The super adventure chapter six

Written by Kristoffer Michael Garrett

Luigi switched places with Mario, Luigi then sat down.

Mario:" So Knuckles and Goten are you two ready to loose?"

Knuckles:" We aren't the one's who are going to loose, you and Sonic will not be able to beat us.

Luigi went over to the basket ball's and graved one.

Sonic:" Mario why did you put those two on the same team, in this whole gym they are the strongest."

Mario:" I just picked teams by random, I wasn't really thinking."

Goten:" Guy's it doesn't just take strength for basketball, you also have to have skill."

Luigi threw the ball in the middle of both teams Mario jumped up and knocked the basketball on his teams side.

Goten and Knuckles rushed over to try and get the ball, Sonic tried to block Goten so he couldn't get to the ball, Knuckles and Mario ran to get the ball.

Goten knocked Sonic out of his way, Mario picked up the ball and started dribbling toward his hoop.

Goten:" Knuckles stop him from scoring.

Mario jumped up and threw the ball toward the hoop, before the ball could make it in Knuckles jumped up and graved the ball.

Goten:" Good work, now pass it over here."

Knuckles jumped up and threw the ball to Goten, Sonic ran by really fast and snatched the ball out of Goten's hand.

Goten:" No way!!"

Sonic:" It shore pay's off to be fast."

Goten:" Come back here with that ball Sonic."

Sonic ran over to his teams side jumped up and scored.

Knuckles:" Darn they scored on us already, but that is going to change real fast."

Goten:" Lets show them what we are made of Knuckles."

Knuckles and Goten then smiled.

Mario:" Nice work Sonic, now let's continue."

Luigi threw the ball to Goten. Goten dribbled the ball as he ran to the basketball hoop.

Sonic got in front of him and tried to take the ball out of his hands, Goten then threw the ball to Knuckles he caught it and scored.

Luigi got the ball and gave it to Mario.

Mario:" Ok lets continue now."

Mario's cell phone that was sitting on the bleachers began to ring.

Luigi ran over and picked up the phone and gave it to Mario, he then answered it.

Mario:" Hello, may I ask who is speaking?"

Peach:" It's me Mario how are things going?"

Mario:" Everything is fine how is the trip for you and daisy so far?"

Peach:" Everything is good here, so do you miss me yet?"

Mario:" Right now really isn't the time, I'm in the middle of a basketball game."

Peach:" Ok I'll call you back."

Mario and Peach then hung up

Goten:" So what did your girlfriend say?"

Mario:" She is not my girlfriend, we are just really close friends."

Goten:" Whatever, well lets get back to the game now."

Mario dribbled the ball as he ran to the hoop.

Young Link and Gohan were hurrying to get back to the Mushroom kingdom, Young Link was riding Epona while Gohan was flying in the air."

Two hours and thirty minuets went by.

Gohan:" We should make it to the mushroom kingdom soon now Young Link."

Young Link:" Yeh I think we should make it there really soon."

Mario:" This is ridiculous we keep loosing, no matter how we move this team around."

Goten:" I guess me and Knuckles are just invincible."

Knuckles:" You got that right, at least you guy's came close to beating us."

Sonic:" Why can't we beat you guys, you are probably just getting very lucky today."

Luigi:" That's it I quit for now, I'm going to take a long break from this game."

Sonic:" I think we should take a break from getting beat."

Goten:" You guy's are such sour losers."

Mario:" Yeh lets do something ells."

Knuckles:" What should we do."

Goten:" Hey you guy's I fill Gohan energy signal he's close by, I'll go get him."

Goten then left out of the gym and flew into the air to go find Gohan. within seven minuets he returned back with Gohan and Young Link.

Gohan:" Hey guy's what's happening?"

Mario:" We are just chilling out right now."

Gohan:" All of you guy's look board."

Luigi:" Why don't we go to the park and train there."

Young Link:" Yeh lets do it, I've been waiting."

Everyone left the gym and went to the park.

Back at Bowser's castle

Bowser:" Alright everyone it is time, we will strike on Mario and his little punk friends now."

Koopa troopa:" Hey Bowser, how are we supposed to know were to find them."

