The Super adventure chapter 21

Comic world Gotham city part 2

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett



The sun begins to rise the birds sing in the early morning of Gotham city. Bruce's eyes open and turn to the clock which tells 8:45. Bruce quickly gets out of bed and heads down the long stairs to get to the kitchen. He makes himself a cup of hot tea, and heads to the bat cave. Bruce passes by Alfred before reaching the cave.

"Good morning master Bruce!" Alfred says cheerfully.

" Good morning to you to." Bruce adds as he enters the bat cave.

Bruce heads down the stairs, he sees Bardock, Yoshi, Young Link and Leo are asleep. Bruce can hear someone fighting, so he goes over to the training room and walks inside. Tim and Knuckles are throwing kicks and punches onto each other.

"Good morning gentle men." Bruce says with a smile on his face

"Hey Bruce me and Knuckles thought we should do a little training since neither of us could sleep." Tim drake says.

"How long have you two been sparing?" Bruce asks.

"Maybe for about an hour." Knuckles answer's.

" Are you two hungry?" Bruce asks.

Both Knuckles and Tim respond with yes.

"Alright I'll have Alfred prepare a big breakfast for everyone." Bruce says.

Bruce return's to a higher level of the mansion.

"I think we should take a break now." Tim suggest.

" Yeah I guess we could do that." The red Echidna says agreeing.

The two take a seat on chairs. Within the next 30 minuets everyone else awakes.

"It's been a week and still no sign of Ivy, Lilith, or Morrigan." Bardock says with a deep angry tone.

"Don't worry will find them, they can't hide forever." Leo says calmly.

" I just want to get back to the mushroom kingdom, I miss princess Toadstool." Yoshi says with a worried look in his eyes.

" I'm shore if Princess peach returned to the castle, she has been taken prisoner." Young Link adds.

" And their is nothing I can do about it." Yoshi says as he tightens his fist.

Alfred enters the bat cave with a huge tray in hands.

" Breakfast is served." Alfred says loudly.

All of them take a plate of food off of the tray and begin to eat, after thanking Alfred.

" This is really tasty." Leonardo says as he takes another bite of his pan cakes and eggs.

Young Link picks up his sword which was in it's sheath and puts it on his back. He also putt's his Koriki shield on. He then finish's his food afterwards.

"Hey Tim, I thank you and Bruce for sharing your idenities with us." Young Link says with a smile.

" No problem, I mean how would we all work together if you guy's didn't know, you would have found out sooner or later." Tim says with a smile..

" Where is Bruce?" Knuckles asks.

" He has a meeting to attend." Tim answer's.

" I'm going out to get some fresh air." Leo says as he begins to leave the bat cave.

" Hey wait Leo you can't be seen on the street like that." Tim says loudly.

" I won't be above ground, I meant in the sewer. Leo says smiling.

" I'll come with you, I'm tired of sitting around in the Bat cave." Young Link yells.

"Alright me and Young Link will see you all later." Leo says.

The two leave the Bat cave.

" They better be careful, Gotham is a very dangerous place." Tim says to himself.

Bardock takes his shirt off and enters the training room. He set's the difficulty to meta human level.

" It looks like Bardock is going to be doing some intense training." Knuckles says.

" Hey Tim, do you and Bruce ever get tired of leading a double life, always having to keep secrets?" Yoshi asks with a face wanting to know the answer.

" I will never get tired of saving other's lives, although it is dangerous it's worth it." Tim says with a Bruce smile.

In the sewer 10 minuets later.

" So who is toughest out of you and your brothers?" Young Link asks.

" I don't know that's a really good question, but Raphael likes to work out a lot." Leo says as his voice echo's through the sewer.

" It's so dark down here it's hard to see." Young Link says softly.

Leonardo and Young Link can hear voices up ahead. The two walk slowly approaching the voices. As the two get closer they could see a huge Croc looking figure.

" Hey that must be Leather head, what's he doing in this part of the sewer." Leo says an a excited voice.

Leo runs toward the croc but before he could reach him, the crock's tail knock's him to the ground.

" What's wrong Leather head, it's me Leo." Leonardo says looking confused.

" You must be mistaken me with someone else, I'm killer croc." Killer croc says with an evil tone.

Leonardo jumps to his feet.

" What your not a human, you look like a reptile!!" Killer croc says in a surprised voice.

