The Super adventure chapter 18

Comic world Gotham City

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett

1 month later. It is a warm night in Gotham city. Over the Gotham lake a portal opened, out fell Leonardo, Knuckles, Young Link, Bardock+ Yoshi. The five of them fell into the lake, and the portal closed behind them. The five swam to the surface.

Knuckles:" How are we still alive?"

Leonardo:" I don't know, lets all get out of here and find some answer's."

The five swam to the shallow and got out of the lake. They spotted an a banded warehouse nearby as they made there way to the warehouse, they saw a couple men selling drugs to three other men.

Leonardo:" Hurry we don't want to be seen."

They quickly made there way into the warehouse.

Young Link:" What were those guy's doing on that street corner?"

Leonardo:" They are drug dealers, I see them all the time in New York my home."

Bardock:" I think we should figure out weir we are."

Yoshi:" I don't know weir we are, but is feels like it is far away from home."

Young Link:" Your telling me, this is nothing like Hyrule the people and tall buildings."

Leonardo looked outside of a window and saw a sign on one of the buildings that said Gotham City.

Leonardo:" Guy's I just figured out were we are."

Young Link:" Alright were are we?"

Leonardo:" We are in Gotham City."

Yoshi:" We need to start figuring out a way how to get back to the Nintendo world."

Bardock:" How did we get here, the last thing I remember is getting defeated by Shadow."

Knuckles:" It's a long story, but basically Ganondorf, Shredder, Carnage and Cell used the tournament to get rid of all the greatest figures, so that they could take over the Nintendo world."

Bardock:" Who are those guy's, I never saw them at the tournament."

Young Link:" They made there appearance toward the end of the tournament."

Yoshi:" What a crappy tournament, I knew I should have just waited for the next Super smash bros tournament."

Knuckles:" Don't beat yourself up over it Yoshi, we all had no idea it was a setup."

Young Link:" I wish I were back at Koriki forest."

Leonardo:" I'm just wondering about my brothers, they have to be alive."

Bardock:" Don't worry, I'm shore they are doing fine we will figure out a way to get back to the Nintendo land."

Young Link:" I say we get out of here and seek some real shelter."

The five left the warehouse and stuck to the Shadows. As the five approached the alley, they were surrounded by gang members.

Yoshi:" This doesn't look good."

Bardock:" We can take them no problem."

Leo pulled out his two Katanas as Young Link pulled out his sword.

Member 1:" What are yaw doing at a place like this.?"

Member 8:" Give up all yo money."

A voice:" I'd leave them alone if I were you."

Member 10:" Who is that?"

Everyone looked up as Batman glided down from a tall building

Member 6:" No way, it's the Bat."

As Batman came closer to the ground, he kicked two of the thugs onto the ground. Leonardo and Young Link quickly joined Batman. Within 30 seconds they were beaten. Batman then cuffed the 10 men.

Knuckles:" That's to bad there are none left for us."

Batman:" You five should be inside, it isn't very safe out here after nightfall."

Yoshi:" What are you, half man half bat?"

Batman:" Your an animal how can you speak?"

Young Link:" Let's just say we aren't from around this world."

Leonardo:" I'll explain everything from the start."

Leonardo told Batman the whole story.

Leo:" That is how we ended up here."

Batman:" So I see you five were sent into a portal that was believed to kill you, but apparently it did not."

Knuckles:" Yeah that's exactly how it went."

Young Link:" We were hoping if you could point us in the right direction for a place to stay, since you live in this city."

Batman:" Why don't you guy's come with me to the bat cave?"

Bardock:" Sure, anything is better then being on the streets."

Batman pulled out a communications device.

Batman:" Commissioner, I need you to pick up 10 thugs on 63rd street."

Commissioner:" Right away."

Batman:" Good, Batman out."

Batman then pulled out a remote from his utility belt and pressed the red button. Within a minuet his bat mobile arrived.

Batman:" Who wants to ride with me?"

Young Link:" I think I should, since it would be hardest for me to keep up."

Batman and Young Link then got into the bat mobile. Yoshi and Knuckles stood on top of the Bat mobile.

Knuckles:" Hold on tight Yoshi."

The bat mobile started up and drove off. Bardock picked up Leo by his shell and flew closely behind. They arrived within 15 minuets. Young Link and Batman got out of the bat mobile.

Yoshi:" Wow this really is a bat cave, look at all the bats."

Batman walked over to his computer and sat down.

Leonardo:" Wow Donatello would love your huge computer."

Batman then began typing.

Bardock:" What are you trying to find Batman?"

Batman:" There have been series of murders that just don't add up."

Knuckles:" What do you mean by they don't add up?"

Batman:" It's as if the life was just sucked out of them."

Yoshi:" That sounds creepy."

Batman:" Another interesting fact is that I have only found male victims."

Young Link:" Do you have any leads on who it could be?"

Batman:" I have no idea, the biggest time criminals of Gotham don't kill like this."

Leonardo:" So would you say you are dealing with someone new."

Batman:" How things are looking, yes."

Batman then got off of his computer chair.

Batman:" I have to be going some where, you five can wait here until I get back."

Knuckles:" Were are you going?"

Batman:" I have something I must attend to."

Batman then left the bat cave through one of his secret passages that leaded to an upper room in Wayne Manor. Once he got into the room, he took off his cape and cowl along with the rest of his bat suit. Bruce put the bat suit in one of the closets, he would remove it back into the bat cave later. Bruce put on one of his tuxedoes along with a black tie, Bruce then made his way out of the room and into the dinning room.

Alfred:" Good evening master Bruce, guest should be arriving soon."

Bruce:" I have five visitors in the bat cave, they are not from around here."

Alfred:" What do you mean by they are not from around here, and why are they in the bat cave?"

Bruce:" It's a long story but I trust them."

Tim Drake then walked into the room.

Tim:" So what are you guy's talking about?"

Bruce:" There are five fighters in the bat cave who say they are not from this planet, I'm going to help them to get home."

Tim:" I would like to be apart of this, if it is ok with you."

Within 10 minuets, people began arriving to the Wayne party. Tim and Bruce greeted the people as they came in.

In the bat cave

Bardock:" I wonder if this Batman guy can really get us back to the Nintendo world."

Leonardo:" It doesn't really matter to me, because this is my home planet."

Yoshi:" It is!!"

Knuckles:" Duh he grew up in New York city."

Young Link:" Leo if you live in New York then your house shouldn't be to far from here, so how about we leave this place and go to your house?"

Leonardo:" I live in a sewer."

Bardock:" Oh my goodness, are you kidding me."

Yoshi:" I think we should just stay here."

Young Link:" No offence Leo, but a sewer doesn't sound like a pleasant place."

Leonardo:" Trust me it's not as bad as you guy's think."

Knuckles:" Lets just stay here, maybe Batman can really help us."

Bardock then left the group to explore around the bat cave. He saw the bat plane and boat along with many other things.

Bardock:" Wow this guy has everything a super hero could need.

Bardock then bumped into a Robin suit."

Bardock:" What the heck is this, this doesn't look like a bat suit."

Young Link saw a couple dart boards laying on a table, so he decided to set them up 25 ft from his position. Young Link pulled out his bow and arrows.

Knuckles:" Lets see if you can get 12 out of 12."

Young Link shot off 12 arrows and each hit right in the middle of it's target board.

Leonardo:" Wow 12 out of 12, your aim is incredible."