Android 17:" Don't worry little turtle I can detect power levels, so the Saiyans will probably most likely be with Mario."

Trunks:" I can't wait to fight the Saiyans, they won't know what hit them I bet they don't even have the ability to become a Super Saiyan."

Bardock:" Super Saiyan, that is only a legend."

Trunks:" Super Saiyan isn't just a legend Bardock, I have the ability to do it."

Bardock:" If that is true show me."

Trunks:" Right now really isn't the time, it takes up energy so I might show you during the fight against the Mario brothers and the saiyan's."

Bardock:" Alright, I can't wait to see you do it."

Bowser:" What is a super Saiyan?"

Trunks:" Ooh you'll see."

Paratroopa:" I can't wait to show Mario that we are some one who he doesn't want to mess with."

Koopa troopa:" We will give them a beating of there lives, that they will never forget."

Bowser:" Ok lets go, I am going to come to I changed my mind."

Bowser and his crew left the castle and headed for Mario's location.

At the Park

Young Link:" Ok guy's let's begin are training session."

Goten:" Ok who is going to go against me in practice fighting combat."

Gohan:" How about me and you go against each other Goten, since are power levels are around the same."

Goten:" Thanks but no thanks, I always train with you besides you might find it cool to have another sparing partner."

Gohan:" Ok."

Young Link:" I would train with one of you two but you would have to hold to much power back and you wouldn't get much training at all."

Goten:" You shore got that right."

Knuckles:" Hey Goten you can spar against me, I'm a strong Echinda and a master of material arts."

Goten:" Ok your on."

Young Link:" Maybe me and Luigi can go against Gohan at the same time."

Luigi:" Yeh your going to go down Gohan."

Mario:" I guess that leave's me and you Sonic."

Sonic:" I'll take you on any day Mario."

Mario:" Ok then, bring it on."

Everyone then moved away from each other to a spot with the person there going to fight."

Mario:" In five seconds we will begin, 5 4 3 2."

Before Mario could say one a blast hit him and he fell to the ground.

Everyone then looked up.

Trunks:" What!!! those are the Saiyans, I know them that is Gohan and Goten they are not evil."

Bowser:" They have changed over the years."

Trunks:" Hey Goten it's me Trunks get away from Mario he is a villain."

Goten:" What how did you get here Trunks?"

Trunks:" Just get away from Mario he is tricking you."

Bowser JR:" Hey let's stop talking and start fighting."

Young Link:" Gohan and Goten who is that guy, fill us in."

Goten:" Right now is not the time."

Bardock:" You mean to tell me those two Saiyans are my grandson's."

Trunks:" Yeh that's right, but it seems that over the year's maybe they have changed."

Gohan:" Hey Dad what are you doing up there."

Bardock:" I am not your father, I am the father of Kakorot."

Goten:" That means he is are grandfather."

Sonic:" It looks like this is about to get ugly."

Bowser:" Attack!!"

Goten and Gohan then flew up into the sky, Android 17 and Trunks followed.

Bardock ran over to Knuckles Bowser walked over to Mario, Paratroopa went over to Young Link, Koopa Troopa walked over to Luigi.

Shy Guy:" I guess I'll take on Sonic."

Sonic:" Man why did I have to get the dumb looking guy, that sucks."

Shy Guy:" Who are you calling dumb looking, you don't look that great yourself."

Sonic:" I shore look a lot better then you, that shore is a relief."

Bowser:" Lets get this party started."

Bowser then punched Mario in the stomach and then kicked him to the ground. Mario got back on his feet really fast and started punching Bowser continuously fast in the chest and stomach.

Bardock:" Before we begin, tell me what your name is?"

Knuckles:" I am Knuckles the Echinda."

Bardock:" Well my name is Bardock and I am going to pound you right into the ground."

Knuckles:" Ok do it then."

Bardock and Knuckles started throwing kicks and punches at each other. Knuckles side kicked Bardock in the ribs which made Bardock mad they both came at each other fast.

Sonic finished off Shy Guy quickly.

Sonic:" Well that was easy."

Bowser JR:" Now that you have defeated him you must go up against me."

Sonic:" Fine by me."

Paratroopa:" So what are you supposed to be some kind of elf."