Killer Crocs men remain behind him, Young Link runs up next to Leonardo.

" I am a teenage mutant ninja turtle." Leo says with pride.

" So your a mutated turtle, that's very interesting" Killer croc says.

" Well me and Young Link need to be going." Leo says as he tries to pass Killer Croc.

Killer Croc steppes in front of him.

" Why don't you two just roll with me and my crew." Killer croc says with a smile.

" Sorry but we are already with Batman, also known as the dark knight." Leo responds.

" I see, boys take care of these two, did I forget to mention Batman is my biggest enemy." Killer croc says angrily.

The five men surround Leo and Young Link. Leonardo and Young Link took them out in 15 seconds.

" I see turtle, your good at the material arts just like the bat." Killer croc said

" Stand back Young Link, I'll handle croc myself." Leonardo said in his leadership voice.

" Do you know why they call me Killer croc, it's simple I always go for the kill." Killer Croc said with an evil laugh.

" Are you shore you want to fight this guy alone, he looks tough." Young Link said with an almost scared voice.

" I will handle this myself." Leonardo said again.

" I watched your moves turtle, they aren't as quick as the Batman's, so you won't be able to beat me." Killer croc said.

Leonardo ran over toward Killer croc and kicked him into a wall. As Killer Croc laid in the wall Leo threw a couple punches and kicks on him. Killer croc quickly busted out of the wall and knocked Leonardo into a puddle of water with his tail. Leo jumped back on his feet and began fighting Killer croc. Killer Croc swings his tail at Leo again, but this time Leo caught it and began swinging croc in circles. He threw him into deep dark sewer water. Leo walked over to the edge of the water. Leo and Young Link waited in silence for one minuet.

" It looks like you beat him, I think we should return to the bat cave before something else happens." Young Link suggested.

" Yeah let's go." Leo said agreeing.

As Leo began to walk toward Young Link crocs tail came from out of the sewer water, wrapped around his leg and pulled him in.

" No Leo!!" Young Link said as he ran to the ledge of the dark water.

Killer croc swims down deep with Leo trying to drawn him Leonardo quickly breaks out of Killer crocs grasp, pulls out one of his katana's while still deep in the water. Killer croc swims toward Leo trying to charge him into a pipe. Leo swam over to Killer croc and tried to slash, but Leo is to slow to attack him under water. Killer croc graves Leo by the neck and starts choking him.

" I wonder how Leo is doing down their, it's so dark I can't see a thing." Young Link said to himself.

Leonardo smashed his knee into Killer crocs stomach taking the breath out of him. Leo then punches killer croc in the face, killer crock's tail comes from behind and hits Leo in the back of his head. The two knocked each other out instantly. 2 minuets passed.

" Maybe they are both dead." Young Link thought to himself.

Someone picked up both Leo and Killer crock's bodies and swam to the top, pulling them out of the water. When Young Link saw who was holding the two, he then jumped back and pulled out his sword.

" So you must be a friend of Killer croc." Young Link said with an angry voice.

" I am Leatherhead I don't know this croc, I am a friend of Leonardo." Leatherhead said.

Young Link then put his sword back in it's pack.

" So can you tell me what happened, how did these two end up down at the bottom of the water?" Leatherhead asked.

" It's a long story, basically that croc tried to kill me and Leo."

Leatherhead got down and pushed on Leo's stomach, the turtle began coughing out water. His eyes then open.

" What... is that you Leatherhead?" Leonardo asked with a soft voice.

Leatherhead answered yes and helped Leo to his feet.

" So Leatherhead, what are you doing in Gotham?" Leonardo asked.

" I was sent by Splinter, you and your brother's have been missing for a week." Leatherhead said.

" Alright I'll tell you what happened from the begging." Leo said.

" I'll go get Robin, he will know what to do with Killer croc." Young Link says.

" Do you know your way back to the bat cave?" Leo asks.

" Yes.!" Young Link answer's.

He then head's to the bat cave. Leonardo tells Leatherhead what happened from the beginning. Leatherhead is quite for a few seconds, trying to take everything in at once.

" So how did you find me here?" Leonardo asks.

" I used a turtle tracker that locks onto your shell cell's." Leatherhead answer's.

" I know master Splinter wants us home, but I will not return without my brothers." Leo said with a serious voice.

Young Link ran up to Tim.