Bardock came back and rejoined the group

Bardock:" Hey guy's I was just looking around the cave, and let me tell you Batman has some really neat toys."

Young Link:" Hopefully Batman doesn't take to long to come back."

Wayne Manor

Tom:" Hey Bruce may I talk to you for a second?"

Bruce:" Sure."

Tom and Bruce made there way outside.

Bruce:" So are you on a business trip, I don't think I have seen your face around here before."

Tom:" I just joined the police force here in Gotham about a week ago."

Bruce:" How do you like it here in Gotham?"

Tom:" It's nice, but the crime rate is very high."

Bruce:" Once you've lived here for awhile, you'll get use to it."

Danny Tom's partner joined the two outside.

Danny:" It's a beautiful night, isn't it gentle men?"

Bruce:" Yes it is also peaceful."

Tom's police phone rang at that second, he picked it up.

Tom:" Hello officer Tom here."

He was talking for a minuet before hanging up.

Danny:" What's going on?"

Tom:" Joker and Poison Ivy just escaped Arkham Asylum."

Danny:" Ooh crap, are they together?"

Tom:" I don't know, but we and many other's have to track them down."

The bat signal is bright in the sky.

Tom:" Sorry Wayne but we have to go, nice party."

Danny and Tom then left.

Bruce:" I guess it's time for me to get suited up."

Bruce walked back into his mansion looking for Tim, he spotted him dancing with a girl Bruce walked over to him.

Bruce:" Hey Tim can I talk to you for a second?"

Tim:" Not now Bruce, I'm kind of busy."

Bruce:" It's very important."

Tim:" Excuse me Ashley, I'll be right back."

Bruce and Tim walked into another room.

Tim:" So what did you want to tell me."

Bruce:" Joker and Poison Ivy have escaped from Arkham Asylum."

Tim:" It's time for patrol."

Bruce:" Do you have any spare Robin suits that are not in the bat cave?"

Tim:" Yes I do, why?"

Bruce:" We don't want the five visitors to know are identities."

Tim:" Understood."

Tim and Bruce then left that room.

Tim:" I'm sorry I can't dance any longer with you Ashley, but I have something important to attend."

Ashley:" It's ok, I know your phone number, I'll call you later."

Tim:" Ok."

Tim left the dance floor and made his way to an upper room in Wayne Manor where his Robin suit was located. Bruce also changed back into his bat suit and headed to the Bat cave. Batman and Robin arrived in the bat cave about the same time.

Young Link:" Hey look guy's Batman is back!"

Yoshi:" Who is the other guy with him?"

Batman:" Hey everyone, this is my partner Robin."

Knuckles:" Hi my name is Knuckles the Echidna, guardian of the master emerald."

Bardock:" I'm Bardock."

Leonardo:" I'm Leonardo, one of the Teen age Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Young Link:" I am Young Link the hero of time, it's nice to meet you Robin."

Yoshi:" I'm Yoshi the dino."

Robin:" Wow it's nice to meet you all I am curious on how you guy's got here, but it will have to wait because Batman and I have to track down Joker and Ivy."

Knuckles:" I'm sorry but I am tired of just waiting around, I'm coming with you two."

Batman:" No it is far to dangerous for you."

Knuckles:" Did I not mention that I am the material arts champion, and let's not forget that I am not human."

Robin:" Let's have him join us Batman, you never know we might need his help."

Yoshi:" I just want to rest here at the bat cave."

Leonardo:" I would also like to go, I'm good at finding criminals."

Bardock:" I can fly in the sky and watch from above, if it looks like you guy's need help I can be there in a flash."

Young Link:" I would also like to aid you guy's."

Batman:" Alright, you four can come only because I know you can defend yourselves."

Robin:" So how is transportation going to go."

There was a moment of silence.

Knuckles:" Well I can just jump and glide off of the tops of buildings."

Robin:" Hey Young Link you can ride with me on the red wing or bat cycle."

Young Link:" Ok sounds good."

Batman:" I guess Leonardo can ride with me in the bat mobile."

Robin and Young Link got onto the bat cycle.

Batman:" Yoshi try to stay out of trouble."

Yoshi said I will as the six left the bat cave.

Batman:" Leonardo I want you and the other three to stay out of site, unless I need you."

Leonardo:" I understand, you don't want the criminals of Gotham to see you with us, because they will not fear you if you need help from outsiders."

Batman:" Exactly."

Batman continued driving and the two were silent.

Robin:" So Young Link what is it like were you come from?"

Young Link:" I come from a peaceful kingdom called Hyrule."

Robin:" What do you think of Gotham."

Young Link:" It's alright I guess, it's a lot different from Hyrule plus the original time I'm from is hundreds of years ago."

Robin:" How is that possible?"

Young Link:" I can travel through time by using the Master sword, in the temple of time."

Robin:" Now I see why your called the hero of time."

Batman's emergency device began to ring. Batman pressed the red button at the top of the device and commissioner Gordon's face appeared on the screen.

Batman:" Speak commissioner."

Commissioner:" Batman you must hurry Joker has been spotted in a apartment on south of the police station, you must come quickly he has already slaughtered three of my men."

Batman:" Just hang on I'm almost there"

Batman stepped on the gas hard. Robin and the others were close behind. Within two minuets they arrived.

Batman:" Remember what I said, stay out of site."

Leonardo:" Yes."

Leo got out of the Bat mobile without being seen by any cops, he headed for the dark alley along with Young Link.

Young Link:" Hey Leo, why do we have to wait in here and miss all of the action?"

Leonardo:" I'll explain later."

Knuckles and Bardock are watching from above on a tall building.

Bardock:" I'm shore they will have everything under control."

Knuckles:" Hopefully they won't need are help."

Robin and Batman walked up to commissioner Gordon.

Batman:" So were is the joker now?"

Commissioner:" He is on the 5th floor."

Jim Gordon turned around to face Batman and Robin, but they were already gone. Robin and Batman got to the 5th floor in no time with there bat and bird grapples. There is blood on the walls, along with some dead bodies in the hallway of the 5th floor.

Robin:" It looks like the Joker was busy"

Batman:" We need to hurry up and find him before he hurts any more innocent people."

As Robin and Batman walk quietly down the hall, joker busted out of a door down the hall with a huge smile on his face.

Batman:" Joker."

Joker:" Hello bats and bird boy."

Robin pulled out a bird rang and threw it toward jokers head, joker quickly acted by pulling out his gun and shooting it into pieces. Robin ran toward Joker.

Batman:" Robin wait."

Joker shot a couple bullets at Robin, but with the scallops on his gauntlets he blocked all of them. When he reached joker he kicked him to the ground. Batman ran up next to Robin. Batman bent down to cuff joker. Joker picked up his gun and fired at Batman, almost hitting him.

Joker:" Your not taking me alive."

Batman kicked the gun out of his hand. Robin put one cuff on the joker hand, as he began to put the other one on joker, he sprayed him in the face with joker gas. Joker then kicked Batman to the ground Robin also fell to the ground laughing. Joker shot Batman in his legs a couple times, it didn't have much affect on him because his suit is part bullet proof.

Joker:" I've been waiting for this day bats, I finally get to see you die."

Joker aimed the gun at Batman's head. Batman then had a flash back of his parents getting shot.

Batman:" I'm sorry, I failed."

Joker put his finger on the trigger and as he was about to pull it back, an egg with green dots hit him in the back of his head hard. Joker dropped his gun and fell to the ground unconious.

Batman:" I don't believe this it's Yoshi."