Young Link:" I'm no elf, I'm the hero of time."

Paratroopa:" I don't care what you are elf boy, but you are going down right now."

Young Link ran toward paratroopa and performed a jump kick that sent Paratroopa to the ground.

Young Link:" Get up little turtle punk I'm not finished with you yet."

Paratroopa flipped back onto his feet.

Trunks:" Goten Mario is evil and if you are going to work with him then I am going to have to take you down."

Goten:" Trunks you have to understand that Bowser is tricking you like he did me and Gohan, Bowser is the only bad guy around here."

Trunks:" Well Goten you leave me with no choice but to take you down, and there will be know holding back."

Trunks then powered up to a Super Saiyan.

Goten:" I guess you leave me no choice."

Goten also transformed into a super Saiyan."

Young Link looked up.

Young Link:" What that other guy can turn golden to."

Paratroopa then punched Young Link.

Bowser:" Stay still so I can punch you Mario."

Mario:" What's wrong Bowser it seems you cant hit me, maybe if you lost some pounds."

Bowser:" Why you dirty good for nothing plumber."

Mario jumped up and kicked Bowser in the chest.

Luigi was swinging Koopa Troopa all over the place, until he let him fall into the rocks.

Sonic was circling around Bowser JR punching him but Bowser JR could do nothing because Sonic is to fast for him.

Bardock graved Knuckles and smashed his face into the ground, but then Knuckles kicked Bardock onto a slide breaking it.

Bardock:" Nice one Knuckles, but it will not save you."

Android 17:" Lets begin Gohan."

Gohan:" As you wish."

Gohan then powered up to Super Saiyan. 17 then charged at Gohan throwing fast punches and kicks at him, Gohan was blocking everything.

17 then shot a couple Ki blast at Gohan but he knocked them out of the way.

Bowser JR:" Slow down you stupid Hedgehog so I can even have a chance against you."

Sonic:" Sorry little JR. but that just isn't going to happen"

Bowser opened his mouth and tried to blow fire at Mario, but Mario flipped out of the way.

Goten:" You shore have gotten good over the years Trunks."

Trunks:" So have you, but talk is cheap just shut up and fight."

Goten and Trunks continued fighting each other at the level of Super Saiyan. Goten knocked Trunks down onto the, Trunks quickly got up and continued fighting Goten.

Bardock picked up a car that was near bye the park and threw it toward Knuckles, but he kicked it out of his way.

Bardock:" Wow that little guy is strong, that's for shore."

Goten:" Now get ready Trunks, Kamehameha!!"

Trunks:" Buster Canon."

The two blast then hit each other right in the middle.

Young Link:" What a huge explosion."

Mario:" Bowser you should just give up you will never be able to defeat me."

Bowser:" I have come to far I am not just going to give up now."

Goten:" I say it's time we finish this Trunks."

Trunks:" Ok Goten let's do it."

Luigi finally finished off Koopa Troopa, he knocked him out.

Bowser:" Everyone enough playing around lets kill Mario and his friends now!!!"

To Be continue



The Super adventure chapter Seven

Written by Kristoffer Michael Garrett.






Bowser:" Well Mario it has been fun you and me being rivals but that is all about to end."

Bowser was about to smash his fist into Mario's face, but before he could Young Link shot an arrow that went right into Bowser's hand.

Blood then shot out of Bowsers hand, he quickly pulled the arrow out of his hand.

Bowser:" Darn that freaken hurt, your going to pay for that you little punk."

Knuckles and Bardock continued to fight each other at top speed.

Trunks:" Wow Goten your fighting style is great, to bad you are on the bad side you would have made a good sparing partner."

Goten:" You seem a bit confused, for it is you is working for that no good Bowser."

Trunks:" Whatever Goten, I don't know what happend to you over the last 100 years."

The two powered up and began to fight each other again.

Young Link pulled out a bomb and threw it toward Bowser, before it could hit Bowser some one with great speed knocked it out of the way.

Young Link:" What the heck, who is that guy Sonic's brother or cousin."

Shadow:" You stupid full I am Shadow the Hedgehog, faster and stronger then Sonic."

Sonic:" What are you doing here Shadow?"

Shadow:" I so a fight going on and I was interested."