" Hey Tim, Leonardo and I ran into this guy called Killer croc in the sewer!!" Young Link said almost out of breath.

" Killer croc, ok show me which way they are." Tim said as he ran into the dressing room.

Tim then came out as Robin.

" What is going on?" Yoshi asked.

" You guy's just stay here, I'll be back as soon as I can." Robin said.

Young Link and Robin headed into the sewer. As Leonardo and Leatherhead are talking, Killer croc gets up and knocks them both down with his tail.

" It looks like he has awoke." Leonardo said.

" I'll take him, Croc Vs. Croc." Leatherhead said with a growl.

Leatherhead got up and graved Killer Croc by his shoulders and slammed him into a couple pipes hard. He then threw Killer Croc to the ground and kicked him a couple times. Killer croc got up and kneed Leatherhead in the stomach, he punched him in the face a couple times and then knocked him down with his tail. Leatherhead quickly got back on his feet and the two crock's began fighting. Minuets pass and the two are fighting at the same pace.

" Hey Robin, that's them up ahead." Young Link said as they ran.

" I see two crock's." Robin said with a question tone voice.

" The other one is on are side, you do know which one is Killer croc?" Young Link asked.

" Of course, I can't forget his face that easily." Robin said with a smile.

Robin jumped up and threw two Bird bombs at Killer croc knocking him out instantly. Leatherhead turned around to see who had thrown the bomb, and saw Robin and Young Link approaching him. Robin cuffed Killer croc.

" I guess I'll take him to Arkham Asylum." Robin said as he lifted Killer crock's body.

" Thanks for the save." Leatherhead said to Robin.

" No problem." Robin replied.

Robin left for top surface and takes Killer croc back to Arkham.

" Alright Leo, I think we should return to the bat cave." Young Link suggested.

" So I guess this means you won't be returning home." Leather head said in a low voice.

" Tell master Splinter I'll be home soon, I must first find my brothers!" Leonardo said in a serious voice.

" Well hopefully I'll see you soon, I will return to Splinter with this information." Leather head said.

" Thanks Leather head." Leonardo said.

Young Link and Leonardo headed back to the bat cave, and Leather head started his journey back to the turtles lair. Leo and Young Link arrived back in the cave in 20 minuets.

"Hi guys, were back." Young Link says aloud.

"Where did you guys go?" Yoshi says as he raised his head from the magazine he is looking in.

"Don't you remember, we went in the sewer." Young Link says.

"Robin followed Young Link into the sewer, what happened to him?" Knuckles asks crossing his arms.

" He took this mutated Croc to Arkham." Leonardo responds.

Young Link sits down next to Yoshi to rest. Robin returns to the bat cave within under forty minutes.

"Welcome back robin." Yoshi says.

Robin enters the dressing room and changes back into his clothes. Tim comes out of the room quickly.

"Bruce should be arriving soon, maybe when he gets back we can all do something together!" Tim suggest.

A couple seconds later, Tim's cell phone begins to ring. He answer's it to hear Bruce on the other line. The two talk for a few before hanging up.

"That was Bruce, he said the meeting is going to take longer then planned." Tim says aloud.

Bardock comes out of the room sweating.

"I think I will take a nice cold shower!" Bardock says.

Bardock makes his way up into a shower in Wayne manor. Hours pass, Tim, Young Link and Bardock come in from a foot ball game.

"It was really nice of Bruce to get us those front row seats!" Bardock says in excitement.

The three enter the bat cave. The others are in a training session. Leonardo trips Yoshi, Knuckles comes from behind and kicks Leo to the ground.

"Hey guy's we are back." Young Link says.

Bruce sits in a chair looking over some papers.

"Hey Mr. Wayne, thanks for the tickets to the ball game, our team won!!" Young Link says sounding excited.

"Don't mention it... I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." Bruce says with a smile

"It really was a good game Bruce, you should have seen it." Bardock says.

"I would had went with you guy's, but I have to much to do." Bruce says.

Bardock and Tim approach the others.

"So it sounds to me like you guy's had a good time." Leonardo says.

"It was great, the New York Giants beat the Cowboys!" Bardock says.

"What was the score?" Yoshi asks.

"It was 37 Giants and 30 Cowboys." Tim answers.

Minutes pass and the bat alarm rings, everyone stops what they are doing. Bruce puts it on big screen, it reads "Break in at plant market."

"Ivy!" Bruce says angrily.