Yoshi:" Hey Batman I figured you guy's would need my help, were is everyone? and why is Robin laughing?"

Batman dug into his utility belt and injected the joker gas antidote into Robin, he stopped laughing at that second.

Batman:" Good timing Yoshi, where you seen by the cops?"

Yoshi:" No I followed you guy's from the rooftops, it looked like you two needed help so I came."

Batman:" I'm going to take Joker to the police and I want you to stay out of site."

Yoshi:" Ok, but were is everyone ells?"

Batman:" They should be waiting outside."

Yoshi:" I'll see you in a little bit."

Yoshi then left out of a back window. Batman poured water on Robins face.

Batman:" Are you ok?"

Robin:" Yeah, what happened?"

Batman:" Don't worry about it, Yoshi took out the Joker."

Robin got back onto his feet. Batman cuffed the Joker.

Robin:" Ok lets take him to the police."

Batman:" Not until I get some answer's."

Batman poured water onto Joker's face. His eyes then opened.

Batman:" How did you escape Arkham this time and were is Poison Ivy, answer me!!"

He slammed Joker against the wall.

Joker:" It was two batgirls who busted Poison Ivy out of Arkham, I escaped when the guards attention was on them bats."

Batman:" What do you mean by bat girls?"

Joker:" I've never seen them before, they must be new to Gotham."

Batman:" Your going back to Arkham."

Robin and Batman then took Joker to the police.

Commissioner:" Good work you two." They walked off after handing the Joker over to the police.

Robin:" I wonder who those bat girls are, and why they got Ivy out of Arkham."

Batman:" Will figure it out later, right now we need to find the others."

Robin looked up and spotted them all on top of a building. The two used there grapplers to reach them.

Young Link:" Hey guy's, I'm glad to see all went well."

Robin:" Ok, we are going back to the bat cave."

They returned to the bat cave within 30 minuets.

Bardock:" Hey Batman or Robin, why don't you fill us in on what is going on?"

Robin explained to them all.

Batman:" You should all get some rest, Yosi that was good work you did back there."

Yoshi:" No problem anytime."

Batman walked over to his computer and sat down. Young Link saw a photo album laying on the ground in the area were Batman keeps things of criminals he defeated. Young Link walked over and picked it up.

Robin:" Hey Young Link:" What are you doing?"

Young Link was startled and dropped the book. As the book fell to the ground a picture fell out of it. Both Robin and Young Link looked down at it.

Young Link:" Wow she is pretty."

Robin picked up the picture.

Young Link:" Who is she?"

Robin:" Her name is Talia, she is one of Batman's love interests."

Young Link:" I can see why." " Hey Robin you and Batman do have a social time right."

Robin:" During the day when we are not on patrol."

Young Link:" I knew you two were human."

Robin:" Since your the hero of time, tell me about one of your adventures."

Young Link:" I'm curious to know how long you have been Robin?"

Robin:" I took the role as Robin when I was 15."

Young Link:" How old are you now?"

Robin:" I'm 18."

Young Link:" I'll tell you a story about skullkid."

Knuckles and Bardock are in the bat training room. Leonardo walked up behind Batman who was on the computer.

Leonardo:" So are you trying to figure out were Poison Ivy might be?"

Batman:" No I'm looking for a link to the victims that supposedly had the life drained out of them.

Leonardo:" You mean the male victims."

Batman:" Yes, some how I think the unknown bats who got Ivy out of Arkham may have something to do with it."

Leonardo:" How do you know Joker didn't just make that story up?"

Batman:" That's not his style."

Yoshi is sitting down on a plush coach.

In training room

Bardock ripped an arm off of a robot, Knuckles was beating on one until it finally exploded.

Machine:" Level 20 completed."

Bardock:" That was a lot of fun, what do you say we take a break?"

Knuckles:" Shore, we can train in here again later."

The two left the training room and entered the main area of the bat cave.

Knuckles:" Hey Batman and Leo, what are you two up to?"

Batman turned his chair around to face them.

Batman:" Didn't you guy's one of the guy's who sent you here had the name Carnage?"

Knuckles:" Yes, that is correct"

He turned his chair around and typed Symbiot Carnage. The computer pulled up pictures and files of both Cletus and Carnage.

Batman:" Does he look familiar to you guy's?"

Leonardo:" That's him, that's the guy!!"

Knuckles:" That is definitely the guy working with Ganon and the others."

Batman:" That's funny because he is from this planet, I even encountered him in a battle awhile ago."

Young Link, Robin and Yoshi walked up to the group.

Batman:" If only I could get a hold of Spiderman, he knows the most about him."

Leonardo:" You know Spiderman?"

Batman:" Yes, we have teamed up twice."

The emergency bat beeper then began to ring. Batman picked it up and began talking to commissioner Gordon, after a minuet he shut off the transition.

Batman:" They have spotted Poison Ivy on top of a factory."

Yoshi:" Alright let's go get her."

Batman:" Same rules as usual, I want you guy's out of site me and Robin will go after her alone."

Robin:" You guy's can be close by and watching and if we need help, you can jump in."

Bardock:" Lets hit the road."

The seven left the bat cave and headed for the factory. In 20 minuets they arrived.

Commissioner:" Finally you two made it, she is at the very top."

The two grappled to the top of the factory.

Poison Ivy:" Batman and Robin, finally you two showed up."

Robin:" What are you up to Ivy?"

Ivy:" You could say I don't work alone any more."

Batman:" What do you mean?"

Ivy:" Ladies why don't you show yourselves."

Both of them came from behind a plant.

Batman:" They do look like bats."

A voice:" My name is Morrigan Aensland and this is Lilith Aensland."

Lilith:" Ivy has told us a lot about you two."

Morrigan:" I am not a bat I am a succubus, I was born on planet Makai 1678."

Robin:" You must be some type of demon like ras al ghul."

Morrigan licked her lips.

Morrigan:" we are going to have some fun with you two."

Batman:" I don't think so."

He then pulled out two batarangs.

Batman:" Before we get started I would like to know what you two are doing in my city?"

Morrigan:" what do you think Batman, to take it over."

Robin:" That's it... how original."

Batman and Robin ran toward the three wemen, as they got closer some of Ivy's plants snatched them up and vines wrapped around there bodies.

Lilith:" This is going to be fun deciding how you two die."

At that second a KI blast came out of no where and destroyed the plants that were holding Robin and Batman. Bardock came flying out of the sky and landed next to Robin and Batman.

Robin:" Nice save Bardock."

Bardock:" No prob."

Young Link and Yoshi arrived quickly after Bardock. Leonardo and Knuckles came last.

Poison Ivy:" Who the heck are they?"

Young Link:" We are only here temporarily lady, so don't get so angry."

Morrigan:" Don't worry Ivy, me and Lilith can take care of this."

Ivy threw 12 seeds onto the ground and within seconds they formed into plant warriors.

Poison Ivy:" I'd call it even now."

Batman and Knuckles went after Morrigan while Robin and Leonardo went for Lilith.

Bardock:" I guess I'll take Ivy, Young Link and Yoshi you two take on the plant men."

Yoshi:" I don't know about that Bardock, there like 6 ft tall."

Young Link:" Don't worry Yoshi we can beat them."

Morrigan:" Come and get me boys."