Young Link:" Well if you want to join you have to fight on are side."

Shadow:" Whatever as long as I get in on the action."

Koopa Troopa:" well that is just great now there is another fighter on Mario's side, it is already hard enough as it is."

Bowser:" Everyone lets get out of here now retreat."

Trunks:" Well your lucky for now Goten"

Trunks then smashed his knee into Goten's stomach and flew down to the ground next to Bowser.

Anroid 17 stopped fighting Gohan and went down next to Bowser, all of Bowser's gang went next to him exept for Bardsock who was knocked out.

Bowser:" We will just have to leave him, Mario you haven't seen the last of me."

Bowser and his crew then left in a rush.

Young Link:" Well that was easier then I thought it would be."

Luigi:" Don't get to happy those guy's will be back trust me."

Gohan and Goten then came down from the sky back onto the ground, and powered down to there regular forms.

Goten:" So who is the new guy."

Shadow:" My name is Shadow, I am better then Sonic in every way."

Sonic:" Now hold on we don't know that for shore."

Shadow:" I'm 100% shore I am better then Sonic in every way."

Gohan:" I wouldn't bet on it, Sonic is a really talented Hedgehog I bet you are not faster then him."

Knuckles:" Gohan I do think Shadow is faster and stronger then Sonic."

Mario:" It looks like you knocked out that Saiyan Knuckles."

Knuckles:" Yeh he was really tough, for a second I didn't think I would beat him."

Young Link:" I just love it when the good guy's win don't you guys think so?"

Gohan:" I'm going to have to agree with you."

Luigi:" So what should we do with that Saiyan?"

Young Link:" I say we finish him while he is still onconious."

Goten:" It would be better if we took him back to Mario or Luigi's place, and question him when he awakes."

Shadow:" I like the way you think, what's your name?"

Goten:" My name is Goten and this is my brother Gohan."

Shadow:" Alright."

Gohan went over to Bardock and picked him up.

Gohan:" I will fly him back to Mario's house."

Young Link: walked over to Shadow and introduced himself, Mario and Luigi did the same.

Gohan flew off with Bardock.

Shadow:" Lets see who is fastest Sonic, lets race to Mario's house."

Sonic:" Well that wouldn't be fair because you don't even know were Mario's house is located."

Shadow:" Well that is true, how about we race to down town and then back."

Sonic:" Alright if you wish."

Young Link:" On your mark get set and go

Shadow and Sonic were out of site in two seconds.

Young Link:" Dang those two are fast."

Goten:" You could say that again, it really is amazing how they do that."

Luigi:" Once those two get back we will go to Mario's house to get some answer's out of that Saiyan"

Knuckles:" His name is Bardock."

Mario:" What kind of name is that."

Goten:" That is one of many of names that are given to Saiyans."

Young Link:" You Saiyans are kind of weird, but cool like when you turn into a Super Saiyan."

Goten:" It is cool but it also takes up energy, but after you get used to it you really don't feel it."

Mario:" That really does sound neat."

Six minuets past and Sonic came in second place, Shadow had beat him in the race.

Sonic:" Darn this sucks I can't believed I lost."

Shadow:" I guess the better guy alway's wins right Sonic."

Sonic:" I'll have you know that I was going easy on you."

Shadow:" Whatever looser."

Goten:" Wow Shadow you are fast."

Shadow:" I know."

Luigi:" That would be cool to have speed like that."

Goten:" Hey Sonic do you have any other friends or family?"

Sonic:" Infact I do, there names are Tails Amy and cream."

Goten:" That is cool, do you have like a girlfriend?"

Sonic:" No."

Knuckles:" What are you talking about Sonic Amy rose is your girlfriend."

Sonic:" No she is not, now shut it Knuckles."

Young Link:" There is nothing wrong with that Sonic."

Mario:" Ok lets go catch up with Gohan now you guy's."

They all started to walk to Mario's house.

Within a couple minuets they arrived at Mario's house.

Shadow:" This looks like a nice house, I like the colors on it."

Luigi:" If you like his house, you will be shore to love my mansion it is huge."

Shadow:" You have a mansion!"

Luigi:" That is right."

