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How the XBox Compares to the Game Cube

By: Nate

The XBox is a real cool system. I think it will compare pretty good against the Game Cube. The Xbox can play discs. It can also play other system games like Game Cube, Playstation2, Playstation, and Dreamcast. WOW! That's a lot of games! VR-1 announced that they will publish an exclusive XBox title through the Microsoft label. VR-1 is a leader in developing massive multi-user online entertainment technologies. Here is what some people said about the XBox. Electronic Arts sums it up best: "Titles like Madden NFL 2001, SSX Snowboarding and Knockout Kings Boxing are going to look great on Xbox." Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for! Over 150 developers are currently working on XBox game concepts. These are the reasons you’ll want an XBox. Oh yeah, stay tuned; because this list is just the beginning. XBox is a game console that will deliver the most realistic, intense and action-packed game experience available. BIll Gates said that Microsoft will be entering the making of video games also for the XBox. I do believe that this system will be a little better then the Game Cube. There is so much to talk about. While exact pricing has not yet been determined, the XBox console and games will be competitive with other next-generation console systems already on the market and in development. It will push about 300 million polygons per second -- more than three times the graphics performance of its closest competitor, Sony Playstation 2, which was recently released in Japan. I think this is strongly the best system ever built.


Controller Nostalgia Mania!

By: Purple

Here are several controllers that came out during the NES days and brief descriptions of them:

Wireless Infrared Remote Controller (Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.)- this controller features a sensor that you connect to your NES and you point your wireless controller at it for gameplay. This means that you don't have to untangle your cords every once in awhile. It also has an on-and-off rapid fire button.
Mega Controller- There is a small LED screen on the corner of this controller that allows you set a few options for fully-customizable gameplay. You can do rapid-fire, slow-motion, lock buttons (set it so it automatically holds down a certain button on the controller), and handicap settings. For the handicap, you can limit how many times the A or B button is pressed, or set a time-limit to finish the game. If you have trouble remembering passwords, just key in a password and store it and then recall it when needed again. There is even a built-in mini-game that counts how many times you can press the A and B buttons in ten seconds. If you can get up to 130 times or more, you get to access a top secret mini-game.
NES Advantage (Nintendo of America, Inc.)- The weight of this controller helps keep it firmly held onto the surface on which it is sitting upon during vigorous gameplay. Instead of a control pad to move around, there is a joystick on the left-hand side. It also has an adjustable turbo and slow-motion mode, and a switch for selecting one or two-player games so that you don't have to unplug and replug it in if you're switching from one player to the next.
Power Glove (Mattell Toys)- This wearable controller gives you complete control over your actions in games by responding to the movement of your hand! It contains the standard A, B, and Start buttons, as well as a keypad to customize the motion responses. It is worn so that it covers the hand and forearm, using an L-shaped motion sensor machine that you hook up with the system.
U-Force (Broderbund Software)- Like the Power Glove, this type of controller responds by hand movements. But unlike the glove, there is nothing you have to wear. You just put the device in front of you and move your hands as if you were actually in the game itself! There are also Start and Select buttons on the bottom, as well as two switches for turbo mode or rapid fire, although you can't set the rate. The normal way to set it up is to put it in front of your screen, and have one half of it laying flat on the table, and the other half upright or slightly tilted, (like you were setting up a laptop computer).

Death Match

By: Magma Mario

Hello, this is Cody Hickman a.k.a. Magma Mario. There have been a few disturbances in the Mushroom Universe lately, for a few examples, Mario seems to have been brawling with Luigi, Bowser ate Wario(Wario got back out). One thing led to another and now, everybody in the kingdom are fighting. Lena, Nick, Jessica, Kamek, and I have decided to turn this fight in to a deathmatch. The first match will be Mario V.S. Yoshi. Place your votes here.


This match will take place at Frezzy Sneazy Island. This place is way up north, close to the North Pole. It is Super Cold.. Before you vote look at this deathmatch as it will be continued in the next issue.Yoshi: Mario! In Super Mario World you used me to save yourself from cliffs and pits! What do you say about that!?Mario: ........iS IT FREEZING HERE OR WHAT.?Yoshi: Take this. Cody: Yoshi looks like he is fixing to throw a egg still in its shell. Nick: OOooh. I'm glad I'm not the one who is fixing to have egg yolk in my face. Kamek: How would you like to. Cody: Oh oh. Kamek just used his magic to teleport Nick right in front of Mario. The yolk is all over his face! Nick: Gross. Hey! Cody! You made this deathmatch story didn't you? Cody: UM. Yeah. Nick: You are so dead. Lena: Nick has just chased Cody in to Frezzy Sneazy Ocean. You sure know how to get things started don't you Kamek. Kamek: Yes. Watch this. Lena: Kamek has gone over in between Yoshi and Mario. Kamek has used Yoshi's egg to trap Mario. Lena: You can't do that Kamek. This is a match between Yoshi and Kamek, not with you. Kamek: Who said? Lena: Me! Yoshi: Um.. since all the press members are either swimming or fighting I'll host. Cody: Blurb, Bli blan't breath. Bow bou ban bote bon ( I can't breathe. Now you can vote on:

Bamek (Kamek)
Bena (Lena)
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