Batman and Knuckles started throwing punches and kicks on her, she blocked some of the hits with her wings. Morrigan kicked Batman onto the ground she attempted to knock Knuckles to the ground, Knuckles graved her leg and threw her to the ground. She fell on top of Batman. She began to blush as Batman pushed her off of him. The two got back on there feet and began fighting each other Knuckles started beating on her.

Bardock flew up next to Ivy who was sitting in a tree.

Bardock:" You might as well give up now, so we don't have to fight."

Poison Ivy:" I don't want to fight you cutie."

Bardock:" What did you say?"

Before he could do or say anything ells, Ivy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips for 5 long seconds. before he broke the kiss.

Bardock:" Why did you kiss me?"

Bardock felt dizzy he fell to the ground knocked out.

Poison Ivy:" That is why they call me Poison Ivy."

Robin:" Alright Leo let's take out Lilith nice and fast."

Leo took out his twin Katana's.

Lilith:" You two think you actually can defeat me, that's funny"

Leonardo:" I'm going to shut that mouth of yours."

Lilith:" Lets see you try."

Robin threw a couple birdarangs at her, only two hit her the rest she blocked with her wings. Leo jumped up and kicked Lilith into a wall. As she laid in the wall Robin kicked and punched her a couple times. Lilith busted out of the wall and kicked Robin into Leo, the two fell to the ground as she laughed.

Young Link jumped up and cut the head off of a plant man, his body tumbled to the ground.

Young Link:" This is all to easy."

He ran toward another plant monster and cut him to pieces with his blade. Yoshi knocked over two plant fighters and finished them off.

Poison Ivy:" Alright girls we played with them long enough, lets go."

Morrigan kicked Knuckles into Batman and flew off next to Ivy, Lilith joined them.

Ivy:" It's been fun playing but we really must be going."

Morrigan graved Ivy by her waist and flew off with Lilith close behind.

Yoshi:" Are we going to let them get away?"

Batman:" For now."

Robin:" It looks like Ivy gave Bardock a kiss."

Batman:" I'll treat him back at the cave."

The seven returned back to the bat cave. When they got to the Cave Bardock awoken.

Robin:" How did you awaken without the antidote?"

Bardock:" It could be the fact that I am a Saiyan."

Young Link fell asleep on a coach, Batman put a cover on him. Robin left the bat cave and returned with four sleeping bags and pillows

Robin:" You guy's get some sleep, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

Batman and Robin left the bat cave. The two got out of their suits when in Wayne Manor.

Bruce:" Tim lets get some rest."

Tim:" Good idea."

Bruce:" I still want to know why Morrigan and Lilith busted Ivy out of Arkham."

Will the heroes get back to the Nintendo planet and stop Ganon, Shredder, Cell and Carnage and what happened to the other fighters in the tournament?" Find out in the next chapter of the super adventure!!

To Be Continue.



The Super adventure chapter 19

Comic world Metropolis.

By Kristoffer Garrett

A portal opened over the city of Metropolis and out fell Goten, Shadow, Kirby, Michelangelo, Wind Link, Redy and Mario. Kirby fell onto Goten as they hit the hard side walk.

Michelangelo:" Were the shell are we?"

Wind Link looked up at the hot sun.

Goten:" we were sent here by Cell and three other guy's."

Redy:" Why?"

Shadow:" They intended on killing us."

Michelangelo:" Why would they do that and were are my bros?"

Mario:" We don't know, they sent us all to different dimensions."

Redy:" I guess that means Yosi and Boshi must have got sent to one of the other worlds."

A guy walked up the street and looked at Kirby, Mikey, Shadow and Redy.

Jimmy:" It's a bit early for Halloween don't you think?"

Wind Link:" Hey sir, what is the name of this city?"

Jimmy:" Your in Metropolis."

Goten:" Thanks for the information."

Jimmy Olson walked off.

Kirby:" At least we now know were we are."

The next second there was an explosion and a lot of dust in the air.

Michelangelo:" That building is on fire."

Goten:" You guy's stay here, I'm going to see if I can help."

Goten flew into the sky toward the burning building.

Kirby:" There has to be some way we can help."

Shadow:" We will stay out of this, I think this is something Goten can handle by himself."

Wind Link:" I wonder how long it took us to warp to this dimension."

Redy:" I am still confused on how we got here."

Shadow:" You probably won't since you weren't there on the last couple matches."

People are screaming because of the burning building. As Goten flew past the people, a boy said it's Superman. Goten flew into the burning building and got everyone out.

Kid:" Hey your not Superman."

Goten:" Who is Superman?"

Everyone screamed Superman while looking up in the sky. Goten looked up and saw Superman land next to a police man.

Superman:" Is there any way I can help officer?"

Police:" No that guy over there took care of everything, is he your partner?"

Superman:" Why do you say that?"

Police:" He has the ability to fly like you."

Superman tapped Goten on his shoulder.

Superman:" Hey I want to talk to you for a second."

Goten:" Ok follow me."

Goten flew into the air with Superman closely behind him, Goten stopped and landed on top of a building.

Superman:" First of all who and were are you from, normal humans can't fly and what are you doing in Metropolis?"

Goten explained everything to Superman.

Superman:" Interesting story, were are the others?"

Goten led Superman to everyone

Goten:" Hey everyone this is Superman."

All warriors introduced themselves to the man of steal.

Superman:" I will try my hardest to get you all home, I don't know if I can but I will try."

Wind Link:" I love your suit."

Supes just smiled.

Superman:" I have to be going, but if you need me just go on top of the daily planet."

Kirby:" Were are you going?"

Superman:" I have a meeting that starts in 5 minuets."

Shadow:" I guess we will see you later."

Superman flew off into the sky.

Michelangelo:" I can't believe I just met Superman, and I didn't even say anything."

Mario:" You've heard of him before today?"

Michelangelo:" Of course because I live on this planet, my home is pretty far from here."

Mario:" I guess we should find a place to stay in the mean time."

Kirby:" I wonder were the daily planet is located."

Goten:" I saw it when I was flying it's in that direction."

They all checked out into an apartment. Mario, Redy and Wind Link rented three rooms, since they were the only one's who had money. Wind Link, Kirby and Shadow share a room, while Redy and Goten share. Mikey and Mario take the last room.

Kirby:" I guess we should all get some rest."

Shadow:" It's going to be hard to rest knowing we can't do a thing to save Hyrule the mushroom Kingdom and the whole planet."

Wind Link:" Shadow's got a point, maybe we shouldn't just be sitting around here resting."

Kirby:" Are you saying we should figure out a way to get back?"

Shadow:" That's exactly what he is saying."

Kirby:" That just seems almost impossible, we are in a new dimension."

Wind Link:" If we could be sent here, there has to be a way of getting back."

Kirby:" I know but none of us are geniuses, it's not like we could build a machine to get us out of here."

Wind Link:" I guess we can just get some rest."

Goten:" This room is bigger then I'd thought it be."

Redy:" Yeh it is a nice size."

Goten sat down on the coach and turned the T.V. on.

Redy:" I wonder if will ever see home again."

Goten:" I won't be surprised if we don't, I wish my father were here he would know what to do in a situation like this."

Redy:" Look on the bright side, Mario is here he will get us out of this mess."

Goten:" I shore hope your right."

Goten changed the channel.

Michelangelo:" Hey dude look we have oven that can cook your food within seconds."

Mario:" That's good, I would like if you call me Mario and not dude Michelangelo."

Michelangelo:" No problem and you can call me Mikey."

Mario:" Ok."

Michelangelo:" Hey Mario the guy named Shredder back at the tournament, what did he look like?"