In Mario's front yard Gohan had laid Bardock on the grass.

Mario:" I'll go inside and get some water so we can wake this fool up."

Young Link:" Even if he tries to attack he will be out numbered, so he will not stand a chance."

Goten:" Lets just wake this guy up and find out more information about him."

Young Link:" Good thing he is not stronger then you and Gohan."

Goten:" Yeh your right."

Mario came out with a bucket of water and poured it on Bardocks face, he then woke up.

Gohan and Goten walked over to Bardock laying on the ground.

Goten:" We want answer's and fast so no messing around."

Bardock then sat up.

Bardock:" So what will you do to me if I don't talk."

Gohan:" You don't want to know, so start talking."

Goten:" You can start by telling us were you where before Bowser brought you here."

Bardock:" How did you know that Bowser brought me to this place."

Gohan:" We know because he zapped us here to and told us to kill Mario, but we sooned found out Bowser was the evil one."

Bardock:" So your telling me that freak set me up."

Gohan:" Correct."

Bardock:" I'm sorry I did not get to introduce myself properly, I'm Bardock your grandfather."

Goten:" Dude you must be crazy, your not are grampa!"

Shadow:" Hey Gohan and Goten if you look closely, you guy's do look a bit like him."

Bardock:" Gohan and Goten your father is Kakrot right."

Goten:" What how did you know that name!!!"

Bardock:" Well Kakrot was my son, and you two are his children so that makes me your grampa."

Gohan and Goten were very surprised, in a few seconds they went over to Bardock and had a group hug.

Young Link:" So Bardock are you going to enter the tournament with all of us."

Bardock:" I suppose I will."

Knuckles:" Well we should start are training in a little bit to get in shape."

Luigi:" Yeh Knuckles is right we do need to get in shape."

Knuckles:" Hey Shadow you may be stronger and faster then Sonic, but I bet you are not stronger then me."

Shadow:" Is that supposed to make me scared, I will prove you wrong when the tournament day arrives."

Knuckles:" Ok I will not hold back."

Shadow:" I'm stronger then Sonic because he is to soft going."

Sonic:" Hey what do you mean I'm not that soft going."

Knuckles:" I'm going to have to agree with him your soft towards your friends and your girl friend Amy rose."

Gohan:" Hey Young Link back at Hyrule who is your girl friend, Saria or Malon."

Young Link:" They are just my friends."

Gohan:" I believe you, yup."

Young Link:" No for real they are."

Mario:" I love that it is nice and sunny outside today, the weather is fantastic."

Luigi:" Hey Bardock can you transform into a Super Saiyan like Gohan and Goten?"

Bardock:" No I can not, but it shore is amazing I will continue to train and maybe some day become one."

Luigi:" Sounds like a good goal for you."

Shadow:" Maybe in an hour or to we can go pick up some lunch."

Goten:" Good idea, maybe we can stop down at the market or something."

Young Link:" Goten have you ever defeated a villian by yourself without help?"

Goten:" I have never done it without help."






Back at Bowser's castle

Bowser:" We all did good against Mario, until that other Hedghog showed up."

Android 17:" Why did you have us leave, I could have finished off Gohan."

Paratroopa:" That was a tough fight, for a second I didn't think I would live."

Bowser:" We will have to attack them again."

Trunks:" On the next attack I'll give Goten one more chance to surrender."

Koopa Troopa:" King Koopa what about Bardock."

Bowser:" Bardock I almost forgot about him, if they some how get him on there side we could still probably win."

Bowser JR:" That Sonic guy was to fast I couldn't even touch him."


Shy Guy:" Next time I am just going to stay here, I think I will just get in the way."

Petey Paranha:" So how did it go, did you guys get rid of the Mario brothers."

Trunks:" No they are still alive, we had a couple problems."

Android 17:" We will defeat them next time that is a fact."

Bowser sent all of them to go train.

Android 17:" We better train hard you guy's, if we want any chance of defeating them with ease."

To be continue






The Super Adventure Chapter Eight

Written by Kristoffer Michael Garrett

Bowser:" I will destroy the Mario bros, It just gets so old when I say that because I have tried so many times over."

Bowser JR:" Don't worry pops we will get rid of them soon, plus we still have Android 17 and Trunks on are side."

