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Super Mario Bros. Trophies
Pictured here is one of a few trophies made by Hasbro, Inc. Thesewere used to show off your Mario-fandom and game expertise. Thesticker on the trophy can be filled out with your name, date,and high score. Other trophies like this one depict thesescenes: Mario hurling a fireball, Mario stomping Goombas, Bowserguarding Princess Toadstool, Mario running from Bullet Bill,and Blooper chasing Mario.

Nintendo Cereal System
Inside this box are two bags of cereal, one side with a Mariotheme and the other with a Zelda theme. Some versions of thecereal contain prizes inside that include a miniature Zeldaor Mario pinball game. You can also find game tips on theside of the box.

Beach Towel
This towel depicted a Super Mario Bros. scene where Mario has rescued baby Princess Toadstool and is getting chased by Bowser's cronies. The towel is a little bit smaller than the average beach towel, since it was meant for little kids, but if you didn't take your Game Boy to the beach, I guess this was the closest thing you could get if you were Mario-jonesing.

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