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Here's some info you might want to know about Absolute Mario:

  • This site was created sometime during the fall of 1998 with the name, Mario Nostalgia Mania!.
  • This site was hosted by 50Megs from ?/?/98-1/1/01..
  • This was then hosted by Geocities from 1/1/01-1/26/01.
  • Then, this site was hosted by Xtremgaming from 1/26/01-Summer 2002.
  • This site was then hosted by Ionichost from Summer 2002-8/8/06.
  • This site is now hosted by Awardspace.
  • This site changed its name from Mario Nostalgia Mania to Absolute Mario on 9/10/06 and also got the domain name,

  • All HTML was written using the editor provided by the previous hosts, and all the HTML written after that was written by Notepad. All images are made by me unless otherwise stated or by the sites in the Credits. The images made by me were drawn and/or edited using IXLA Artist, iPhoto Plus, and Micrografx Picture Publisher. All animated gifs made by me were made by Animagic and Sonic Foundry Viscosity.
  • All info on this site is copyright Purple and Jesslavco unless otherwise stated. This site is based on the characters who are copyright ;© Nintendo.


  • Jesslavco for helping me with this site and especially for letting me use her FTP to store a lot of the images on.
  • Nate and Nick for providing resources, images, and much more for this site, and being an excellent affiliate. Visit his site here.
  • Magma Mario, Nick and Nate, Kinopio Toadashi, and Kamek for helping me write The Kinopio News every month!
  • Bob Grocer for letting me use his fan fics to make The Glitch section possible.
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