The Super adventure Chapter nine

Written by Kristoffer Garrett.

Mario and the whole crew went to the gym.

Luigi:" So what are we going to do here Young Link, since you were the one who suggested to come here."

Young Link:" now that we got here I don't have any Idea what we could do."

Goten:" Hey guy's why don't we play some basketball like we did a little while ago?"

Young Link:" I think we should probably do something ells instead of that."

Gohan:" I can't wait for this upcoming tournament, it shore is going to be great I haven't been to a tournament in a long time."

Mario:" You and Goten may be very strong, but that doesn't scare me at all."

Bardock:" What about me, I'm a Saiyan to."

Mario:" They are Super Saiyans remember."

Shadow:" You may have beaten me in the little tournament we had to day Goten, but that will not happen again."

Young Link:" I'm looking forward to facing Gohan or Goten in the ring"

Bardock:" Why does every one think they are the greatest?"

Shadow:" They are not the best, I am Shadow the hedgehog."

Sonic:" We don't want to hear a speech from you Shadow."

Shadow:" Just shut up Sonic freak."

Knuckles:" Hey Shadow calm down."

Shadow:" What, do you a piece of me to Echidna."

Gohan:" Come on guy's lets not fight."

Shadow then just sat there without talking.

Young Link:" Hey Goten could you teach me how to do a energy blast some time."

Goten:" Yeh I will, but it is a lot of work."

Sonic:" You should see Mario and Luigi when they form there fire blast."

Mario:" Yes we use heat energy to form them, and a lot of it at that"

Young Link:" Sounds cool!!"

Knuckles:" Well Bardock, if me and you meet in the ring I'm going to beat you again."

Bardock:" I wouldn't be so shore Knuckles, your just a Echidna."

Sonic:" I would like to challenge Mario Goten or Gohan since they haven't been defeated yet."

Knuckles:" I don't know Sonic, Gohan's really good."

Shadow:" I can beat him and Goten both."

Sonic:" Big talk for someone who got defeated by Goten, and have you forgotten Gohan is even stronger."

Shadow again was quit.

Gohan:" Young Link, you should soon take my brother Goten to the lost woods he would really like it."

Young Link:" Yeh you can come with us to, I didn't get to finish showing you everything."

Luigi:" What is the lost woods?"

Gohan:" It is a really relaxing place and the music that the forest itself play's is great."

Young Link:" It is the theme of the lost woods."

Goten:" I guess you can take us to explore tomorrow."

Mario:" I know what we can do, we can go hang out with the race of Yoshi's, they are not to far from here."

They all then followed Mario.

At Bowser's castle

Bowser:" We will continue are assault on Mario when the tournament day arrives."

Android:" I will take down Gohan myself, he is nothing I was just playing with him a bit."

Trunks:" I still don't understand why Goten would turn against good, it just doesn't seem like him."

Bowser:" Well he did."

Bowser Jr:" Well he did, so we are going to take him down along with everyone ells."

Trunks:" I guess your right, talking sometimes doesn't work."

Android:" Bowser you and your other buddies can take care of the rest."

Paratroopa:" Bardock still hasn't returned, maybe they consumed him to fight at there side."

Bowser:" That just makes things even tougher then they were before."

Trunks:" We will be able to take them."

Petey Piranha:" I think I will come and help you guys next time."

Shy Guy:" That Sonic guy was pretty fast, I couldn't even touch him."

Bowser:" They also have that Shadow hedgehog on there side as well."

Android 17:" Don't worry Bowser we will take care of it."

Trunks:" So Bowser how are we going to defeat them, are we going to sigh up in the tournament, or are we going to surprise attack?"

Bowser:" I don't know at this moment, but I will tell you all soon."

Bowser JR:" That young kid dressed in green, skills of the sword are impressive."

Shy Guy:" He must be the real hero of time that I heard so much about, people who live in Hyrule know more then Me."

Back in Hyrule

Ganandorf bought in orb from a store at the market that could see any one he wanted to see.

Ganon:" Show me the one named Link."

The Orb showed Young Link hanging out with Gohan and everyone ells.

Ganon:" Well I see he has made some new friends, but they will be no threat against me with my incredible power."

Ganondorf wasn't afraid, not even a little bit.

Ganon:" I wonder if I should go attack him now, No no!!! I have an even greater Idea."

