Vol. 1 #6 Tuesday, May 18, 2001

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Once again, this issue was a tad late, and I apologize for that. Meeting deadlines is a little rough since school is ending and finals are coming up for everyone. Hopefully during the summer vacation, there will be more time to focus on this newsletter and make it better! Also, unless you're blind or it's your first time reading The Kinopio News, you'll notice that this newsletter has gotten a new look! How do you like it? Also, since I forgot to put up Kinopio's profile in the last issue when he was new, you can view it in this one right below!

Who is Kinopio Toadashi?
Name:Kinopio Toadashi
Age: 16
Location: Burbank, So Cali
Likes: Drawing, Web Page Designing, Girls with brains and a sense of humor, Cherry Coke, Waffles, and Kuririn from DragonBall Z cuz he's the best Anime character there is!!!
Dislikes: Mean people cuz they suck, the fact that Jack-in-the-Crack puts Mayo on a burger even if you ask for it "plain", and Spam (both kinds).
Favorite Nintendo games: Super Mario RPG!!!! And every Legend of Zelda title EVER RELEASED!!!
Best Mario game experience: The first time I beat Super Mario RPG, cuz Smithy is hard as hell to beat, especially since you don't know you gotta fight him twice without a break!
Worst Mario game experience: Those exist!!!? Um... OH! Fighting Culex in SMRPG!!!! I HATED that battle!!!
What do you like about being part of The Kinopian Press? The fact that I just started here, and the Webmaster of the Koopa's Kingdom website already asked for me to do some artwork for him cuz he saw my stuff in the FanArt section!

New Releases
Super Mario Advance (GBA)

The Kinopian Staff

Purple.....Editor-in-Chief, Layout Editor, Adviser
Magma Mario.....Reporter, Features/Editorials, Cartoonist
Kinopio Toadashi.....Cartoonist

Super Smash Bros. Melee

By: Purple

Get the details on the sequel to the ultimate Nintendo fighting game for the Game Cube. Read More --->

Features & Editorials

Luigi in SM64???

By: Purple

A humorous look into this mystery... Read the Article --->

Bowser's Diary

By: Magma Mario
Features/Editorials Writer

Ready to read the juicy tidbits on Bowser's plans to defeat Mario? Read On --->

Nintendo Game Cube

By: Magma Mario

What do you think a good name for Gamecube is, besides Dolphin and Gamecube? If you could make any Mario game for it, what would it be, what would its graphics be and what type of game? Tell us anything at the Kinopio News. Be sure to say Mario or something like that when in the subject line.
Summer Vacation
Where would you want to go for summer vacation?

The Mushroom Kingdom- eat a nice feast at Princess Toadstool\'s castle.
Yoshi\'s Island- catch some rays and waves.
Brooklyn, NY- meet some strange creatures underground.
Subcon- go on a dangerous yet fun journey.

Current Results
Site of the Month

The results are here! The site that you voted for as Site of the Month for April/May is... SHYGUY KINGDOM, formerly known as King Shyguy's World! Here, you can find tons of sprites from various games, info, and a whole lot more!

Here is the lineup for May/June:
Ultimate Mario
Super Mario Land
Koopa's Kingdom

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