Mario:" Your green friends seemed to have already known him."

Michelangelo:" Those aren't my friends there my bros, that Shredder must be Oroku Saki."

Mario:" Are you hungry Mikey?"

Michelangelo:" No I'll eat later."

At the Daily Planet

Clark Kent walked into his office and organized his papers. A couple seconds later Lois Lane walked into his office

Lois:" What are you doing Clark, we don't have much time before the meeting begins."

Clark:" I'm sorry Lois, I must have lost track of time I was just getting prepared."

Lois:":" Well hurry up, we don't want to be late."

Clark graved his papers and the two headed out of the office. Clark and Lois caught up to Jimmy and entered the conference room. During 10 minuets of the conversation with Clarks super hearing he heard an explosion 18 miles away.

Clark:" Will you excuse me everyone, I have some where I need to be."

Clark then left the conference room. He changed into Superman and flew out of the window toward the area of the explosion. Within seconds he arrived at the scene. There are many men in black suits with guns.

A voice:" Welcome Superman, are you surprised to see me!"

Superman turned around to face the person

Superman:" Well well, if it isn't Lex Luther."

Lex:" I will succeed in killing you this time."

People and running and screaming, a fire is forming from the explosion."

Superman:" So is that what this is all about, you blew a building down to the ground just to get me here?"

Lex:" Exactly, and it seems it worked."

Superman began walking toward Lex, as he got closer Lex pulled out a hand size piece of Kryptonite. Superman began to feel weak. One of the men in black suits came up behind Super man and hit him in the back of his head, causing him to fall on his knees. Lex punched him in the face and he fell to the ground.

Lex:" I bet your wishing one of your super friends will help you, it's not going to happen."

Lex pulled out his gun that had bullets made of Kryptonite. Before he could pull the trigger a boomerang knocked the gun out of his hand. The men in black suits as well as Lex looked up, only to see Wind Link jumping off of a building while pulling his sword out at the same time. He landed on his feet in front of Lex and Superman who was on the ground.

Lex:" Nice aim kid but what are you trying to prove, did you really plan on saving Superman by yourself.?"

The men in black suits loaded there guns getting ready to shoot at Wind Link.

Wind Link:" Of course not."

Goten and Shadow flew down next to him. Lex started laughing.

Lex:" That's funny but you three obviously don't know what your up against."

Lex graved a gun from one of his guards. He shot many bullets at Goten but nothing happened. Goten walked up to Lex.

Lex:" I see, you must be a Kryptonian."

Lex pulled out his hand gun field with Kryptonite bullets and shot Goten in the head.

Goten:" Nice try but nothing can hurt me."

Goten knocked the gun out of Lex's hand and kicked him to the ground. The men in black suits began shooting at the three. Wind Link blocked the shots with his shield, the bullets did not hurt Shadow or Goten. Shadow kicked the Kryptonite far away. Superman got back on his feet.

Superman:" How did you guy's find me?"

Shadow:" Goten could sense the explosion."

A fire ball knocked one of the men onto the ground.

Mario:" Don't tell me you guy's were going to start a fight without us."

Mikey beat down a couple men with his nun chucks. Kirby blew the men to there feet with his strong breath. Redy took out a couple of them with his tail. Mikey crushed a guy's skull with his chucks. The firemen and police arrived minuets later. Firemen put out the fire while police men arrested Lex's men.

Wind Link:" It looks like Luther got away."

Superman:" I'll find him, I always do."

The eight left and met up on the daily planet. One hour later.

Superman:" Now that I have time, you can all properly introduce yourselves."

Michelangelo:" My name is Mikey, I have heard so much about you it's a pleasure to finally meet you."

They all introduced themselves.

Superman:" I should get back to patrol."

Wind Link:" You should let us help you."

Superman:" I'm sorry but I work alone."

Shadow:" We can help you, what happens if Lex uses the green stuff on you again"

Superman:" Ok you guy's can come along but be careful."

Mario:" Don't worry about us, we can take care of ourselves."

Superman:" How many of you can fly?"

Goten:" Me and Shadow and maybe Kirby."

Superman:" Ok lets go."

At that second a huge missile crashed into the ground in the middle of Metropolis. Once it reached the core it exploded, it gave off a very loud sound.

Michelangelo:" That didn't sound pleasant."

The city began to shake.

Superman:" I know which direction the missile came from, I'm shore this is the work of Lex."

Redy:" I want to come with you."

Mario:" Here is how we should do this, Goten, Shadow, Kirby and I will stay here, while you four go see who caused this."

Superman and the three left toward the direction of the missile. They were out of sit in minuets.

Kirby:" I guess we sit here until they get back."

The city of Metropolis began to fall into the ground.

Shadow:" You spoke to soon Kirby."

Mario:" Never mind that, how are we going to stop the city from burying itself."

Goten:" This looks like something me and Shadow need to take care of."

Shadow:" Do you have a plan."

Goten:" Yes just follow my lead."

Goten flew into the huge hole in the ground that the missile made, Shadow followed him. Goten and Shadow reached the core in about two minuets.

Shadow:" Ok what do we do now?"

Goten started pushing up on the falling city, Shadow got the idea and joined him. The two felt much pain as they pushed their hardest. The city was now going up and down.

Mario:" I wonder what they are doing under the ground."

Buildings are tumbling and falling to the ground. People are running and screaming looking for somewhere safe. The electricity in the city went out.

Kirby:" I hope they know what there doing."

The city again started falling into the ground.

Goten:" It's just to heavy, I guess this is one mission I failed."

Shadow:" We won't fail.... Chaos control."

He transformed into Super Shadow using the seven chaos emeralds.

Goten:" Nice work Shadow, but now it's my turn."

Goten transformed into a Super Saiyan and the two began pushing the city up again. This time the city raised quickly.

Mario:" Whatever those two are doing down there, it's working."

Kirby and Mario jumped off of the top of the daily planet, before they hit the ground Kirby caught Mario and glided down slowly onto the ground. Goten and Shadow lifted the city back in place. The two then powered back down to normal. They flew back above under the ground.

Shadow:" Well that wasn't to hard."

Goten:" Yeh I know, I didn't know you still had the chaos emeralds."

The daily planet building began to tilt and fall. The building is headed toward the ground. Lois fell out of a Window, Goten caught her before she could fall to the ground, Shadow lifted the building back in place. Goten flew to the ground and put Lois on her feet.

Kirby:" Good work guy's."

Lois:" Who are you?"

Goten:" My name is Son Goten."

Lois:" I'm Lois Lane, thanks for saving me."

Goten:" No problem all in the day's work."

Shadow flew down next to Goten and Lois.

Lois:" I'm guessing you two aren't from around here."

Shadow:" I guess you could say that."

Goten:" Well we have to be going now."

Shadow and Goten walked over to Mario and Kirby.

Mario:" I guess it's time we catch up with the others."

Goten picked up Mario and Shadow picked up Kirby, they flew in the direction of were the missile came from.

Lex:" Superman should be here any time now."

A minuet later Superman, Redy, Wind Link and Mikey busted out of the roof.

Lex:" I was wondering when you guy's would show up."

Superman:" Just skip the small talk Lex, what are you really up to."

Lex:" The death of you Superman."

Michelangelo:" You villains are all the same, you always want to destroy the hero."

Lex:" Right you are green man."

Michelangelo:" I'm not a man I'm a turtle."

Wind Link:" So are you the only one who is here?"