Ganondorf smiled jumped on his horse and rode off.

Yoshi area

Mario:" Hey Yoshi, you don't mind if we all hang out with you and your friends."

Yoshi:" That is perfectly fine, come follow me I will lead you to everyone."

They all followed Yoshi.

Boshi:" Hey what's up Mario and Luigi."

Luigi:" Hey Boshi, you are entering the tournament aren't you?"

Boshi:" Yeh!, Me Yoshi and Droshi are going to be in it."

Droshi:" Hey Mario and Luigi, I've been swimming all day it is hot out, who are all your friends?"

They all introduced themselves.

Droshi:" So your really Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Sonic:" Yup that's me the fastest alive."

Bardock went over to one of the trees and took some oranges to snack on.

Young Link:" So basically all of you are some type of dinosaur race, correct Yoshi."

Yoshi:" Yes."

Knuckles:" Hey Bardock are you enjoying the oranges?"

Bardock:" There really good, you should try one."

Knuckles ran over to where Bardock was and took two oranges to snack on.

Knuckles:" Wow these are nice and juicy aren't they Bardock?"

Bardock:" Yeh, and sweet to."

Gohan:" So Droshi what kind of fighting styles do you know."

Droshi:" I know a few that I learned from Blackie, he used to be leader of us all until Boshi defeated him in Combat."

Goten:" So how many of you dino guy's are a group?"

Boshi:" there are about 20 of us that live on these grounds, except for Yoshi who some times stays with princess Peach."

Shadow:" I guess that means there will be more competition in the tournament, I love a nice challenge."

Boshi:" It will be a treat to face a legend, such as you Shadow."

Mario:" I wonder how every thing is going to be set up, at the tournament."

Droshi:" So are peach and Daisy going to be there to watch you and luigi in the Tournament."

Mario:" No they are not here."

Young Link:" I just hope there are know tricky stuff at the competition."

Goten:" I know what you mean."

Bardock and Knuckles finished there oranges.

Knuckles:" Those were really tasty."

Bardock:" I'm most likely going to have some more later."

Yoshi:" I hope you two enjoyed are orange fruit."

Sonic:" Hey Knuckles should I go get tails, to see if he wants to enter."

Knuckles:" No that is a waste of are time, he wouldn't have a chance of winning anyway."

Shadow:" That is 100% for shore."

Droshi:" Well Yoshi I'll be back, I'm going to go find the others."

Luigi's cell phone then rang.

Luigi:" Hello?"

Toad:" Hey Luigi, it's me toad I was just calling to see if you still wanted the nice hot tub installed in your back yard?"

Luigi:" I'll think about it, and then I will call you back."

Toad:" Ok."

Luigi:" You are going to be in the tournament?"

Toad:" Now why would I miss out on that."

Luigi:" Ok then I will see you there."

The two then hung up.

Mario:" Hey Gohan and Goten, Later I'm going to take you guy's shopping for some more clothes, since you only have one pair."

Goten:" Ok that sounds exalent."

Gohan:" Yeh, we can just go down to the mall, I'm shore they have a nice selection."

Sonic:" So how are sleeping arrangements going to go tonight?"

Mario:" Some of you can stay at my place, and the rest can crash at Luigi's mansion."

Sonic:" Sounds good."

Young Link:" Hey Gohan and Goten, what does it fill like when you are flying."

Gohan:" It fills great, like all the weight is just taken off of you."

Young Link:" Sounds fantastic."

Goten:" Gohan taught me and Videl how to fly, I was a little boy younger then you."

Young Link:" I bet you loved your brother a lot for teaching you."

Shadow:" I am so thirsty."

Yoshi:" I'll go get you a nice glass of fresh cold water."

Shadow:" Ok, thanks."

Back at Bowser's castle

The big door in the front room was being banged on.

Bowser:" 17 go see who it is."

17 walked over to the door and opened it.

Android 17:" Who the heck are you."

Egg man:" I am Robotnik, and I can help you destroy Sonic."

Bowser:" Come in."

17 let Robotnik in.

Egg Man:" I so your group fighting against Sonic Knuckles and Shadow along with some other unidentified fighters, so what do you say."

the two shook hands and smiled.

Bowser:" Paratroopa, get are guest something to eat."

Paratroopa:" Yes sir."

