Name: Kamek Koopa
Age: .....uh....lets just say 21
Location: The Koopa Kingdom
Likes: Sundaes, Magic, Girls, and Seagulls
Dislikes: Sundays, Bowser, Mario, and Friendly Floyd
Favorite Nintendo games: Gemfire, SMRPG, and Yoshi's Safari
Best Mario game experience: Uhhh...dunno. Playing SMW used to be fun....probably when I clobbered my friends in Super Smash Bros.
Worst Mario game experience: When my cousin deleted mine and my firned's SMRPG files when I had almost beat the game.
What do you like about being part of The Kinopian Press? You said I could lie so... it's not time consuming, it's fun and i like it....LOL. Really? It is actually very fun. Sorry...