Lex:" Of course not."

The doors around them opened and the men in black suits surrounded them.

Redy:" I guess you spoke to soon."

Lex:" I am going to enjoy watching you all die."

Superman:" It's not going to happen Lex."

Michelangelo:" Hey Lex don't you have any other guy's for us to beat on, I mean we already beat these dudes in black suits."

Lex:" Your funny turtle boy.... destroy them."

The guard began attacking the four, Superman just pushed them out of his way and went after Lex. Redy stretched his tongue out and removed the guns from the men, he also knocked them to the ground with his tail.

Wind Link cut there weapons to pieces with his blade. Mikey kicked a couple of them to the ground.

Michelangelo:" You dudes are no problem."

Superman graved lex by his shirt and threw him into a table. Superman picked up Lex and threw him into a wall. Someone graved Superman from behind and threw him into a wall, Superman looked at the guy.

Superman:" You look like Goten."

Lex:" That's right Superman, he is one of my dark warriors, from the second those seven entered this world I made copies of them because I knew they would join forces with you."

Within seconds Dark Wind Link, Kirby, Mikey, Mario, Shadow and Redy entered the room. There clones looked exactly like them except there eyes were orange and red.

Michelangelo:" Wow a clone of me."

Superman:" How did you know when they arrived here?"

Lex:" It came up on radar."

The real Goten, Kirby, Shadow and Mario busted through a wall and entered the room.

Shadow:" Wow who is that, that hedgehog looks a lot like me."

Michelangelo:" Hey Shadow those dudes are like are clones, freaky Luther created them."

The men in black suits left the room

Goten:" How did you get them to look and have the same strength as us if you didn't have are DNA?"

Lex:" That is my little secret."

The clone of Mario and Shadow knocked out Superman.

Lex:" Now that there is no more interruptions I'll leave you all to fight."

Lex then left the room through a back door.

Kirby:" Should we go after Lex?"

Goten:" I say we destroy these clones first and then go after Luther."

Wind Link:" I'm going with Goten on this one."

The Seven stood in front of their clones ready to fight. Who will win.

To Be continue


The Super adventure chapter 20

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett

A battle between Liu Kang and Shang Tsungs men is taking place in a forest. Liu kang has the upper hand against the men. A portal opened over the battle and out fell Sonic, Donatello, Ike the Echidna, Luigi, Gohan, Boshi and Raphael. The seven fell onto the fighters The portal closed behind them.

" Where the shell are we, I feel weird." Donatello said stretching.

Shang Tsungs warriors run away. The seven got on their feet.

" Who are you guy's and how did you just come out of nowhere?" Liu Kang asked with a confused face.

They were all quite for a few seconds.

" Now I remember, those three punks including the Shredder sent us in some death portal." Raphael said with an angry voice tightening his fist.

" Well apparently it didn't work." Gohan added.

Before anyone could say another word, they quickly get surrounded by Tarkatans.

" Let's take them all out." Donatello said as he pulled out his bo staff.

" They out number us out by a lot, maybe we should surrender." Boshi advised.

" That is not a good idea, these guy's kill." Liu Kang said.

The Tarkatas blades quickly shot out of their fore arms.

" What kind of creatures are they." Luigi asked sounding scared.

" They are Tarkata warriors who work for Baraka." Liu Kang answered.

The Tarkata fighters began their attack on the eight. Raphael pulled out his sais. Gohan shot a Ki blast right through one of them. Blood came flying out all over the place, Gohan shot anther blast to finish the job. A few of the Tarkata's retreated, most stood there ground.

" How did you do that." Liu Kang said with a surprised voice.

" I'll explain later." Gohan said

" Let's do this." Ike said cracking his knuckles.

Ike ran toward the Tarkata warriors and began fighting them. The other fighters joined him. Raph stabbed a Sai into a Tarkat's head. Luigi began shooting fire balls at them. Gohans fist smashed there skulls in. All of the Tarkata fighters began to retreat.

" That's right keep running." Boshi said crossing his arms.

" So you all are from another dimension?" Liu Kang asked.

" Yup that is correct, but I'm still confused on how we got here." Sonic said.

" I'll explain how we all got here." Raphael said.

" Let's return to the shalion temple were it's safe, then Raphael may explain what happened." Liu Kang said.

The Seven followed Liu Kang to the shalion temple.

30 minuets later

On the way up the stairs they past many monks.

" This is a nice peaceful temple." Donatello said in a soft voice.

" Yes it is, we do all kinds of training here." Liu kang said with a smile.

" Were are we going?" Luigi asked.

" We are going to see Raiden, he is the god of thunder and lightning." Liu Kang said.

" Sounds interesting." Boshi added.

Liu kang leaded them into a huge room, there they found Raiden in the left corner of the room looking out of a window.

" I have returned master Raiden." Liu Kang said.

Raiden turned to face Liu.

" I see you have made it back in one piece, did you figure out what they are planning?" Raiden asked

" They caught me before I could." Liu Kang said.

" Who are they?" Raiden asked.

" We were sent here by some crazy maniacs from another world." Raphael said.

" Explain to me in detail." Raiden said.

Raphael told the story from the beginning.

" So it all makes sense, they used the Tournament to get rid of the people who could stop them." Sonic said with understanding.

" Once I get back to the Nintendo planet, I'm going to defeat them one by one. Ike said.

" Ike you shore do have the fighting spirit." Gohan said with a smile.

" I guess this means you seven don't have a place to stay." Raiden said.

" That's the case right now." Donatello said.

" We should be able to find a place soon." Luigi said.

" I think they should stay here at the temple were it is safe, plus they helped me in a deadly attack against Tarkata's." Liu kang said.

" Ok it's settled, they will stay here at the temple.

Boshi smiled.

" Liu Kang, show these eight to a room of their own." Raiden said.

" Yes master Raiden." Liu kang said.

They followed Liu kang out of the room.

" There are enough rooms for each of you to have your own room." Liu kang said.

" That's awesome!!." Sonic said in excitement.

" How many floors does this temple have?" Raphael asked.

" There are nine floors." Liu kang answered.

" I say we all go to a top floor so that we can get a good view of the rest of the temple." Luigi said.

" I guess, but it doesn't really matter." Gohan said as they continued to walk.

" Thanks for letting us all stay here at your temple, we appreciate it." Donatello said with a cheerful voice.

" It's my pleasure, plus you guy's saved my life back there." Liu kang said.

The eight traveled from the 7th floor to the 9th. The seven picked out rooms that are next to each other. After doing so, Liu kang returned back to raiden and the two talked for a few minuets. Liu returned to the Ninth floor were the others are.

" You all may enter the room you picked out now, Raiden wants us all down in the main room an a hour." Liu kang said.

" sounds good." Ike said.

The seven entered there rooms.

At Prince Goro's temple.

" Report." Shang Tsung said angrily.

The Tarkata's who fought the seven previously, entered the room.

" Everything was going according to plan until we bumped into Liu kang in the lost forest." One of the Tarkata's said.

" Liu kang." Shang Tsung said with much rage in his voice as he tightened the grip on his chair.

" Don't worry Shang Tsung, we will succeed in getting the medallion of POWER!!" The Tarkata said in excitement

Shao Kahn then entered the room, Shang Tsung turned to face him.

" So what's the progress?" Shao Kahn asked.

" They failed to get the medallion because Liu Kang showed up. Shang Tsung answered.

" Liu Kang won't be a problem, I'll send a couple assassins after him." Shao Kahn said.