Yoshi Area

Mario:" Hey Luigi, I'm going to take Gohan and Goten to the mall to get some clothes now."

Luigi:" Alright, I'll see you later."

Young Link:" When you guy's get back, we can all go swimming and later go out to eat some where."

Goten:" Sounds good see you later."

Mario Gohan and Goten then left to the mall.

To be Continue...




The Super Adventure Chapter 10, The Tournament Begins.

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett

Gohan and Goten followed Mario to the mall.

Gohan:" I wonder how many fighters will be at the Tournament."

Mario:" Just because you and Goten are going to be in it doesn't make me afraid, I still have a chance."

Goten:" I very much doubt that Mario."

Mario:" Ok Goten you can keep saying that, but we will see what happens on the tournament day."

Gohan:" I just hope Bowser and his whole crew don't show up."

Goten:" Who cares if they show up, they are no real threat."

Mario:" I know, Goten is right I've beaten Bowser Countless times."

Gohan:" I'm shore you guy's are right."

The three continued walking.

Young Link:" Hey Sonic, do you always just wear shoes but no clothes?"

Sonic:" Yeh, if I wear clothes I'll get to hot plus I'm use to this."

Bardock:" I really am impressed on how strong my two grandsons are."

Luigi:" Why is that, they are Saiyans just like you."

Bardock:" Goten and Gohan are only 50% Saiyan, because there mother was a human."

Young Link:" Are you suggesting that humans are weak."

Bardock:" I'm saying that I am a full Saiyan, but I have not reached the level of Super Saiyan."

Yoshi came back and gave Shadow an Ice cold glass of water.

Shadow:" Thanks."

Knuckles:" Maybe Gohan and Goten will beat each other out of the tournament, leaving the chance for me to win."

Shadow:" The Water was really fresh, thanks Yoshi I feel like 100% again."

Yoshi:" No problem."

Sonic:" Hey Shadow, maybe we should use the chaos emeralds during the tournament."

Shadow:" That just might be a very good idea."

Young Link:" I don't need strength to win, all I need is my skills."

Bardock:" So Luigi could you tell me why you and your brother Mario always defeat Bowser, I mean he is not human."

Luigi:" Bowser lacks the skill to defeat us, that is why he probably used his machine to summon you guys in are world."

Bardock:" I can't believe that guy he just makes me sick, but I shouldn't complain Frieza was a lot worse."

Luigi:" Sounds like he must have been a really bad guy if he is worse then Bowser."

Bardock:" Yes he was, Frieza destroyed the whole entire Saiyan race."

Young Link:" Sounds like my worst villain Ganondorf."

At The Mall

Mario:" We are finally here, I'll take you guy's to a store that cell's all kinds of good clothes."

Gohan:" Wow this shopping center is really huge."

Goten:" I can't wait to see what they are selling."

Mario:" There will be plenty of stuff to choose from."

Goten:" Hey Mario have you ever thought about marrying Princess Peach?"

Mario:" Do I look like a prince to you."

Goten:" It doesn't matter if your a prince or not."

Gohan:" Hey that looks like a nice store, I think we should go in there."

Mario:" There is noting but game systems in there."

Gohan:" Ok forget it."

The three of them looked up a head and so a store called New navy 64, that soled clothes.

Gohan:" Hey we can go to that one."

Mario:" So Goten who are some girls that you found attractive on earth?"

Goten:" There were a few, Bura Vegeta's Daughter was a pretty one."

Gohan:" I shore would like to see the look on Vegeta's face if he heard you say that."

The three then walked into the store.

One hour later after they were done shopping, they went to Mario's house and put on a new pair of clothes.

Goten:" Wow thanks Mario."

Mario:" There is no need to thank me, we are all friends."

Gohan:" I think we should go meet up with the others."

Goten:" Good Idea, Hey Mario can I keep the rest of my new clothes in one of your empty closets."

Mario:" Yes you may, you to Gohan."

After doing that, they went back to Yosh's territory.

Goten:" Hey guy's we are back."

Shadow:" Did you guy's get some nice clothes?"

Gohan:" We got plenty of nice things to wear."

Young Link:" So what would you guy's like to do now that you are back."

Sonic:" Do you guy's want to go swimming."

Goten:" I say we do some more training!!"

Knuckles:" Great idea."

Days later.

