this site really i do. -amanda

Purple: Thanx ^_^!

Some Other Guy: Hey, me too! Neat-o!

Boo: Thanks for your support! Boo thanks you.

Yoshi Dude: Well you better.

Magma Mario: Thank you so much.

Kamek: Thanks, I really love this site, too, really I do.

Qeomash: Thankyousomuch!

Toad: I'm pleased you enjoy it. It is an excellent site, and you love it with good reason.

Why does the Mario world keep changing? I mean, in Super Mario RPG. there are loads of miles of worlds. But in Paper Mario,only a whole region. And what's with the changing of Peach's castle? -Mario Game&Watch

Purple: Our world keeps changing too.

Some Other Guy: Maybe the Princess has lots of architects. It's one of those things you can't explain, like why a bug won't die when you hit it really hard, or Tim Burton's take of Planet of the Apes (aka POTA)....

Boo: Um...Don't question the power of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Yoshi Dude: Now do you really want to see the same level over and over again?

Magma Mario: If it was the same, it'd be boring.

Kamek: I assume its just the differnece in the way Squaresoft and Intelligent Arts choose how it should actaully look.

Qeomash: I answered this earlier in my mailbag epic...but here it is again: Nintendo makes a world that fits a single game's plotline, not a series plotline. The only game that I've seen that actually keeps the world partially the same is Zelda II: the Adventure of Link. The world in which you battled through in Zelda I can be found in the lower left hand corner of the world.

Toad: I think that they change those things because they either think children will enjoy change or they just don't want to redesign the same worlds.

How do you get Mewtwo on Super Smash Bros. Melee? Name every way you can get him for me too. Can you get him in versus mode by just picking the four players you want to use,and leaving them sit there for 5 hours? -Nick Parsons

Some Other Guy: I doubt that but I don't own the game. Maybe play as Mario for 900 hours straight.

Boo: Never played Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Yoshi Dude: Yes, it's true for non-computer characters. However, you can't set 5 hours as the time, and infinite time will NOT work, because you cannot end the game. You could have like.. a 1 stock life match with no items and have the four characters sit for five hours. The other way is to play 700 matches, but the way I got it was through battle.Of course, I actually play 20 hours, I didn't just sit there, so I stumbled onto Mewtwo by accident. Hope I helped.

Kamek: English: Sorry, can't help. Español: Apesadumbrado, no puede ayudar. Français: Désolé, ne peut pas aider. Deutscher: Traurig, kann nicht helfen. Português: Pesaroso, não pode ajudar.

Qeomash: How I got Mewtwo was this: take two controlers, plug them in, have an endless stock battle between two humans (no computers) with one life, and let it run for awhile. When you want to stop, simply pick one of the controlers and take out the other person. However, if you do this, make sure to move your GameCube so that NOTHING blocks or is near the vents on the sides. That guy gets hot after 5 hours of play!

Toad: This is a kick in the pants! I do not know the answers to barely any of these questions nowadays. Son of a stink!

Where can I find the rest of the old Mario Bros Comics, the one's in the Nintendo Power Magazines. -James

Purple: The only way to go that I can think of is to somehow get a hold of those old magazines. They also printed a special magazine with just the whole comics

Some Other Guy: Go to Wal-Mart. In the magazine rack is where I found it, all the Mario Comics to appear, all in one special edition book, simply entitled "Super Mario Comics". I guess I'm pretty lucky.

Boo: I don't know.

Yoshi Dude: Ebay. Kwa.

Kamek: English: Nintendo Power published a series of comics about Super Mario World during the time it was realeased. You may be able to find the orignal comics on but all the orginal comics have been republsihed in a new collection book called "Super Mario Adventures" I think I bought my copy about 5 years ago in either WalMart or Target. It also came with a few bonus comics included. Français: La puissance de Nintendo a édité une série de bandes dessinées au sujet de monde superbe de Mario pendant le temps où il était realeased. Vous pouvez pouvoir trouver les bandes dessinées d'orignal sur mais toutes les bandes dessinées d'orginal avoir été republsihed dans un nouveau livre de collection appelé " Mario superbe me risque " pensent que j'ai acheté ma copie il y a environ 5 ans dans WalMart ou Target. Elle est également venue avec quelques bandes dessinées de bonification incluses. Italiano: L' pontenza di Nintendo ha pubblicato una serie di comics circa il mondo eccellente di Mario durante il tempo che era realeased. Potete potere trovare i comics di orignal su ma tutti i comics di orginal essere republsihed in un nuovo libro dell' accumulazione chiamato " Mario eccellente lo avventura " pensano che comprassi la mia copia circa 5 anni fa in WalMart o nell' Target. Egualmente è venuto con alcuni comics di indennità inclusi.

Qeomash: Ooh! I just found a site for those...let me look in my history a moment...Oh, dang. It was just the Zelda ones.

Toad: I dunno, sorry.

who is mr. game in watch? -brittany

Some Other Guy: I've never played game & watch, or whatever, so I'm just gonna guess... Shigeru Miyamoto got really arrogant and put himself in there.

Boo: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Kamek: You gotta be kidding me. Mr. "Game-in-Watch"? Do you mean Game and Watch Gallery? Thats a game, I've only breifly played it, but I don't ever recall a Mr. Game-in-Watch.

Qeomash: Mr. Game and Watch is the main charactor in over 30 games. These games are those old-school "LCD Panel" games that were all the rage in the 80s and 90s. He debuted in 1980 (I belive), and was on the game system by Nintendo called the "Game and Watch". (How they came up with the name for Mr. G&W, I don't know...) If you can unlock him in Melee, then you will get the trophy of the Game and Watch. Do this by getting everyone else and completeing Adventure, Classic, or Targets with all others.

Toad: All I can say is "?"