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Site News

MNM has gotten hosted by Xtremgaming! The new URL now is A new feature has been added to the site as well, called the Comic-Maker. You can make your own Mario comic by dragging and dropping sprites to a background scene and typing your own dialogue! There is only a Super Mario RPG scene right now, but more will be added in the future! Also I've created a mailbag, so if you have any Mario or site questions/comments, fill in the form at this page, and I will post it up in the future with an answer! Newspro has been recently installed onto the site as well, in order to make it easier to post updates. In the past, MNM hasn't received many hits, but now with the new counter and new host, our hits have increased! We now receive about 40 hits a day, which is still not a lot, but better than before. Be sure to tell your friends about the site and this newsletter! Other updates to the site are posted on the Main page.

Mario News

Dr. Mario 64???

By: Purple

Remember this classic NES, GameBoy game? Instead of attacking Koopas and Goombas, Mario put on his white coat and battled viruses, instead, with double-colored pills! Resembling Tetris, this game was a hit when it came out. Now it looks like the N64 will have its share of this videogame fever (No pun intended)! This game will include most of the Mario gang, and will also let you have up to four players competing against each other to get rid of all the viruses in the bottles. Since this new game is coming out on April 9th, 2001, it means that N64's glory days will be nearly over with the Game Cube coming out. The game pak will cost about $29.95, a whole lot cheaper than the other games for the N64 when they first came out, so it will be affordable, providing that you haven't splurged on Paper Mario (2/5/01) (but it is a great game worth the money!) or saving for Mario Party 3 (5/7/01)! Could this be a new hope for classic gamers? Is Nintendo finally realizing the secret to real quality? Dr. Mario could be just a beginning of the remaking of classic games to newer systems, or just merely a one-time thing due to new-idea-shortages. Looks like we'll just have to see come time for the Game Cube to cross the Pacific...

Meet the Press! We figured that it was time for you Kinopio News readers out there got the dirt on each person on the staff. So each of us put together some profiles so you can find some personal info about us. Click on each of The Kinopian Staff members' names below to find out more about each person.

Magma Mario

Deathmatch (Results from Last Issue)

By: Magma Mario

Narrator: Last time on Deathmatch, Yoshi and Mario were fighting, and the brawl frenzy spread about as Nick chased Cody (a.k.a. Magma Mario) right into the coldest ocean in the world! Lena and Kamek started fighting and all the while Jessica is watching. Who will win? Yoshi threw an egg at Mario but Mario threw a fireball at the egg. It turned into scrambled eggs! Jessica walked forward and took a plate and put the eggs on her plate. Jessica: MMMMMM. These are good eggs. Kamek started throwing magic at Lena but she jumped, did flips in the air and kicked Kamek in the face. Kamek: You broke my glasses! Lena: I'm going to break a lot more than that concerning your bones! Narrater: Kamek turned Lena into a Purple Frog! Kamek: How about Purple Frogio instead of Purple Mario. Purple Frogio: Purple Nova Potion! Narrater: A purple star came from the sky and hit Kamek and turned Purple Frogio(sorry Lena) back into Lena! Narrator: Cody floated to the top of the ocean next to the shore. Nick: A lesson well learnt. Narrater: Nick pulled Cody out of the ocean. Nick melted Cody's ice. Cody: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put egg all over your face. Nick: OK. Lena: Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Narrater: Lena grabbed Kamek and punched him so hard Kamek forgot how to use magic! Lena: Give? Kamek: Oh allright you win. Narrater: Yoshi got right in front of Jessica. Mario pounded Yoshi. Yoshi got really mad and threw 15 eggs at Mario but he dodged it and it destroyed Jessica's eggs. Jessica: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! You stupid freaky green berry-eatin' jerk! Take this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Narrator: Jessica blasted Yoshi so far away that he went into space. Jessica: You win Mario! I quit the stupid Kinopio Press. Narrator: Jessica dissapeared. Lena: That did not work. Anyone who wants to join the press, especially now that Jessica's gone, email Lena at [REDACTED]! Cody: And next month Peach and Waluigi are going to fight so vote and email Purplemario on your votes~

The Top Characters Poll has finally ended after two months! Here are the Top 4 Characters that you voted as your favorite:

4. Mario, Waluigi, and Boshi tied!
3. Luigi
2. Bowser

The Cutest Couple Poll
Hmmm, I guess The Kinopio News' polls has a tying streak, because once again, we will have to continue this poll for another month since Luigi and Daisy are tied against Link and Zelda. If you have voted before, please don't vote again, but others, we need you to break this tie!

Cutest Couple
Who is the cutest Nintendo couple?

Current Results

Here it is! The Site of the Month that you voted for February/March is... EMUSANET!!! If you're looking for ROMs and emulators, this is the place to be! They have virtually EVERYTHING! You can even find Famicom and Super Famicom stuff, as well!

Here is the Site of the Month lineup for March/April.

Battle of the Video Game Heroes
Video Game Director's Cut
The Real Adventures of Mario and Link

Mega Man 64 (N64)
Paper Mario (N64)
Mario Tennis (GBC)
Mega Man Xtreme (GBC)

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