Goten woke up and smiled.

Goten:" Hey Gohan and Bardock wake up, it's time to get ready for the tournament that starts in an hour!!!"

Gohan:" Good morning Goten, I guess we should get ready now."

Bardock woke up and hoped into the shower. Mario then came from upstairs.

Mario:" Hey guy's are you exited for today."

Gohan:" of course I can't wait."

Goten:" I can't wait to kick some but in that ring."

Mario:" We will meet the others when we are signing up at the tournament."

Gohan:" Hey Goten, hopefully we won't have to face each other to soon."

Goten:" Yeh."

Mario:" So what should we all have for breakfast?"

Goten:" We can just have some Coco puffs."

Gohan:" That sounds good."

At Park

Young Link:" So Shadow, are you and Sonic going to use the chaos emeralds?"

Shadow:" No, we couldn't find all of the in time"

Young Link:" Good, that gives me a better chance of winning."

Knuckles:" I'm really shore that Gohan is going to win the tournament, but that doesn't mean I won't try."

Sonic:" I think I'm going to win this battle nexus tournament, to bad Amy and tails won't be there to watch me do it."

Shadow:" You will not be able to defeat me Sonic, so watch your mouth."

Young Link:" Stop you two, just wait until you face each other."

45 minuets later

Mario:" Hey guy's, we are over here."

The whole group met up, and walked over to the sigh up desk. All fighters sighed up

Desk man:" You can all go through the big doors to your right."

They all went through the big doors.

Luigi:" Wow this place is big."

Goten:" You can say that again Luigi."

Mario:" Hey look over there Luigi, it's Wario and Waluigi."

Luigi:" Some how I knew those nut heads would be here."

Young Link:" they kind of look like they are related to you guy's."

Mario:" The clown heads don't have a chance of winning."

Sonic:" It should be begging soon"

Bardock:" Wow there are so many fighters here, it is un believe able."

Shadow:" That makes it more interesting and fun, I will show off my great skills in front of all of these fighters."

Knuckles:" Hey look guy's, they are putting up the brackets so we can go see who we are facing in are first match."

Some guy in a karate suit came up to all of them.

Ryu:" Are one of you Luigi."

Luigi:" I'm Luigi."

Ryu:" Well you and me are going to be fighting in the first round, I'm Ryu one of the Ken master fighters."

Ryu then walked off.

Luigi:" That guy looks pretty tough."

Goten:" Just focus Luigi, you will be able to beat him."

Young Link:" That guy doesn't look that scary to me, I've faced big monsters."

Luigi:" Easy for you to say, your not facing him first."

Knuckles went over to the bracket to see who he was going to face first. It showed him against Yunsung a soul Calibur fighter."

Knuckles then walked back over to the others.

Knuckles:" Hey guy's I have to go against some guy by the name of Yunsung."

Sonic:" I wonder if he will be a challenge for you."

Shadow:" Hey Knuckles, did you see who I was going against?"

Knuckles:" No I did not see, there were a lot of names."

Shadow:" I'll just wait until it is time for me to fight."

At Bowser's Castle.

Robotnik:" It looks like the Tournament is going to begging soon, should we go greet are guests?"

Bowser:" Not yet, I won't to see a couple of there matches first, then we will go destroy them."

Android 17:" Remember Gohan is mine, I will kill him myself."

Bowser:" We know that 17."

Trunks:" I will take Goten out of the picture, then everything will be perfect."

Dr. Robotnik:" I can't wait to see the end of Sonic."

Back at Tournament ring 15 minuets later.

Manager:" Alright everyone the first match will start now, Penguin Vs. Wario Begin...

Penguin:" Tweet tweet, your going down.

Wario ran over to Penguin and started throwing punches at him, Penguin quickly pulled out his umbrella with the sharp blade at the end of it and stabbed it into Wario. Wario then disappeared.

Manager:" Penguin wins all losers will be sent out side of the tournament doors, whenever a fighter gets defeated they will disappear."

Manager:" Next up Carnage Vs. Young Link begin."

Young Link stepped into the ring, along with Cletus kasady Carnage. The Symbiot covered Cletus.

Carnage:" I'm going to rip you apart Elf boy."

Young Link:" Bring it on Carnage."

Young Link and Carnage ran toward each other. Young Link jumped up and tried to kick him but Carnage graved his leg and threw him to the ground and started kicking and punching him.