" Prince Goro should be arriving shortly." Mileena said.

" Great, we must prepare something to eat for him." Shao Kahn added.

Back at Shalion Temple

The Eight settled in their rooms, Raphael, Luigi and Donatello decided to take a walk outside of the castle.

" So you guy's are like mutated turtles right?" Luigi said asking a question.

" Yes it was from this ooze called, TCRI." Raphael said.

" That is awesome that you two can talk." Luigi said.

" We aren't the only two, are brother's are Leonardo and Michelangelo." Donatello said.

The three are walking in a open field.

" Get over here!!!" Someone said loudly.

A rope spear came out of nowhere at a fast speed toward Luigi. Raph jumped in front of Luigi and caught the rope spear with his two sais. The rope spear was pulled back, almost pulling the Sais out of Raphael's hands.

Scorpion then appeared before the three.

" He looks like a ninja." Luigi said shaking a little.

" That is correct, I am Scorpion the ninja specter." Scorpion said with pride.

" Why are you trying to kill us?" Donatello asked.

" You three.... prepare to fight me in Mortal Kombat." Scorpion said loudly.

" What the heck is that?" Raphael asked confused.

" It means you three will fight me to the death." Scorpion answered.

Within 10 seconds the three began fighting Scorpion. Luigi shot a couple fire balls at him, but he blocked them with his arm. Donatello pulled out his Bo staff as Scorpion pulled out his sword. Scorpion knocked the three over, and was about to slash Raph with his sword when web pulled it out of his hand. Scorpion turned to face who did it.

" I'm your friendly neiborhood Spiderman, you shouldn't play with sharp toys it's dangerous." Spiderman said introducing himself.

" No problem, I will be able to defeat all four of you." Scorpion said.

Scorpion jumped up and kicked Spidey out of the tree. He landed on his back. Spidey quickly front flipped back on his feet and began fighting Scorpion. The two threw hard punches to each others ribs, chest and face's.

" Let's join in." Raphael demanded.

Don, Luigi and Raph began fighting Scorpion to help Spiderman. Scorpion punched Donatello hard in the stomach, Don fell to the ground as blood came flying out of his mouth. Raph got angry and kicked Scorpion to the ground, he was then going to stab each Sai into Scorpions eyes. Donatellos staff stopped Raph's attempt.

" What are you doing?" Luigi asked Donatello.

" Yeah." Raph said agreeing with Luigi.

" We shouldn't kill him, we don't even know why he attacked us."

Donatello helped Scorpion to his feet.

" Alright punk, tell us what your problem is." Raphael said angrily.

" You four work for Quan Chi don't you?" Scorpion asked.

" Quan Chi, I've never heard of him have you guy's?" Spiderman asked.

All three gave the same response as spidey.

" Maybe you should fill us in on this guy." Luigi suggested.

Scorpion told them everything.

" Wow so your Hanzo hasashi, and reborn in hell as Scorpion!!" Donatello said in amazement.

" Yes that is how it happened, but I must be going now Quan chi must be stopped." Scorpion said with fire eyes.

" Let us come with you, we can help." Raphael said.

" If you four really want to help, meet me at the front of the lost forest at dawn." Scorpion said.

" Why did you think we worked for that Quan chi guy?" Luigi asked.

" All will be explained." Scorpion said.

" Will be there." Donatello said.

" Good." Scorpion said.

Scorpion then left. Luigi, Don and Raph turned to look at Spidey.

" So you said your name is Spiderman, you don't look much like a Spider to me." Raphael said.

" I'm from New York city, I'm shore you guy's haven't heard of it." Spiderman said.

" Wow you must be the amazing Spiderman, me and my bro Raph are also from New York." Donatello said.

" What are you guy's doing so far from New York?" Spidey asked.

" That is a very long story and I don't want to go into detail, so why are you here?" Raphael asked.

" I'm looking for a murderer who escaped from top security back in New York, I followed him to this island." Spidey answered.

" I'm Luigi I originally came from Brooklyn." Luigi said.

Spiderman shook hands with Luigi.

" I guess will see each other around, I'm staying at a temple down that way with a bunch of visitors to the island." Spiderman said.

" will see you later we should really be returning to the shalion temple." Luigi said.

Spidey then swung off on his web.

" A lot of weird things keep happening." Raphael said.

" Let's return to the shalion temple before something ells does happen." Donatello said

Don, Luigi and Raph began their way back. Before Spidey reached the temple he was staying at, he took his suit off and is now Peter parker. Luigi, Raph and Don made it safely back to the temple.

" I see you three made it back, next time you want to take a walk notify me it is dangerous outside the temple." Liu kang told the three.

" Apparently were fine so we don't need the lecture." Raphael said in a smart talk voice.

" You guy's didn't run into any trouble did you?" Liu kang asked.

" It's nothing we couldn't handle." Donatello said.

" I'm starting to get hungry, when do you guy's serve dinner here?" Luigi asked looking very hungry.

" Something is already being prepared for us to eat." Liu kang answered.

They followed Liu kang to the 8th floor. The three entered their rooms to spend the time that is left. Time flew by and it was time for the eight fighters to meet Raiden on the first floor in the main room. They all entered the room at the same time

" Welcome warriors I'm glad to see you all made it on time, Liu you can ignore what I'm about to say since you already know what is going on." Raiden said to Liu.

Raiden told the eight about Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn.

" Now you guy's should see why they need to be stopped, those of you who don't want to help defeat them speak now!" Raiden said sounding very serious.

All fighters agreed to fight.

" It's settled, we will attack them at nightfall." Raiden said.

" So Shang Tsung has the ability to take the souls of defeated fighters?" Gohan asked with much interest.

" Yes that is true." Liu kang answered.

" I don't have to worry about that, after all I am the son of one of the most powerful saiyans who lived." Gohan said with much pride.

Hour's past and the sky was dark black with bright stars. The Eight have just got done eating.

" It's time, you eight must get ready for the attack I will wait here for you guy's to return." Raiden said.

" Don't worry we all will come back, even if it means a couple bruises." Gohan said

The Eight left through the front entrance.

" The fastest way to get to there castle is to go through the lost forest" Liu kang told everyone.

The eight walk silently on a dark field, all they can hear is crickets the moon is full. As they got closer to the forest, they saw Scorpion standing in front of the entrance.

" It's Scorpion!!" Liu kang said as he jumped forward and began fighting him.

Liu kang was quickly knocked down by Donatello's Bo staff. Don got in between Liu and Scorpion.

" Donatello what are you doing, if Liu is attacking this guy he must be evil." Sonic said loudly.

" Scorpion is not a foe and he told me, Luigi and Raphael to meet him here at this time." Donatello said sounding angry.

" It's true." Raphael added.

" I don't care if he told you to meet him here, Scorpion can't be trusted." Liu kang said in a serious tone.

" Why should we waste are time fighting him, when we already have to fight Shao Kahn and Shang tsung?" Boshi asked.

" We are on the same side, Quan chi is working with them."

" You see Liu, he is on are side." Luigi said.

" Ok only this once, but I'm keeping an eye on you." Liu kang said to Scorpion.

" Maybe we should break down into groups, so there is a less chance of them to spotting us." Ike the Echidna suggested.

" Ike's right we want a surprise attack." Gohan said agreeing.

" I'll travel alone." Scorpion said in a dark voice.

The fighters broke down into two groups of three, with the remaining two together. Raph, Boshi and Don are a group, as well as Luigi, Ike and Liu. The final group is Sonic and Gohan.