Bowser:" I guess your right, but remember Mario also has Gohan and Goten working with him."

Bowser Jr:" I almost forgot about those two other Saiyans, well it will be a tougher fight but we can still win."

Paratroopa and Trunks were sitting talking to each other in one of Bowser's kitchens.

Trunks:" I guess we are just going to have to train harder to beat those guy's."

Paratroopa:" Yeh we will show them we are not a team to be messed with."

Trunks:" You got that right, next time we are going to hit them hard when they are off guard, and don't suspect us coming."

Paratroopa:" I want to take down Mario myself."

Trunks:" You can have him, as long as Goten is mine I have no arguments."

Paratroopa:" Goten does look like a tough guy, he can do all the fancy tricks like you, how do you Saiyans turn golden like that?"

Trunks:" It is called Super Saiyan, it is a transformation that a powerful Saiyan can do."

Back At Mario's house.

Bardock:" Hey guy's how about I go pick up some lunch for everyone."

Shadow:" You said your new to this planet Bardock, so do you have money?"

Bardock:" Yes I have money Bowser gave me a couple bucks."

Sonic:" Ok I'll go with you, I also brought some cash."

Shadow:" You two have fun, I'll stay here with the rest of these guy's."

Bardock:" Hey Gohan and Gotan, I will see you later."

Goten:" Alright see you when you get back."

Gohan walked over to Sonic and Bardock and gave them $25.00.

Gohan:" With this you can get me about twenty burgers, I will split them with Goten."

Sonic:" Ok Gohan, we will get your burgers."

Bardock and Sonic then left in a flash to go get the food.

Mario:" So what should the rest of us do while we wait for those two to get back."

Luigi:" I have no idea."

Young Link:" Hey Shadow are you and Sonic brothers?"

Shadow:" I thought I already told you that I am not related to that hedgehog."

Young Link:" You guy's just seem alike."

Shadow:" Maybe it seems that way, but trust me it is not."

Knuckles:" Shadow, you are entering the tournament coming in a couple day's right?"

Shadow:" Yes I will be there."

Knuckles:" Maybe me and you will get a chance to face each other."

Goten:" I can't wait for the tournament, if I some how beat Gohan then it will be easy winning the championship."

Shadow:" Don't get to excited, because I'm a fighter you might want to worry about."

Goten:" You don't scare me little hedgehog."

Shadow:" What did you just say to me."

Knuckles got in front of Shadow.

Knuckles:" It's ok Shadow, Goten is just playing around."

Shadow:" I can't wait to face you in combat soon Goten."

Goten:" Bring it."

Gohan:" Hey Goten just settle down, we are all suppose to be a team."

Shadow:" Yeh Goten settle down."

Goten:" Alright guy's."

Young Link:" I really want to face Sonic or Mario in the Tournament, I've heard rumors about those two being one of the greatest heroes."

Mario:" Well you just might get your chance to face me in the ring soon."

Shadow:" Young Link, you did say you heard Sonic was one of the greatest heroes."

Young Link:" That is what has been passed around."

Shadow:" Well if he is great, I must be perfect."

Young Link:" I have never heard of you, until I met you today."

Mario:" Face it Shadow, your not one of the greatest you can keep dreaming though."

Luigi:" After lunch we will start the training, we should decide right now who everyone's sparing partners are going to be."

Shadow:" It's me Versus you Goten, what do you think?"

Goten:" Ok if you really want to get beat before the tournament."

Shadow:" I'm going to smash that smile off of your face Goten."

Knuckles:" Hey Gohan you against me."

Gohan:" Ok Knuckles."

Goten:" I guess since Bardock and Sonic left to go get the food, when they get back it will be those two against each other."

Mario:" And that leaves me Young Link and Luigi."

Young Link:" It can just be three versus each other."

Luigi:" Ok that is how the training partners will be for today."

within 20 minuets Bardock and Sonic arrived back with the food.

Shadow:" What took you guy's so long, Sonic you are supposed to be fast."

Sonic:" Hey Shadow the people at the restaurant kept getting are order wrong."

Bardock:" Darn those people need to use there ears."

