The Super adventure chapter 12

By Kristoffer Garrett

Manager:" Will the two fighters Venom and Goten step into the ring at this time."

Goten and Venom then walked into the ring, and got in there stances.

Venom:" I am going to chew you up and spit you out, monkey boy."

Goten:" Well your really not on my level, so im going to take you out quick."

Venom:" You dare talk to me like that, I am the Symbiot Venom and I'm going to rip you up."

Goten flew over toward Venom in a fast speed and knocked Venom to the ground. before Venom could get up, Goten picked him up by his leg threw him in the air."

Goten:" Kamehameha!!!

Venom then disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Goten."

Goten then stepped out of the ring smiling.

Goten:" That was to easy, at this rate all I have to worry about is Gohan."

Sonic:" Nice one Goten, that was amazingly quick."

Goten:" I know."

Young Link:" Hopefully my next match won't be as tough as my first match."

Mario:" You just got lucky that guy let you win."

Shadow:" Couldn't say the same for Luigi who was taken down by that Ryu guy."

Manager:" Next up Ken Vs. Leonardo, could you two step into the ring at this time."

Raphael:" Be careful Leo I've heard of the Ken masters, they are good and skilled fighters."

Michelangelo:" I wonder if they have a comic shop around here?"

Raph then smacked Mikey across the head.

Raphael:" Mikey quit being so stupid."

Leo did a front flip into the ring.

Young Link:" I think I'm going for the Turtle, since the other one's moves were so impressive."

Gohan:" I don't know Young Link, Ken is from a very well known fighting clan."

Shadow:" Ken will take down that Turtle punk."

Young Link:" You guy's can think what you want, but I still say that Leonardo wins."

Ken then walked into the ring.

Manager:" Ready fight!!"

Leo then pulled out his twin Katana's. Ken shot a huge blast at Leo, Leonardo quickly moved out of the way and ran for Ken. Leo reached Ken, and slashed him with his swords a couple times in the chest. Ken then kicked Leo to the ground and took one of his swords. Ken was bleeding from his chest, because of the sword cuts.

Ken:" Not bad."

Leo:" You have some nice skills yourself."

Leo got back on his feet with one sword in his hand, and Ken had the other one. ken and Leo then started sword fighting. Leonardo knocked the sword out of Ken's hand and kicked him to the ground, he also picked up his other sword. Leo then stabbed his swords into Ken, but before they could go in to deep Ken disappeared

Manager:" Winner Leonardo."

Young Link:" What did I tell you, I knew Leonardo was going to Win."

Gohan:" I guess you were right kid."

Shadow:" Don't get to exited Young Link, because you may have to face him."

Young Link:" I'm ready for anything."

Mario:" I shore hope my first match is coming up soon, I am kind of hoping to face one of those turtles."

Knuckles:" Why is that?"

Mario:" I can then really test my skills."

Bardock:" This is really starting to drive me crazy when I keep seeing so many matches, when will it be my turn?"

Sonic:" Just be patient, your turn will come."

Manager:" Next up Akuma Versus Mario.

Mario quickly jumped into the ring, Akuma followed behind.

Manager:" Ready begin!!"

Akuma:" You are going down plumber looking freak."

Mario:" You guessed right, I am a plumber."

Akuma shot a huge blast toward Mario, but Mario quickly loads up a huge fire blast and shot it toward Akuma.

Akuma jumped out of the blasts way. Mario ran toward Akuma and threw a couple punches and kicks on him. Mario then shot a fire blast at him making him fall to the ground. Akuma smiled and quickly jumped back onto his feet.

Akuma:" I was just letting have your fun with me, but now play time is over Mario.

Mario:" Words don't scare me, stop talking and show me what you can do."

Akuma:" You really think you can win, I have bad news for you Mario."

Akuma then punched Mario in the face many times, and then kicked him to the ground.

As Mario laid on the ground, Akuma loaded up a blast and shot it at him. Akuma then started beating on Mario while he was laying on the ground.

Young Link:" Wow it looks like Mario might get beat."

Goten:" Your right, I don't understand what is going on he was doing alright at first."

Knuckles:" I thought the Mario brothers were supposed to be really good fighters."

Akuma picked up Mario by one of his arms and punched him back down. Mario laying on the ground shot one of his fire balls into Akumas face. Mario then jumped back onto his feet. He then loaded up a huge fire blast while Akuma couldn't see and shot it at him. Akuma went flying out of the ring, he then disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Mario."

Mario jumped out of the ring.

Goten:" Nice moves Mario, for a second there I thought you were going to loose."

Sonic:" I really am impressed on how you beat that guy in the end Mario."

Shadow:" Hey Mario that was a nice match, I actually thought Akuma was going to beat you 100%."

Mario:" I know, I thought he had me beat for a second there."

Young Link:" I am getting hungry."

Goten:" Hey Young Link, there is a hot dog stand over there, if you come with me I will buy you a hot dog."

