1999 N64 Donkey Kong 64
2004 GBA Donkey Kong Country 2
2005 GBA Donkey Kong Country 3

NAME: Tiny Kong
OCCUPATION: Unemployed
AGE: 9
ORIENTATION: Female, Single, Heterosexual
HOMETOWN: Donkey Kong Island


Films: Mr. & Mrs. Smith
TV shows: The Sopranos, Will & Grace
Actors: Sean Penn
Actresses: Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan
Bands: Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Stained, Mariah
Hobbies: Shopping, movies, girls' night out
Sports to Play: Basketball
Sports Teams: DK Isle Monkies, DK Country Chimps
Outdoor Activities: Swimming
Music: No favorite
Cereals: Lucky Charms, Coco Crispies
Snacks: Apple & peanut butter, Swedish fish, sour patch, bananas
Cookies: Soft chocolate chip
Candy Bars: Snickers
Alcoholic Drinks: PJ Rose
Non-Alcoholic: Crystal light, chocolate milk, Gatorade

*Remember that most information in these character profiles are purely fabricated.

If you have any other questions about Tiny, email Magma.

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