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We desire more visitors just as much as you do, so we invite you to affiliate with Absolute Mario! We do not have specific or strict criteria on what sites we choose to affiliate with, but we do at least ask for the following things:
  • Your site must be about Mario. General Nintendo and gaming sites are fine as long as they contain Mario content.
  • Your site must have a decent layout and be relatively easy to navigate.
  • Your site must be updated often. You don't have to update every single day or demonstrate obsession over your site, but we would like to affiliate with sites that are not dead or stagnant.
  • Your site must have a steady stream of visitors. This isn't a popularity contest, nor does your site have to get X hits a day in order to be considered. But just as you want plenty of MNM visitors to check out your site, we would appreciate it if your visitors checked out ours, too.
    This isn't set in stone, but our staff members must also just plain like your site, as well. Obviously, this is decided on a case-by-case basis. If you are passionate about Mario and your site, chances are we will.
    If you passed the tests above, which I'm sure you have, read below on how to apply!

    We would like the following information:
    Your Name
    Email Address
    Website Title
    Website URL
    Button- must be 88X31 pixels. If there isn't one that I can just grab from your site, then please send it to me in an attachment. We only accept .gif, .jpg, .png, and .bmp formats.
    Email the above information to: webmistress AT

    From there, I will review your application and notify you of your acceptance.
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