Goten:" Come on Young Link, you have to get up."

Will Young Link win or loose find out in the next Chapter of the Super Adventure.

To Be Continue






The Super adventure chapter 11

By Kristoffer Garrett

Carnage picked up Young Link by his leg and started punching him in the stomach.

Carnage:" Had enough yet boy?"

Young Link:" Far from it."

Carnage then dropped Young Link, before he hit the ground Carnage kicked him in the face. Young Link then stood on his feet.

Young Link:" Your really good."

Carnage:" Couldn't say the same for you."

Young Link:" I'm going to shut that big mouth of yours."

Young Link jumped up and tried to punch carnage, but he graved Link's fist and threw him smash hard into the ground.

Sonic:" Wow, it looks like Young Link is getting his but kicked."

Shadow:" I thought he was going to rip this guy apart."

Young Link started to get up slowly, but Carnage kicked him back down.

Carnage:" Your not good as I heard Link, I will spare you."

Young Link looked up.

Young Link:" Why?"

Carnage:" That is for me to know and for you to find out."

Cletus Kasady AKA Carnage stepped out of the ring, the symbiot the left off of Cletus.

Manager:" Winner Young Link."

Young Link then stepped out of the ring.

Goten:" What the heck happen, you didn't even beat that guy he just walked out of the ring."

Young Link:" He said something about sparing me for now."

Luigi:" That guy was ripping you apart out there Young Link."

Young Link:" He would have probably done the same thing to you."

Luigi:" That's what you think."

Shadow:" Sorry Young Link but you got spanked."

Knuckles:" If I had to face Carnage, I could beat him."

Bardock:" I wonder when it will be my turn to fight, I have been waiting for this day."

Manager:" Next match Donatello Vs. Knuckles."

Knuckles:" I guess I'm up you guys."

Gohan:" Are you nervous."

Knuckles:" Just a little bit."

Knuckles then stepped into the ring, along with Donatello."

Knuckles:" So what do you say we begin this."

Donatello:" I'm Donatello, a teen age mutant Ninja Turtle."

Knuckles:" I'm an Echidna."

Manager:" Ready fight."

Donatello pulled out his Bo staff and ran for Knuckles. When Don Got close enough he started attacking Knuckles with his bo staff. Knuckles blocked a couple of the hits. Don and Knuckles jumped up in the air and kicked each other, back onto the ground. knuckles then charged at Don and punched Donatello many times in the chest, he then kicked him down to the ground.

Knuckles:" Now to finish you turtle."

He jumped up and tried to smash his fist into Don's face, but he quickly moved out of the way.

Knuckles:" So your a quick one huh."

Donatello:" Wow I had no idea I was going to face some one with your skill, for my first match."

Knuckles:" Your not to bad, but I'm still going to win."

Leonardo:" You can do it Donatello, just focus."

Knuckles jumped high into the air as he came down for the kick on Don, he blocked it with his Bo staff but the kick broke the staff in half. Knuckles then kicked Don to the ground and started beating on him, within 50 seconds Don disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Knuckles."

Raphael:" I can't believe Donny lost."

Michelangelo:" Wow he shore lost quicker then I thought he would."

Leonardo:" Stay focused you guy's."

Knuckles then stepped out of the ring.

Sonic:" Good job Knuckles, you took that guy no problem."

Mario:" Nice work, now lets keep up the wins you guys."

Bardock:" I have to tell you Knuckles, those were some nice moves you pulled off in the end."

Manager:" Next up, Yunsung Vs. Hank."

Back at Bowser's castle

Robotnik:" So Bowser, when are we heading off for the tournament grounds."

Bowser:" We will wait, I want them to be fully off guard."

Paratroopa:" I say we rip them apart, I truly mean that."

Bowser:" Yes we will, and those stupid plumbers will be out of my life for good."

Robotnik:" I want that hedgehog Sonic out of my hair."

Android 17 then walked into the room.

Android 17:" So after you have destroyed them, what will you do next."

Bowser:" We will take over."

Android 17:" Well I'm going to go continue my training with the other's.

17 then left the room.

Bowser:" Soon they will all be dead"

Back at the tournament.

Manager:" Winner Yunsung."

Yunsung slept down from the ring and graved his water bottle out of his bag, and drank some.

