Jailbag #6- 10/1/01

We have 4 new jailbag responders, Gamer Extreme, Kamek, Toad, and Qeomash! Now on with the messages:

Is it ok if i use some of the images on your site? I will putyour banner every where on my site -Web master at Nintendo Mania

Purple: Sure! The only images that you can't use though are the banner at the very top, the splash image, and button.

Yoshi Dude: *whistles* Purple, if it were me, I'd say yes. -_^

Magma Mario: As far as I know yes! Purple always says that as long as you link her back, she'll let you have any images.

Gamer Extreme: Don't ask me you'll have to ask the Webmaster.

Kamek: You're nice! I don't put any site's banner on everypage of my site. Anyways I don't know if you can use the images or not.

Qeomash: Ummm..dunno. It really ain't up to me...but I suppose it might be allright... If you put up the banner...then we might consider it...

Toad: Sure, those pictures are there for public to use.

I'm in love with Yoshi, can you give me his number? -Yoshi Luvr

Purple: You can reach him at 1-800-LONG-TONGUE.

Yoshi Dude: You are not worthy!

Magma Mario: Hmm... Hey! I'm a Yoshi, date me!

Gamer Extreme: What the heck are you talking about?

Kamek: No, I can't give you his number. What is with these questions!?

Qeomash: As far as I know, he doesn't have a phone. In Super Mario World, though,he does have a mailbox....

Toad: Yoshis do not have telephones. But I'm sure Yoshishares your passion. LOL.

It would have been better if they had some final Mario game for the N64 other than Mario Party 3. No offense, but it wasn't exactly a killer game that pushed the limits of the N64 and is a game to remember the system with as SMRPG was with the SNES. -Cameron

Purple: No offense taken! They should've released Mario Party 3 first, and then Paper Mario. But that's just me.

Yoshi Dude: That's so true. Nintendo got so involved with graphics and special effects that they forgot the most important thing, the main gameplay itself.

Magma Mario: Hmm... your right, but Paper Mario and Mario Party 3 almost came out at the same time, and Paper Mario was really good, and Mario Party 3 WAS a game to remember.

Gamer Extreme: Ya.

Kamek: Forget about the last N64 game realeased. Think about the first game for GameCube!!!

Qeomash: I think they should do that. I've never really cared much for the Mario Party games. And, despite popular belief, SMRPG was NOT the last game released for the Super. In the top five, but still not the last.

Toad: I agree, Mario Party 3 was a disappointment to me, and possibly many others. You have an excellent taste in games as far as I can see.

Is it just me, or is Yoshi in the Gamecube very.. shiny? o.o;; Haven't we suffered enough? When will all end?! -Yoshi Dude

Purple: Hey, what are you doing asking questions in the jailbag? You're supposed to be answering them! ^;;

Magma Mario: Sorry, I don't know what you're trying to say

Gamer Extreme: I don't know.

Kamek: Its not the end of the world, at least I hope not. What is wrong with a shiny Yoshi?

Qeomash: I heard a rumor that Nintendo was going to be giving out free sunglasses so that players aren't blinded by the "shiny" Yoshi.

Toad: I have not seen Yoshi in gamecube yet but I am sure you are right to say that he is very shiny. Soon, he will return to his dull green color and the painful twisted madness will end.

When will you post new glitch episodes?! -skatr9753

Purple: Whenever Bob Grocer writes them!

Yoshi Dude: Never. Ha.. ha.. ha.. Purple isn't in charge of The Glitch, I think.

Magma Mario: I like The Glitch series to, but it seems like the author has discontinued it, so sorry.

Gamer Extreme: You'll have to ask Purple I don't know.

Kamek: Why are you asking me?....wait your not asking me. I'm just answering. Oops. I have no clue.

Qeomash: I believe we'll post a new episode the second Humans land on Pluto.

Toad: You will have to ask Purple about that. I have nocontrol in that area.

How can Mario and Luigi use fireballs underwater? Ka ha ha ha!! (And don't tell me they're water-resistant fireballs because so kind of things just don't exist.) -Boo

Purple: They exist in the Mario world ^_^ Let me ask you a question! How do Boos become solid so that Mario is able to punch them? And what were Boos when they were alive? Hm?

Yoshi Dude: So you're telling me that Goombas and such can exist but not water resistant fireballs? For your information, everything exists. So nya. :P

Magma Mario: Err.. They're water resistant, and let me tell you something Mr. Boo, anyhting is possible in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Gamer Extreme: Well, I don't know

Kamek: I dunno. You got me there.

Qeomash: In a sense...they are water-resistant. The chemicals that fuel the fire arewater-resistant themselves, and the fire burns the oxygen in the water. So,you can have fire in water.