Sonic:" Hey Gohan, here are your twenty hamburgers, Young Link we got you some chicken wings."

Bardock:" Mario Luigi and Knuckles we got you guy's some chicken sandwiches, with fries."

Sonic:" We didn't forget about you Shadow, we got you four hot dogs."

Bardock:" We get Root beer for everyone's drink."

Gohan went inside Mario's house and brought out a big table and put it in the back yard. Everyone went to the back yard, to the table.

After the table was set by everyone they sat down and ate.

After fifteen minuets, everyone was done eating.

Mario:" That food was really good, I'm full."

Shadow:" I feel just right now, so when are we going to begin these match's."

Sonic:" Match's, what are you talking about Shadow?"

Luigi:" Well when you and Bardock where gone getting the food, we all decided to start training after lunch."

Sonic:" Ok lunch is over."

Knuckles:" Hey Sonic, it is you versus Bardock when it is your turn."

Sonic:" Ok, that should probably be a good match."

Everyone got up from the table and cleaned up, after that all of them went to the park.

Mario:" Ok this is how it is going to go, one match goes on at a time so who wants to go first."

Young Link:" Hey Mario, you me and Luigi can go first."

Mario:" Alright."

Luigi:" Goten hold this paper and right down the winner of each match, until it is your turn against Shadow."

Mario Young Link and Luigi went in the center of the park, the other's watched while standing on the sides.

Goten:" Ready... Fight."

Young Link then ran toward Mario and Luigi trying to slash both of them, Mario Kicked Luigi in the stomach and then kicked him to the ground.

Mario kicked the Sword out of Young Link's hand, he then started throwing a lot of punches to his stomach. Luigi quickly got back on his feet and he kicked Mario in the ribs sending him to the ground, he then knocked Young Link to the ground.

Luigi:" Huh I win that was to easy."

Mario:" I'm not done yet."

Young Link:" Neither am I."

Mario and Young Link ran over toward Luigi and started beating on him, he tried to fight back but the were to much for him.

Mario and Young Link both jumped up at the same time and kicked Luigi to the ground.

Mario:" Well it looks like Luigi is out of it, lets continue Young Link."

Young Link picked up his sword, after a few moments Luigi got up and went to sit at the side with the others.

Mario ran toward Young Link as he ran toward Mario. Young Link cut Mario in the leg he then kicked him in the face.

Mario graved one of Young Link's legs and started swinging him around, he then swung him to the ground. While Young Link was still laying down, Mario gave him a good punch to the face. Young Link didn't get up until about a minuet.

Goten:" Winner of the first match is Mario

Young Link:" Darn I can't believe I lost, at least this is only practice."

Luigi:" Up next, Gohan Versus Knuckles."

Knuckles:" Alright lets get this little thing started."

Gohan and Knuckles walked to the center of the park.

Goten:" Ready go."

Knuckles started throwing punches and kicks at Gohan, Gohan blocked the punches and kick coming at him so fast.

Knuckles gave Gohan a surprise hit, when you changed his style of fighting. Knuckles punched Gohan in the face and kicked him to the ground. Gohan got back up with a smile on his face. Gohan flew over to Knuckles and started punching him in the stomach, he then graved him by his hair and threw him to the ground. Knuckles quickly got back on his feet. Knuckles and Gohan threw fast punches and kicks at each other.

Shadow:" Now this is what I call a fight, how can that human Gohan do so good against Knuckles?"

Goten:" Have you already forgotten that me and Gohan are Saiyans not humans."

Shadow:" Ok that explains everything, this match is way cooler then the last."

Gohan:" Kamehameha."

Knuckles jumped out of the way before the blast could hit him.

Gohan:" So your a quick one, but that won't be a problem."

Knuckles and Gohan punched at the same time and there fist smashed right into each other. Knuckles quickly punched Gohan in the face, Gohan then kicked him in the chest, they then jumped away from each other.

Sonic:" This battle is brutal."

Gohan charged at Knuckles and he smashed right into him, Knuckles then went flying into a tree.

Gohan:" Now your finished try dodging this, Kamehameha."

Knuckles busted out of the tree fast, but the blast hit him. Knuckles was laying on the ground with a smile on his face.

Goten:" Gohan wins."