Mario:" That guy doesn't scare me."

Manager:" Next up, Ryu Vs. Luigi."

Sonic:" You can take this guy Luigi, just try your best."

Luigi:" That's easy for you to say."

Yunsung and Luigi walked into the ring.

Ryu:" Ok Luigi are you ready."

Luigi:" I'm ready to beat you all over this ring."

Manager:" Ready.... Begin."

Luigi then shot six fire balls at Ryu, but he jumped out of the way and ran fast toward Luigi.

when he reached him, he knocked him face first into the ground. Luigi jumped up quickly, but Ryu punched him in the stomach so hard, luigi yelled in pain as a little blood came out of his mouth. Luigi then fell to the ground holding his stomach.

Ryu:" What's wrong, I thought you said you were going to beat me across this whole ring."

Luigi just sat there holding his stomach.

Ryu:" I guess I will finish this little match of our's now."

Ryu then kicked Luigi in the face sending him onto the ground.

Ryu smashed his fist into luigi's chest, with that last move Luigi disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Ryu."

Ryu then stepped down from the ring with a smile on his face.

Ryu:" That was easier then I thought it was going to be."

Mario:" I can't believe my eyes, did Luigi just loose."

Goten:" Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, Luigi was defeated."

Mario:" That just isn't like Luigi to loose that fast, I guess this tournament is going to be very interesting."

Sonic:" Wow he didn't even stand a chance."

Shadow:" Now I am really exited for my turn."

Young Link:" There shore are some tough guy's in this tournament, I just hope my training was enough."

Bardock:" We all did are best so don't worry about it Young Link."

Manager:" Next up, Sonic Vs. Yoshi."

Sonic:" Well this is going to be easy"

Yoshi and Sonic step into the ring.

Manager:" Ready.. fight."

Sonic with his super speed ran over to Yoshi and started throwing fast punches and kicks on him.

Yoshi tried to fight back, but he could not touch Sonic.

Yoshi was breathing hard.

Yoshi:" Could you just slow down please?"

Sonic:" Slow down are you kidding, to give you a fighting I don't think so."

Sonic then rammed into Yoshi sending him out of the ring.

Before Yoshi could hit the ground he disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Sonic."

Sonic:" That was to easy."

Sonic then stepped down from the ring and headed toward his friends.

Mario:" It looks like you took on Yoshi no problem."

Sonic:" He should have trained harder, he didn't even have a shot at winning the tournament."

Young Link:" Wow Yoshi sucks at fighting, Sonic wasn't even going that fast."

Sonic:" I was still going some what fast."

Knuckles:" I wonder who is going to be fighting next."

Bardock:" Hopefully it is me, I've been waiting for a challenge."

Goten:" I'm shore one of us is going to be up soon."

Manager:" Raphael Vs. Electra."

Leonardo:" Raph you can do it."

Raph jumped into the ring and Elektra walked into the ring.

Raphael:" What's a pretty lady like you doing at a tournament, this isn't a beauty competition."

Manager:" Ready begin."

Raphael pulled out his Sais as well as Elektra."

Knuckles:" I bet Elektra will win, I've heard stories about her."

Young Link:" I agree."

Raphael ran toward Elektra, she tried to slash Raph in the chest but he jumped up and kicked her to the ground.

Her Sais fell out of the ring.

Raphael:" I'll make it easier for you."

Raph then threw his Sais out of the ring over to Leo and Mikey.

Raph and Elektra started punching and kicking at each other.

Elektra then kicked Raph onto the ground jumped on him, and put her hands to his throat. She started chocking him.

Elektra:" Still think you can win Turtle."

Raph kicked Elektra off of him, and then smashed her face into the ground. Elektra then disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Raphael."

Raph then did a flip out of the ring.

Gohan:" Wow that turtle Raphael is good, even better then the turtle Knuckles defeated."

Young Link:" Yeh your right."

Manager:" Next up Goten Vs. Venom."

Goten:" Finally it's my turn."

Ganondorf:" Yes everything is going according to plan."

Carnage:" Yes I spared the boy's life."

Ganondorf:" Good, now go find Cell and Shredder and tell them to meet me here right away."

Carnage:" Yes sir."

What Evil plans is Ganon plotting, find out in the next chapter of the Super Adventure.

To Be Continue.