"I guess they have finally decided to show there faces again." Knuckles says.

Tim runs to the dressing room to suit up. Before Bruce can follow him, the alarm goes off again. It reads "Break in at weapons corporation.

"I guess this means we will split up in groups." Leonardo says.

Bruce runs into the dressing room. Batman and Robin quickly come out of the room.

"Alright this is how it will go, Leonardo, Knuckles, and I will head over to the weapons corporation, while you four go after Ivy." Batman says in a demanding voice.

Bat cycles are provided for everyone. Knuckles decides to ride in the bat mobile, with Batman. Batman gives Robin the directions to Ivy. The heroes head to their destination. Batman's group reach the corporation under fifteen minutes. The three enter the building quietly. They spot men with leather jackets, and masks on their faces.

A few of the business owners are tied up, a few have been shot and killed.

"Those men make me sick, do you know who they work for Bats!" Knuckles says softly trying not to alert the men.

"I'm not shore." Batman responds.

"I say we attack them now before anyone ells gets hurt!!" Leonardo says angrily.

Batman and Knuckles agree with Leo. Batman throws a bat a rang at one of the guy's hand, knocking the gun down. Knuckles jumps out of hiding and finishes the guy off with one move. The other thugs turn around and start shooting at Knuckles Batman and Leonardo come next to him, they all begin fighting the men. In less then four minutes they defeat all of the men.

"That was easier then I thought it be." Knuckles says, stretching his legs.

"Did you armatures think it would be that simple!!" Someone says loudly.

"Show yourself." Leonardo demands.

"I recognize that voice." Batman says.

"I knew you would come Batman!!" He says loudly as he jumps down, landing in front of the three.

"Bane!!" Batman says loudly.

Bane uses a switch on his arm to bulk up to his maximum.

"Dang he shore is muscular!" Knuckles says sounding surprised.

"Let's finish him quick." Batman says.

Leo jumps up kicking Bane in the chest, Bane losses balance.

"What the shell, this guy is tough!" Leonardo says.

Batman, Leonardo, and Knuckles start landing punches and kicks on Bane. Bane catches one of Batman's kicks, and throws him into Leo and Knuckles. The three get back on their feet.

"Hey Batman let's do a bomb canon, the move we practiced in the cave." Knuckles suggest.

"Alright." Batman replies.

Batman picks up Knuckles, who curves himself into a ball and begins spinning at a great speed. After a few more seconds, Batman throws the ball formed Knuckles into Bane. It has so much force, it makes Bane go flying a couple feet into a window. Bane catches himself before falling out. Before Bane can really stand up straight, Leonardo runs over and kicks him out of the window. It is more then a 30 FT fall. Bane hits the ground and is knocked out.

"Good work you two, we do make a good team." Batman says.

Knuckles is still a little dizzy from his last attack. Batman notifies the police to pick up Bane and his men. The three then head for the plant market.

Robin and his group enter the plant market. They can see vines wrapped around a couple police officers.

"Hello Robin, I expected Batman." Poison Ivy says.

"He has better things to do, then dealing with you." Robin says.

"Ooh that hurts my feelings, but that's ok because once we destroy you four he will be next!" Poison Ivy says as she laughs.

"Lets take that smile off of her face." Young Link says, pulling out his sword and Koriki shield.

"Destroy them!" Ivy demands.

Morrigan and Lilith fly down to attack them. Young Link shoots fire arrows at them, the succubus's dodge them. Bardock flies up and begins fighting Morrigan. Yoshi decides to go after Poison Ivy. Bardock is quickly knocked out of the air. Young Link runs over next to Bardock, to help him fight Morrigan.

Lilith lands in front of Robin, the two begin to fight.

Morrigan turns her wings into blades, she blocks Young link's sword attacks. Bardock shoots ten KI blasts on her, making her fall back. Young Link throws in three bombs, Morrigan is now angry. Just as she is about to attack the two, there is a huge shatter of glass, as Batman, Leonardo and Knuckles enter the building.

"The Batman is here, it's time to retreat!" Ivy says loudly.

Poison Ivy throws a smoke bomb to the ground, that will knock out everyone. Batman quick puts his gas mask on. Batman falls to the ground, trying to trick the three.

"Let's get out of here, before they awake." Poison Ivy says.

