Vol. 1 #7 Friday, June 15, 2001

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First of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone who made this newsletter possible, the staff, and the readers, because I never imagined that we would publish this many issues! We hope to publish a lot more and keep delivering you stories and news about Mario/Nintendo! Those of you who want to be part of this staff or know someone who does, you are welcome to contact me using the new form below, since we could always use more writers, artists, and creativity! Around the site, not much has been going on except that MNM has had our first scheduled chat on Saturday, May 26. To view a transcript of the chat session, click here! As I mentioned above, I have integrated a new email form at the bottom of this newsletter to send me your feedback more easily than before!

New Releases
Game Boy Advance
Super Mario Advance

The Kinopian Staff

Purple.....Editor-in-Chief, Layout Editor, Adviser
Magma Mario.....Reporter, Features/Editorials, Cartoonist
Kinopio Toadashi.....Cartoonist

GBA Emulators Storm Web

By: Nick

Have you ever heard of the DreamGBA? Well, if you haven't, have we got some news for you!

What People Think About Game Boy Advance

By: Kamek

Everyone, well at least I think everyone knows about the Game Boy Advance, but you really only hear about it from Nintendo officials. Not many people yet own the system so itís hard to determine what it is like from the owners view. Of course I had to interview someone. Its just not like me not to. Here is a proud owner of Game Boy Advance...

Mature Mario?

By: Magma Mario

What lies in store for an unchanged Mario in the future? Read on to find out!

Features & Editorials


By: Purple

Come take a tour of the Mario Nose Museum... Take the Tour-->

By: Magma Mario

What do you think a good name for Gamecube is, besides Dolphin and Gamecube? If you could make any Mario game for it, what would it be, what would its graphics be and what type of game? Tell us anything at the Kinopio News. Use the form below to send us your ideas!
In last month's issue, we held a poll asking this question: Where would you want to go for summer vacation (in the Mario World)? Here was your answer and some comments:

89% of you wanted to catch some rays and waves on Yoshi's Island
11% of you wanted to eat a nice feast at Princess Toadstool's castle.

"I'd wanna sit on the beaches of Yoshi Isle with a pair of shades and an umbrella drink and just chill." --Kinopio

"I'd bet they have good surfing there!"

Site of the Month

The results are here! The site that you voted for as Site of the Month for June/July is... KOOPA'S KINGDOM! Here, you can view the specs on various game consoles, and find lots of info on the Nintendo Game Cube!

Here is the lineup for July/August:
Videogame Ringtone Archive
Yoshi Hyrule
Danny's Super Mario Site

Vote for your favorite site using the form below!

If you would like to nominate a site for Site of the Month, send the URL via the email form at the bottom!

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