Toad: The underwater fireballs are one of the many Mario mysteries. I'm guessing, that the people who made Super Mario Bros. were lazy and just put that in there to confuse everyone. Then the other Mario games didn'thave to worry about it after the first Mario game didit. I apologize if this was not the answer you were looking for.

hi, great site! i have a question. what's the deal with the names? purple? magma mario? yoshi dude? who are they really? thnx in advance! -Chris

Purple: They are just aliases. You don't think we're going to post our real full names for all the world to see??? But they all call me Jean Koopa, and I'm the disowned Koopaling sister.

Yoshi Dude: O.O! Yoshi Dude is a super cool Yoshi! ME!

Magma Mario: Well, uh, they're code names for people who don't want to reveal their names to anyone and everyone, I think. Would you tell someone your name was Cody Scott Hickman?!

Gamer Extreme: Well my name is David.

Kamek: Kamek is my name. Don't ask me why Purple is Purple, or why Magma Mario is Magma Mario, or why Yoshi Dude is Yoshi Dude. I got this name from a friend a few years ago. I've stuck to it ever since then.

Qeomash: Those names are known as "webnames". That way, it gives people some degree of protection from things like credit card fraud and the likenesses. (Is that even a word?...) I'd prefer not to reveal my true name. -Jason

Toad: For one thing, the nicknames are to protect us in case some weirdo feels like doing something hurtful or wrong to somebody, then sees our real names and where we live, then the weirdo gets an idea. The names are also for fun. I do not know one person who would not like to pick a nickname for themself. And if there is anyone, they aren't part of the staff on this site. If you want to find out our real names, you should probably e-mail us individually asking us.

Do you have "Super Smash Bos.? -Joshua

Purple: No, I sure don't. However, I do have Super Smash Bros. I hear those 2 games are quite similar ^_^.

Yoshi Dude: "Super Smash Bos.?" Unless you are confusing me with an evil plan cooked up in your head, then yes, I do have Super Smash BROS. :P It's wicked.. there coulda been more in certain areas, but it's so cool that when it loses its replay value, it comes back very quickly.. ^_^

Magma Mario: No, but I play it about twice a week at my cuz's house.

Gamer Extreme: You'll have to ask Purple that too.

Kamek: These questions just get worse and worse. I don't have SSB but I rented it so many times I could have bought like 5. LOL.

Qeomash: Yes, I have Super Smash Bros. I personally can't wait for Melee.

Toad: Yes I do.

In Paper Mario, jthey show all of the Mushroom Kingdom. But how come Yoshi's Island doesn't look like it did in the game, Yoshi's Island for Super Nentendo? -WTH

Purple: That's because the island that you visit is not Yoshi's Island. It's Lavalava Island, which is totally different. This world that they live in probably has lots of islands with Yoshis as inhabitants; Lavalava Island and Yoshi's Island being only a few of them. I'm willing to bet though that Yoshi's Island is not too far from Lavalava Island on the map.

Yoshi Dude: Remolding.
Jeeze, what do you think? It would get quite boring to see the same limited (or broader) island in every game.
By the way, I'm in a bad mood, so don't mind me.. ^_^;

Magma Mario: ... Err.. because it wouldn't be fun if you played something all over again.

Gamer Extreme: I don't know I never played Yoshi's Island before.

Kamek: Maybe your looking at the screen at a wrong angle or something.

Qeomash: That's like Hyrule looking different in Zelda 64 than it did in Link to the Past or even Adventure of Link. Nintendo goes with a world that fits the plot, not that fits a game series map.

Toad: It didn't look much like the Mushroom Kingdom either. In every Mario games, at least one thing changes. Most of the time the levels change. Bowser's Castle has changed time and time again. So the answer to your question is, because the people who made Paper Mario did not want to go to the trouble of remembering and redesigning it.

Where can you get Mario toys? -Koopaman213

Purple: I've seen some Mario beanies for sale at Software Etc. You could also look on http://www.ebay.com for some that are up for auction.

Yoshi Dude: Somewhere.

Magma Mario: Try looking at Electronic Boutique's or Ebay's auction site.

Gamer Extreme: I don't know when I was little I saw little stuffed Mario toys and stuff at Toys "R" us.

Kamek: Mario toys....ah yes. I have all eight of the Nintendo Beanies Collection. Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, DK, Diddy, Wario, Toad, and Luigi. I got them through a Sears Christmas catolog. Also I have talking plush toys. I bought them at EB (Electronics Boutique). So I suggest trying Sear's or EB's websites....http://www.sears.com and http://www.electronicsboutique.com.

Qeomash: I would suggest eBay. (http://www.ebay.com/) If you can't find what you're looking for there, it don't exist.

Toad: I think Mario toys are gone. If you are a good web surfer, than maybe you could find some for sale on the internet.