Vol. 1 #8 June, 16, 2002

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Hello everybody! Did you miss us? It's been a long time because everyone has been super-busy with schoolwork and life. In this past oh, year or so, many changes have taken place. First of all, I've finally gotten into the groove of updating MNM since summer vacation is here. We have also acquired two new staff members over the course of these many months. Everyone please welcome our new reporter and cartoonist, Mario500, and reporter NewsGuy! Mario500's profile is just below this paragraph, and NewsGuy's will be posted in the next issue.

Name: Mario500
Age: 13
Likes: Videogames, drawing, and Golf
Dislikes: Pokemon merchandise and the cartoon
Favorite Nintendo games: All Mario games
Best Mario game expirence: When I finally got all 120 stars in SM64
Worst Mario game expirence: None
What do you like about being part of The Kinopion Press? I like it a lot, because I'm now part of the staff of a great newsletter.

New Releases

The Kinopian Staff

Purple.....Editor-in-Chief, Layout Editor, Adviser
Magma Mario.....Reporter, Features/Editorials, Cartoonist
Kinopio Toadashi.....Cartoonist
Mario500.....Reporter, Cartoonist

Nintendo's Online Network Plan

By: Mario500

Shigeru Miyamoto has announced that Nintendo's online network is soon to arrive when the video game market is ready. There are online games in developement, but they are totally secret.

Mario Game Reviews

By: Magma Mario

If you were considering on catching up on your Mario game collection before buying the new releases, read these reviews first!
This month's comic by: Mario500


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