Mailbag #1- 4/11/01

Here it is, our very first mailbag! Thanks to all who submitted stuff to it! Read below for answers to your questions and comments. Not only will I give my input, but so will David! Thanks for volunteering your input David!

Do you think Paper Mario is good or not that good? -Nathan

Purple: Well, I haven't got the game yet! I'm saving up money to go California on a band trip, so I'm going to have to put off buying new video games for awhile. But whenever I can conjure up the money, I'll definitely buy it! I might rent it soon, though.

David: I rented it the other day and it was awesome!! I think it's the best since Super Mario 64!

Great site ya got here! Brilliant new layout! -Fire Mario

Purple: Thanx! I think I'm going to keep this layout for awhile. I was going to do a blue theme, but it wouldn't match with the top logo. Your site is looking good, too! (If everyone's curious, Fire Mario is the webmaster of Ultimate Mario.)

David: I agree with you, Fire Mario!

Will there be a Super Mario 64 2 like they said they would? -Cudgel

Purple: If there was a sequel to Super Mario 64, it won't be for the Nintendo 64. Mario Party 3 is most likely going to be the last Mario game for the N64. The Game Cube should be coming out after that, and I'm sure there will be a Mario launch title for that system. Whether it's going to be a follow-up to Super Mario 64, I don't know, but either way it'll be a great Mario game, I'm sure!

David: No, there won't be I don't think. It will be instead called Super Mario 128 or something else. Either way, Nintendo is not making anymore games about Mario for the N64 after Paper Mario, Dr. Mario, and Mario Party 3.

Why doesn't Luigi appear in Mario RPG? -Aaron

Purple: Only Square Soft and Nintendo could answer that question. I don't think this case is similar to why Luigi wasn't in Super Mario 64, either. But if you were to ask that, you would also have to ask why every other flickin' Mario character that wasn't in the game didn't appear in SMRPG.

David: I hear ya, kid! Luigi has been neglected one game too many! Let's all join the Luigi Awareness Society!

How would you rate SMRPG compared to other Mario games? -Fire Mario

Purple: I give it a 10 out of 10! I just started playing it this year rather than when it first came out and I enjoy it a lot because it's different from the typical Mario game. This is the game that made me start liking RPGs!

David: Hey, it's you again! This game is awesome compared to other games. I think it's one of a kind. My favorite character is Geno and I wish he could appear in more games.

Why won't Square Soft work with Nintendo anymore? -Urt

Purple: It isn't clear why, but when Super Mario RPG was finished, Square declared that they wouldn't make anymore games for Nintendo and would finish making Final Fantasy games for the Playstation instead. This could've been due to the fact that Square preferred developing CD games as opposed to cartridges.

David: They'd rather work with Playstation instead, I guess.

When do you think the X-Box will come out? -Nate

Purple: My estimate would be a short time before the Game Cube comes out, and even the Game Cube hasn't confirmed of a release date in America yet, although I estimate that release will be around summer or fall of 2002.

David: Hey, aren't you supposed to ask Nintendo-only questions?? Anyway, I think sometime this year. Maybe around Christmas.

Hi, this is the webmaster from Galactic Games. I just wanted to write and tell you that for the History of Mario page that your using from has changed. You can access it with [REDACTED]. Just wanted to give you the heads up, and hope for the success for your site! -Hamal Springer

Purple: Thanx for the info! Good luck on your site, too! It's really good! Visit his site here: [REDACTED].

David: Your site is awesome!

Ok, how do you get all the star pieces and badges in Paper Mario? -Magma Mario

Purple: I would tell you on here, but it would take up a whole lot of space! They do have a guide that can tell you that at, though! Just click on Console, Nintendo 64, Paper Mario, and then read to your heart's content!.

David: I can't tell you where all of them are here! But I should tell you that most star pieces can be gotten by Koopa Koot, delivering letters, and of course, Chuck Quizmo's quizzes.

Yeah, when are you going to post the new tip of the month? -Magma Mario

Purple: I post those things on the 15th of every month.

David: Uhhh... ask Purple!