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Game Cube will Truly Deliver

By: Jesslavco

Many of you probably have been wondering how good the not-so-soon-to-be-released N-Cube really is. Well, there is good news for many gaming fans and especially loyal fans to Nintendo. It looks as if it can stand up to Sony's Playstation 2! It will contain a GEKKO Processor manufactured by IBM, a graphics chip made by ART-X, a Panasonic mini-DVD with a 1.5GB capacity, and a Conexant V90 56K modem. One person once said, "What can you do with all that!?" The answer, my friend, is, "What can't you do with all that?" So what is the N Cube capable of? Well, it can deliver 6-12 million polygons a second, 405 MHz of information, and has 24MB of 1T-SRAM. You may also kiss goodbye the frustration of tangle gamepad controllers, because it will also feature wireless dual-shock controllers! Can it get any better? Rumor has it that you can hook up your GameBoy Color to it for full-screen entertainment! You can probably also hook the N Cube up to a car plug and play it while on the road! With that said, when is this wonder of a console system coming out? It is due to arrive sometime next year before Christmas. Don't worry about saving up your money now, Nintendo is planning on making this system cheaper than the N64 when it first came out!

Game Cube Games Win Crowd's Approval at Spaceworld 2000

By: Magma Mario

There will be lots of Game Cube games coming out for the high-tech system. Nintendo Power Magazine went to Spaceworld 2000 to see some in early development. There was a Mario game that said that the name was Mario128, which featured 128 Marios! There was an ear-busting cheer when a game starring Luigi was shown. Thank the heavens. The name of the game was Luigi's Mansion. This looks like Luigi is trying to find his way around a mansion. Nintendo Power said that their ears were ringing for eight days after a Zelda game was shown. The name was unknown but it looks like Ganon has returned for a final showdown. There was an unknown game starring Samus. It looked like Samus battling her way through a destroyed city. Nintendo expects from Shigeru Miyamoto's words that the graphics for this system will be way better than the Playstation 2's graphics. The games will be CDs. It looks like it will have internet access and will be able to play DVD discs. What an awesome system!


What's up Next for Mario?

By: Purple

Mario, our fellow mascot for Nintendo, has been around for over a decade. Everyone can recognize that red and blue pudgy plumber anywhere. But is he getting too old? "Sure some may argue that Mario is a bit washed out, or is a bit cutesy for the modern gamer," says GameFan's Super Mario 64 Strategy Guide, but is this true? Look at all the modern games, especially the ones on Playstation that are getting everyone's attention. You have all these realistic-looking human beings and high-tech looking monsters and robots. Yeah, it's cool to shoot army men down, but not cool to stomp right on a Goomba's head. Well, when you think of Mario, the first thing that might come to your mind is a goofy-looking, fat plumber. Is that cool? Most would say no, but where did Mario come from? It is no accident that Mario looks like what he does today. He's been wearing that same outfit since the early '80s. How about a makeover? Let's shave off that mustache, put on some street clothes, and wipe that goofy grin off his face. I don't think so. Why? He wouldn't be Mario anymore. Mario is a video game character, and what makes a video game character are his/her looks and abilities. Even the N-Cube is not taking this into consideration. Mario will hopefully remain the same and all can say, "That's the Mario that I remember when I was little." Yes, times change, but Mario will always be Mario, whenever he is. Also face it, if they were to update Mario's look even with just an alteration of color, we still couldn't take him seriously, but why need to? Games weren't meant to be taken serious anyway. So no matter that Squall from Final Fantasy looks awesome and something that people wishes they looked like, he can't beat the nostalgia and fun that Mario reminds all of us of. The same goes for his games.

Can Waluigi take over Mario?

By: Nick Petersen

Mario has always been Nintendo's mascot, but will he continue to be the mascot? Or will Waluigi take over in his games like Mario Tennis? Mario and Nintendo have been around since the 80's. Can Mario continue to be N64's mascot along with Nintendo's? I had a brief talk with Nintendo about this and they said that Mario has been around for a while and Waluigi has not, so they don't think so. But what about all the games for the Game Cube and the N64 that will come out with Waluigi? Is it possible that he might become more of a star than Mario has been for so long? I say no and here is why: Mario has starred in millions of games all the way to the Ness making to the N64s and now the Game Cube. The Game Cube is going to have more memory than the Sega Dreamcast and the Playstation. It's got a 1T ram and dual-shock controllers so I think that it might be a bit better than the Playstation 2. What do you think?? I think it's got a better chance than the new Playstation 2 that hit the shelves November 5th. I think the Playstation 2 costs way too much money! I'll check it out and see if the N-Cube is better.

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Will Bowser Ever Take over the Mushroom Kingdom

By: Nick Petersen
Originally published by: The Bowser Tribune

We start at Mario. He has always ruled the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser and his dumb no-good-for-nothing Koopas have tried and tried to make this happen but Mario has always and will always rule over the Mushroom Kingdom. Because Mario is a star and Bowser is not, well he is but Mario's more of a star than Bowser. I remember when Bowser tried to marry Peach but it never happened and when he turned Mario and his friends into rock-hard stones. Bowser has tried forever but has never and will never defeat Mario. I say this because Mario is N64's mascot along with Nintendo's. Nintendo wouldn't let Bowser take over because they need a person like Bowser to always be mean to Mario but yet lose to Mario.

~Bowser Tribune

Reviews and Previews

Paper Mario (SMRPG2)

By: Magma Mario

Finally, the sequel to the hit SNES game, Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, has been created. Its first name was Super Mario RPG 2. Then they changed the name to Paper Mario. This game will be for Nintendo 64. Remember Yoshi's Story? 3-D characters, 2-D surroundings. In Paper Mario it has 2-D characters and 3-D surroundings. Not much is known about the storyline except that Bowser has kidnapped Peach.. AGAIN! When will that overgrown Koopa ever learn? On the way, Mario meets a Goomba to be his teammate. On the way to the castle Mario meets characters and towns in need of saving. The characters in will be Mario, a reformed Koopa named Kooper, a Goomba named Goombario. A Magikoopa that really acts like Kamek called Kammy Koopa. Bowser, Luigi, Peach, and Toad also show up. The battle system is very similar to that in Mario RPG accept that the computer controls the Goomba and you are other teammates, if you get any. From what I can tell, this game ought to be good after being talked about for almost over three years. It plans to be released in February of 2001. Good luck on the game.


By: Purple

Who said Banjo-Tooie was a cutesy, little-kid game? This game just released will be so different from Banjo-Kazooie in a lot of ways. Here are just a few things that it will feature: eight huge worlds to trek through, and lots of secrets and mini-games. Banjo will have over 40 new moves to learn and master, and he will be able to transform into a T-Rex, bumble bee, snowball, clothes washer, and more! Not only will you be able to control Banjo alone, but Kazooie, and Mumbo Jumbo, as well! It also features a multi-player mode, (not to mention a shoot-out as part of it!) The only flaw though would probably be its jumpy graphics, but that is a small price to pay considering all the good stuff it has! So go out and buy this game for Christmas, or just pray that your parents, loved ones, friends, etc. will buy it for you!


By: Kamek Koopa


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