Young Link:" Ok lets go."

Manager:" Next match, Kirby Vs. Bardock."

Bardock:" Finally it is my turn, I was beginning to think it would never come."

Knuckles:" Do your best Bardock, show that guy you are no one to be messed with."

Sonic:" Try and finish him quick, don't give him a chance to beat you."

Bardock:" Thanks guy's, I will take your advice."

Bardock then flew into the ring. Kirby then entered the ring.

Manager:" Ready begin fighters."

Bardock:" What kind of creature are you, you look kind of like bubble gum."

Kirby:" You can call me all the funny names you want, but I'm going to take you out."

Bardock quickly shot six ki blasts at kirby, but Kirby jumped out of the way and ran toward Bardock and sucked him into his mouth.

Sonic:" Ooh no, this looks bad."

Bardock then came flying out of Kirby's body.

Bardock:" What kind of move was that?"

Kirby:" I just sucked up some of your ability's."

Bardock:" Nice ability, but you do not have my fighting style."

Kirby and Bardock shot a huge blast toward each other, the two blasts blew up in the middle of the ring.

Bardock then flew fast toward Kirby, the two then started fighting.

HD stand man:" So how many hot dogs would you boy's like?"

Goten:" We will have four, two for each of us."

HD stand man:" Ok, your total will be 3 Rupees."

Goten gave him 3 rupees. Goten then graved his and Young Link's hot dogs, along with some ketchup.

Young Link:" Thanks Goten."

Goten:" Don't mention it."

Michelangelo came walking over to the hot dog stand.

Michelangelo:" Hey can I get six hot dogs please?"

HD stand man:" That will be a total of four green Rupees."

Mikey:" Do you guy's except cash?"

HD man:" If you don't have Rupees, no hot dogs."

Mikey:" But me and my bros are hungry."

HD man:" Sorry no Rupees no hot dogs."

Goten:" I've got it covered."

Mikey:" Huh."

Goten gave the hot dog man 4 Rupees. He then put the six hot dogs in a bag and gave it to Goten.

Goten:" Here are your hot dogs Michelangelo."

Mikey:" Thanks dude, what is your name?"

Goten:" My name is Goten and this is my friend Young Link."

Mikey:" How can I repay you?"

Goten:" No it's ok, just enjoy your lunch."

Young Link:" Could you tell me how you and your brothers learned how to fight like that?"\

Michelangelo:" Are Master Splinter taught us all of are moves."

Young Link:" He shore has trained you guy's good."

Mikey:" Do you guy's want to come with me and meet my bros?"

Goten:" Shore, right after we eat and finish watching this match."

Mikey:" See yah then."

Young Link and Goten sat down at a table to eat there food.

Bardock and Kirby punched each other in the face at the same time, Bardock then kicked Kirby smash down onto the tournament ring. Kirby quickly got back on his feet breathing hard. Bardock then shot a huge blast at Kirby making him disappear.

Manager:" Winner Bardock:"

Bardock then jumped out of the ring.

Sonic:" Wow Bardock that was a good match, I knew you were going to defeat Kirby."

Mario:" That looked like it was a tough match Bardock, I'm glad your still in."

Bardock:" Thanks Mario and Sonic."

Gohan:" I'm guessing my match should be coming up here soon."

Shadow:" Hopefully for my first match I won't have to face any of you guy's."

Mario:" I hope so to, so that we don't get rid of each other to fast."

Knuckles:" I already had my first match, but I am eager for my next match."

Gohan:" I'm shore Bowser is planning some kind of sneak attack on us."

Mario:" Who knows when he could strike, so we must be on guard."

In a back room.

Ganondorf:" So is everyone here"

Carnage:" Yes Mr. Ganon we are all here."

Cell:" So what is your plan of getting rid of the threats that can stop us?"

Ganondorf:" I'm already a head of you Cell this is how it works, The fighters who loose are sent to another dark dimension were they will spend the rest of there lives."

Carnage:" I thought the losers were sent outside of the Tournament doors, not sent to another dimension."

Ganondorf:" I had my manager tell that to the fighters so that they would be fooled by the truth."

Cell:" Ganondorf your plan is amazing, so how are you sending the losers to another world?"

Ganon:" I'm using the power of the Triforce."

Carnage:" This is going to be so fantastic, so why did you want me to spare the boy's life?"

Ganondorf:" I want to destroy Link myself."

A door to the room opened.

Voice:" Sorry I am late."

Ganondorf:" Not a problem Shredder, we just got started."

Shredder:" So you can help me get rid of the Turtles?"

Ganondorf:" The one name Donatello has already been destroyed."

Shredder:" How Positive are you."

Ganondorf:" Trust me Oroko Saki Shredder, He is gone."

Shredder:" Perfect, this team up looks like it will be successful."

Carnage:" Shredder I built you a gold suit that is two times stronger then the one you are currently wearing."

Shredder:" Great I will try it out now, were is it?"

Carnage:" It's in the front room."

