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It's been a great month for MNM, thanks to the visitors! MNM now has two new affiliates. If you've been trying to get a hold of me through [REDACTED], you won't be able to because their server is down or something's wrong with it. So just contact me at [REDACTED], instead. The mailbag has been up for awhile now, so please send in your questions or comments about Mario and I will answer them publicly! The comic-maker has gone through a major update, with lots of new sprites and even a new scene added. A new product was added as well.

Mario News

Sega and Nintendo sitting in a Tree

By: Magma Mario

Thats right, it was spreading a rumor fast, but I guess Nintendo coaxed Sega to working with them. The Game Boy Advance has plans for three games for the GBA. The games are ChuChu Rocket, Puyo Puyo, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Don't believe me? Try checking out Game Watch in the March issue of Nintendo Power. Sonic is so cool, I had a subscription to Sonic comics one time- it says that they look forward to working closely with Sega!

GBA Game Boy Advance

Mario Advance screenshots thanks to Matthew!
By: Magma Mario

Game Boy Advance will be so much better than Game Boy Color! Some games even have 3D graphics. Yes, you will be able to play old Game Boy games on the GBA. So far the games include Max Steel, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror, Lufia, Animal Forest, Top Gun, Dragon Warrior ll, Golden Sun Advance, F-Zero Advance, and Game Boy Wars Advance. Man I could go on forever; let me just make a list.
Aerial Aces
Bomberman Story
Caeser's Palace
Castlevania: Circle of Moon
Chu Chu Rocket (a Sega game!)
Earthworm Jim Advance
Fievel: An American Tail
Fire Emblem
The Flintstones
Golden Sun
Golf Master
Horse-Racing Derby
Iridon 3D
Jelly Belly
Kuru-Kuru Kuru-rin
Land Before Time
Lego Racers ll
M&MS- Lost in Time (Can you believe they're making a game about M&Ms?) Editor's Note: And Jelly Bellies, too??
Magical Vacation
Mail De Cute
Men in Black
MLB Sluggers
Momotaro Festival
Monster Breeder
Ms. Pacman Advance
Namco Museum Advance
NFL Blitz 2002
NHL Hitz
Pacman Advance
Puyo Puyo (another Sega game)
Ready to Rumble Boxing: Round 2
Rocketman X (A Megaman game)
Silent Hill Ed. Note: (A PSX hit!)
Sonic the Hedgehog Advance (Sega!!!!)
Star Communicator
Tactics Ogre
Tekken Advance
Tiny Toons (Two different games called Tiny Toons)
Top Gear GT
Tweety and the Magical Jewel
Wai Wai Racing
And all the titles I mentioned at the top of the article. You're probably thinking: "No Mario Games!?") But there will be a 3D Mario Kart Advance and Mario Advance. Mario Kart Advance is like Mario Kart. And a copy with more things of Super Mario Bros. 2 (the one where Wart is in and you can pick up veggies is called Mario Advance.) You can easily take the GBA around with you and it does take batteries. I think my fingers are going numb. BYE! Note: All of these games were announced in Japan, so there is no guarantee that they will be coming out in America.


We Want Mario Cartoons!

By: Purple

Remember watching those old Mario cartoons years ago when the Koopa-crunching craze was bigger than Pokemon? They gave Mario and his friends personalities, voices, and real lives. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show was based around the themes of Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2, featuring Mario, Luigi, and Toad rescuing Princess Toadstool while in parallel to some famous storylines like Sherlock Holmes and another where King Koopa poses as "Al Koopone", which is a parody of Al Capone, a famous organized crime leader back in the 20s. It also had a second sub-cartoon called The Legend of Zelda, which aired only on Fridays, but it portrayed Link as a clumsy hero and that memorable line he used: "Well, excuuuuuuse me, Princess!" The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World depicted the themes of their respective games, and featured Yoshi and the Koopa Kids. The strange thing though, was that the Koopa Kids' names were different than they were in the video games. They even looked a little bit different. Larry Koopa's name was Cheatsy in the show, Morton Koopa Jr.'s was Big Mouth, Wendy O. was Cootie Pie, Iggy was Hip (although it's debatable that he may be Hop, instead), Roy was Bully, Lemmy was Hop (or Hip), and Ludwig Von Koopa was Kooky. Even Magikoopa, (or Kamek) was called "Weisenheimer" in cartoons. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 also had a sub-cartoon called Captain N and the Video Game Masters, which was about a teenager who got sucked into the video games he was addicted to, and got to join in the adventures of their characters. Mario All-Stars was simply a compilation of the three series. All four of these series were produced by DIC Entertainment, and the art of was drawn and animated by the people at Pacific Rim Productions which is in South Korea somewhere. I remember watching the cartoons when I was in elementary school on KGSW-FOX 14. I recorded most of the episodes on videotape, but currently can only find the tapes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Maybe someday when I have lots of time and the equipment to do it, I'll convert them to computer media format and put them on this site! But for now, you can just check out the Super Mario Bros. Cartoon Page, which has downloads of a several episodes. It would be very interesting to see the show re-air again sometime or even better, make a new Mario series!

Nintendo Game Cube

By: Magma Mario

What do you think a good name for Gamecube is, besides Dolphin and Gamecube? If you could make any Mario game for it, what would it be, what would its graphics be and what type of game? Tell us anything at the Kinopio News. Be sure to say Mario or something like that when in the subject line.

Ask Magma Mario

Hey everyone! This is Magma Mario here. Um, for the past few weeks I've been thinking about how bad our last issue was, so I've been trying to think of ways to make it up. Send in your questions, comments, and other stuff to Magma Mario at [REDACTED] !!!!! All will be related to Nintendo games, Mario, and a tad of Sony and Sega that have something to do with Nintendo. Ask any questions, if we don't know what they are, Purple will put the questions in the mailbag and hopefully someone will answer them. Please help us make a better issue. Also, e-mail Purple at [REDACTED] and apply to be a member of The Kinopian Press! Oh, put in your subject as Kinopio Questions, or something that will tell me it's a Kinopio Questions cause I just don't open anyone's e-mail!


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The Cutest Couple Poll Results
As a tribute to Valentine's Day, last month we at The Kinopian Press held a poll for who you thought was the cutest Nintendo couple. And get this, it is STILL A TIE! So please, vote if you haven't yet, and end this competition between Luigi and Daisy and Link and Zelda!
(This poll has closed on 4/19/01 at 9:30PM)

Here it is! The Site of the Month that you voted for March/April is... Video Game Director's Cut!!! You can find cool and humorous flash movies here that are all about your favorite video game characters!

Here is the Site of the Month lineup for April/May.

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