Morrigan picks up Ivy and they fly back to there hideout. Soon as they are out of sight, Batman gets up and uses his bat grappler to follow them close behind, on the tops of buildings. Under ten minuets they arrive. It is an abandoned warehouse. Batman follows them inside. He hangs on the ceiling pipes, listening to there conversation. After minutes of listening, he has enough information and follows the pipes to the front door, so that he can leave.

As Batman opens the door, he is hit with a baseball bat from behind, knocking him out. The plant creature drags Batman's body to Poison Ivy.

"We have company Poison Ivy, it looks like Batman followed the three of you here." The plant creature says.

"Good work, tie him up in the back room, and keep an eye on him." Poison Ivy says.

"Yes miss Ivy." The plant man responds.

He puts Batman on his shoulder and carries him to the room.

Back at the plant market

Yoshi's eyes open, and everyone begins to wake up.

"It looks like they got away!!" Robin says as his slams his fist on a wall.

"I know, but where is Batman?" Bardock asks.

"He must have went after them, I can track him down by his utility belt." Robin says pulling out his tracker.

Within a few seconds it locks onto Batman's location.

"That's not to far from here." Leonardo says.

The Six head to the warehouse.

Batman's eyes open, he tries to move, but realizes he is tied up. He tries his hardest to break out of it, but he can't.

"You can't get out of it Batman, so quit trying." The plant creature says.

"You guy's won't get away with this!" Batman says with anger.

The plant man walks up to Batman and starts punching him in the face. Someone walks into the room.

"Stop, that's enough I'll keep an eye on him now." Morrigan says.

"You got lucky bat punk." The plant man says, as he leaves the room.

Morrigan shuts the door behind him.

"I still don't understand why you are here, and not back on Makai." Batman says.

"It's simple I want this city to fear me, as it does you." Morrigan says as she gets closer to Batman.

"Only the criminals fear me, now tell me why you and Lilith are really here!!" Batman demands.

"Your kind of cute when your angry." Morrigan says in a seductive voice.

Morrigan gets even closer to Batman.

"What are you doing?" Batman asks sounding a little nervous.

Morrigan turns away from him, and begins rubbing the back of her body against him. Although it is pleasurable to him, he does not show it.

"You shouldn't be doing this." Batman says nervously.

Morrigan stops and turns to face him.

"You just don't talk and enjoy it." Morrigan says with a smile.

Morrigan wraps her arms around Batman's neck, and begins kissing him passionately with her tongue in his mouth. Her wings wrap around his waste. Batman does not try to fight her off. Morrigan wraps her legs around his. This goes on for over three minutes. Until the door opened with Lilith standing there a little shocked.

"Hey Morrigan what are you doing, he is the enemy!" Lilith says loudly.

Morrigan breaks the kiss and gets off of Batman. Morrigan then turns to Lilith.

"Can't a girl have a little fun, besides you can have Robin." Morrigan says with a smile.

Morrigan runs her fingers down Batman's chest.

"He was a good boy, he did not try and fight me." Morrigan says.

"Your time for watching him is over!" Lilith says as she calls in another plant man.

The plant creature enters the room.

"I'll see you later Batman." Morrigan says to Batman with a smile, as she walks out with Lilith.

As the door shuts a bird a rang hits the plant creature in the back of his head. Robin jumps down in front of Batman and cuts him loose.

"Are you ok Batman?" Robin asks.

"I'm just fine." Batman answer's.

Yoshi jumps down next to Robin and Batman.

"Where are the others?" Batman asks.

"We all used different entrances." yoshi answer's.

The three agree to make a smashing entrance. Batman, Yoshi and Robin head for Poison Ivy. Ivy is surprised to see the three enter the room.

"I'm surprised to see that you escaped that quickly, but you three can't stop us." Poison Ivy says.

The ceiling glass comes crashing down, As Knuckles, Leonardo, and Bardock enter the room. Before anyone can do a thing, Young link jumps down from a wall, kicking Ivy off of the plant she was sitting on. She hits the ground and is knocked out. Lilith picks up Ivy.

"Let's get out of here, we will deal with them later." Lilith says.

Lilith and Morrigan fly off and are out of sight in seconds.

"Should I follow them?" Bardock asks.

"No we will deal with them later, there plan can't work without the silver stone." Batman tells.

"What plan?" Young Link asks.

"I will explain it later, we must return to the bat cave." Batman says

The heroes head back to the cave to rest.