Knuckles then jumped to his feet.

Gohan:" You alright Knuckles."

Knuckles:" Yup I feel great, that match was good you shore are a good fighter."

Gohan:" Thanks so are you, were did you learn all of those fighting styles."

Knuckles:" I'll tell you all about that later."

Gohan and Knuckles walked over to everyone ells.

Shadow:" That was a good fight you two, I didn't think it would get that interesting."

Young Link:" So which match is going to be next?"

Bardock:" I guess it can be me VS Sonic."

Goten:" Good job Gohan, you did well to Knuckles."

Sonic:" Alright Bardock, lets go to the center."

Bardock followed Sonic.

Mario:" Ready.... Begin."

Bardock started shooting Ki blast at Sonic, but Sonic with his great speed was dodging the blasts. Sonic then curled up in a ball shape and smashed right into Bardocks chest about Six times. Bardock then kicked the balled up Sonic as if he where a soccer ball onto the ground.

Sonic was now back to normal. Sonic jumped up and tried to kick Bardock in the face, but Bardock blocked the kick and punched Sonic to the ground.

Shadow:" Hey this fight is good like the last one."

Bardock and Sonic jumped up in the air at the same time and punched each other in the face. Bardock then shot a ki blast in Sonics face.

Sonic then went down to the ground.

Bardock:" I guess that makes me the winner."

Sonic quickly got back on his feet.

Sonic:" You haven't won yet."

Sonic got back in a speeding ball and started bouncing all over Bardock, he then smashed him right in the face.

Bardock fell to the ground.

Goten:" Winner Sonic the hedgehog."

Gohan:" Alright Goten, it's you VS Shadow now."

Bardock and Sonic sat down on the side.

Sonic:" Good fight Bardock, you were better then I expected."

Bardock:" You had some interesting moves yourself."

Goten and Shadow stand in the center of the park.

Shadow:" I promise not to make your beating to hard Goten."

Goten:" You got to be kidding this is going to be to easy taking you down Shadow."

Gohan:" Ready.... Begin."

Goten powered up and flew toward Shadow and kicked him straight into the ground.

Goten:" Well Shadow, I hope you can back up your mouth."

Shadow then busted out of the ground.

Shadow:" That was just a lucky kick for you Goten.

Goten smiled at Shadow and flew towards him again, but this time he tried to punch him Shadow moved just as the punch was going to hit him.

Goten and Shadow where throwing fast and strong punches on each other. Goten put his elbow into Shadows stomach, the hedgehog then went flying into the air. Goten then started shooting Ki blast at him while he was falling to the ground.

five minuets later.

Goten:" I think it is time to finish this up, you do know that I have been playing with you the whole time."

Shadow then rolled up in a ball and went fast toward Goten.

Goten:" Now is my chance, Kamehameha."

The blast hit Shadow straight on, he fell to the ground. As Shadow tried to get up Goten kicked him back down, Goten then shot a ki blast in his face and Shadow stayed down.

Gohan:" Winner Goten."

Shadow:" Darn I can't believe I lost to him."

Shadow jumped to his feet.

Shadow:" I'm pleased with how well you fight, but what really surprises me is your strength."

Goten:" Shadow you were a lot harder to fight then I thought you'd be."

Shadow:" If I had the chaos emeralds I would have been able to beat you."

Goten:" Well don't get to joyful I didn't even have to power up to Super Saiyan."

Sonic:" Hey you two, stop talking to yourselves and come join the group."

Shadow:" Alright Goten let's go join the others."

Knuckles:" That was a good fight you guys had."

Young Link:" How about we all go hang out at the gym."

Everyone agreed with Young Link.

On Earth three, in new York.

Leonardo:" He Donatello get off of the computer, your suppose to be training with us, you do know that the tournament is coming soon."

Don then got off of the computer.

Raphael:" Come on lets get training only a couple more day's until the tournament."

Leonardo:" Where is Mikey Raph?"

Raphael:" Probably out buying a new comic."

Leo:" We don't have time to waste, we will just have to do it without him."

In Hyrule

Ganon:" I must find Link, I have been searching for a while if I don't find him soon then I will have to leave Hyrule to go find him.

To Be Continue.