" I'm going to take a left up that way, there are six different routs you guy's can decide which one your going to take." Scorpion said as he walked up his path.

" So Liu what will this castle look like when we see it, Since I will be with Sonic?" Gohan asked.

" Trust me, it's huge you'll find it." Liu kang responded.

The three groups headed there separate ways to seek the castle. The moon is full with a soft wind blowing, and a little light rain. The fighters reach the castle within 55 minuets. Ike, Liu and Luigi entered the castle through a unlocked back door.

" Sshhh we must be quite, we don't want to be seen." Liu kang said as they walked down a hall with many torches hanging on the walls.

" Hey Liu, do you know were those two are located in here?" Ike asked softly trying not to be heard.

" They will most likely be toward the top floor." Liu kang answered.

The three continued to walk down the hall. As they got to the end of the hallway, Luigi opened the door. The three walked into the huge room, once they reached the middle of the room lights are shot on and they are surrounded by Tarkata warriors. The leader of them made his way to the front.

" We knew you would come Liu kang, I see you brought along a couple friends they will easily be disposed of like you." Braka said evilly.

" That's a lot of talk crap face I see you don't know the true power of the Echidna race." Ike said tightening his fist.

" I hate talking, let's just fight." Luigi said loudly.

Luigi shot many fire balls at the Tarkata fighters. The Tarkatas shot there blades out of there arms and began attacking the three. Ike jumped up and kicked one of them in the face twisting the Tarkata's head backwards. A Tarkata tried to slash Luigi with his blade, he kicked both blades out of his way and did a huge combo of fighting moves on the Tarkata to defeat him. Braka left the room thinking the three might be victorious.

Outside the castle

" Grab hold of me Sonic." Gohan said.

Sonic graved onto Gohan and he teleported the two into the castle.

" Hey what part of the castle are we in?" Sonic asked.

" On one of the higher levels." Gohan responded.

The doors around the two opened and they are surrounded by many ninjas.

" Don't do anything Sonic, I want to take care of this one myself." Gohan said smiling.

Gohan powered up to his max without going super saiyan, the force from his energy knocked the ninja's into the surrounding walls. Most of them are knocked out, the remaining ninja's run. Gohan powered back down to normal.

" Nice move, I wish I could do that." Sonic said.

Sonic and Gohan continued looking around.

Outside the castle

Scorpion used his rope spear on a window to get into the castle. Soon as Scorpion entered the room, he was spotted by Prince Goro, Shao Kahn and Shang tsung.

" Welcome Scorpion!" Shang tsung said with a fake smile.

" No games my patience are slim, were is Quan chi?" Scorpion asked with anger.

" If you can defeat us, you may then fight Quan chi." Shao Kahn said.

" I have no business with you three, I only want Quan chi so tell me were he is?" Scorpion asked angrily.

" Prove your a great fighter by defeating us, then you may have what you want." Goro said.

" If that's what it will take to fight him, then so be it" Scorpion said as he got in his fighting stance.

" Three against one that doesn't sound fair, I think I'll even the odds." Someone said from above.

They all looked up to see Spiderman drop off of his web and land next to the ninja Scorpion.

" How did you find me?" Scorpion asked.

" It's easy ninja specter, I followed you through the lost forest." Spiderman answered.

" It doesn't matter how many allies you have, you can't defeat us." Goro said roaring.

Spiderman webbed Goro's two top arms and tried to pull him to the ground, Goro with all his strength pulled Spidey toward him and smashed his knee into his stomach. Spidey quickly got up and began fighting Goro. Scorpion was about to start his attack on Shang tsung and Shao Kahn, when Shang tsung was quickly turned to ice. Scorpion looked over in the direction where the attack came from, Sub Zero jumped up and kicked Shang tsung into a wall.

" What are you doing here Scorpion?" Sub zero asked.

" I'm looking for Quan chi, and why are you here?" Scorpion asked.

" Braka's clan members stole an important map from the Lin Kuei." Subzero answered.

" I guess we are fighting on the same side." Scorpion said.

Shang tsung came out of the wall.

" I'll take Shao Kahn, you can finish off Shang tsung." Scorpion told Subzero.

Spiderman put some good combos on Goro. Scorpion and Subzero began fighting Shao Kahn and Shang tsung.

Outside the castle

" I wonder where we can find the entrance to the castle." Boshi said.

" I'm shore everyone ells has made it inside already." Donatello said looking confused.

" We need to hurry and find a way in, they may need are help." Raphael said.

Boshi tried to open another door, but it is also locked like the many others. An arrow almost goes into Boshi's head, but Donatello jumped in the way and caught it.

" It's an ambush." Raphael said angrily.

" Did you see which direction it came from?" Boshi asked.

" It came from those trees over their." Donatello answered.

" If there is someone over their, show yourself." Boshi said loudly

Mileena and reptile came from behind a tree. Kano jumped out of a tree and landed next to the two, with the bo and arrow's in his hand.

" Who the shell are you guy's?!" Raphael asked out loud.

" It doesn't matter who we are turtle boy, we will kill you three quickly.

" Will see about that Lizard freak." Raphael said to Reptile.

Kano dropped the bo and arrow's, he then pulled out two sharp blades.

" I'll take the guy with the weird looking eye." Boshi said with a smile.

Reptile took out his sword and Mileena pulled out her Sais.

" I'll definitely take the ninja girl." Raphael said as he pulled out his Sais.

" I guess that leaves you and me turtle." Reptile said to Don.

Reptile ran over to Donatello and began fighting him.

" First I'm going to cut off your tail and the rest of your body parts will follow." Kano said to Boshi.

Boshi jumped up and kicked Kano in the chest making him fall to the ground.

" Just because your a women don't think I'm going to cut you a break or go easy on you." Raphael said.

" Your dangerously underestimating my skills turtle. Mileena said.

Mileena ran over to Raphael trying to stab him with her Sais, his speed is to much for her to hit him.

Back in the castle

" I wonder were everyone is." Gohan said.

" I know, we haven't seen anyone in awhile." Sonic added.

Lightning began to form in front of the two and Raiden appeared before them.

" We must find the other's and get out of here, more of Shao Kahn's men are on there way here from Out world." Raiden said quickly.

" What do you mean?" Sonic asked looking very confused.

" What I mean is, they were expecting Liu kang to come here from the beginning." Raiden said.

" So basically this was a setup." Gohan said.

" Yes, you two must head back to the Shalion temple while I gather up the others." Raiden demanded.

Gohan and Sonic headed back to the shalion temple. Raiden returned back with the others an hour later.

" What took you guy's so long to get back?" Sonic asked.

Donatello is holding Boshi in his arms.

" What happened to him?" Sonic asked another question.

" A guy named Kano knocked him out." Donatello responded.

" Were is Scorpion." Gohan asked.

" He baled with us, but we lost him in the lost forest." Ike answered.

" That is crazy how many men came out of that portal and began attacking us." Raphael said.

" Those guy's shore where tough." Luigi said.

" We must not let them know of are location, we will keep a low profile." Raiden said.

" I think it's time we all get some rest." Donatello suggested.

Everyone agreed and the Seven fighters headed up the stairs to there rooms.

" They are great fighters master Raiden." Liu kang said.

" Yes they are, I think it is time you should also get some rest." Raiden said to Liu.

Liu bowed to Raiden and headed up the stairs.

TO Be Continue.