Will Ganondorfs plan work to get rid of the Heroes and take over with his dark team.

To Be Continue.


The Super Adventure Chapter 13.

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett

Robotnick:" So King Koopa, tell me more about these Mario brothers."

Bowser:" They are pro plumbers and very skilled at fighting, they never fall for my tricks there just to skilled.."

Robotnick:" I know what you mean, that hedgehog Sonic just seems so un beatable"

Bowser:" You told me earlier that the two hedgehogs Sonic and Shadow are very fast, what kind of speed are we talking."

Robotnick:" The kind of speed these two hedgehogs posses, they could be out of sight in one second."

Bowser:" In that case I guess we better have Trunks or 17 dispose of those two."

Robotnick:" Knuckles the Echidna is the master of material arts and guardian of the master Emerald."

Bowser:" Bardock never did come back, so I'm guessing he joined forces with are enemies."

Robotnick:" That really isn't good, it will take us longer to defeat them."

Bowser:" It won't be to huge of a problem, I have a Koopa army if needed."

Robotnick:" Hopefully we won't need them."

Bowser:" Let's hope you are right."

Robotnick:" Shadow used to work with me, but that was a long time ago."

The door to the kitchen then opened.

Trunks:" Hey Dr. Eggman and Bowser, we are all training for the attack later."

Bowser:" Great Trunks, continue all of your hard work."

Trunks then left back to the training room.

Back at the Tournament.

Manager:" Winner Kilik."

Knuckles:" I had no idea that guy was going to win, he was getting beat bad at first."

Gohan:" You have to give the guy credit, even though he didn't have the upper hand."

Shadow:" I could take both those guy's at the same time, I'm so fast they wouldn't be able to touch me."

Mario:" I don't think you should go that far Shadow."

Goten and Young Link finished there hot dogs and then walked over to the turtles.

Mikey:" Hey Goten and Young Link, this is my brother Raphael, and this is my other brother Leo"

Young Link and Goten shook hands with the other turtles.

Leonardo:" I so your first match Goten, you beat that Symbiot fast."

Raphael:" So were did you get strength like that Goten?"

Goten:" I train very hard and on top of that, I am half Saiyan."

Leonardo:" I've never heard of that race before."

Raphael:" So Young Link what happened with your first match, it kind of looked like that red monster looking thing gave up."

Young Link:" He said something about spearing me for now."

Leonardo:" That sounds really strange."

Goten:" Well I guess we will see you guy's around, we are going to watch the next match with are buddies."

Michelangelo:" Ok will probably see you guy's in the ring."

Young Link:" You can count on it."

Goten and Young Link then walked back over to were there crew was standing waiting to hear which two fighter's would be in the ring next.

Manager:" Next up, Ike the Echidna Vs. Shadow the hedgehog."

Shadow:" What did he just say, I thought Knuckles was the only Echidna."

Knuckles:" I can't believe it, I thought I was the only one left"

Ike jumped into the ring.

Knuckles:" Wow he really is an Echidna just like me."

Shadow quickly got into the ring.

Manager:" Ready... fight."

Shadow:" Who the heck are you, your not a part of Knuckles tribe are you?"

Ike:" I am not from the same tribe as Knuckles, My bloodline is much more powerful."

Shadow:" What do you mean?"

Ike:" I should be the one guarding the master Emerald, I only entered this stupid tournament so that I could beat him in combat."

Shadow:" That's to bad, because you will not beat me."

Ike:" Taking you out Shadow will not be a problem at all."

Shadow:" Let us see if you are really tougher then Knuckles."

Shadow used his super speed to get over to Ike and punch him.

Ike moved out of the way fast with a smile on his face.

Sonic:" That Ike Echidna has the same kind of speed as me and Shadow."

Shadow:" How can you move that fast."

Ike:" My shoes have a built in device to increase my speed."

Shadow tried to kick and punch Ike, but he was to fast.

Ike:" How about I try hitting you now."

Ike punched Shadow in the stomach once, Shadow then fell to his knees out of breath.

While on his knees, Ike then punched him in the face sending him to the ground.

Young Link:" Ike is stronger and faster then Shadow."

As Shadow was laying on the tournament floor Ike was throwing many punches on him.

Ike picked up Shadow and then punched him back down onto the ground.

Shadow:" Wow I guess your better then I thought, I have no choice but to do this now."

Ike:" What are you talking about?"

Shadow then pulled out seven chaos emeralds.

Shadow:" Chaos control!!!"

Shadow then powered up and turned gold.

Sonic:" What Shadow never told us he had caos emeralds."

Shadow then started beating on Ike. Shadow then smashed his face into the tournament floor, Ike then disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Shadow."

Shadow then turned back to normal and got out of the ring.

Sonic:" Why didn't you tell us you had chaos emeralds?"

Shadow:" It's not a big deal Sonic."

Goten:" That was a great match Shadow, In away you reminded me of a Super Saiyan when you turned golden."

Gohan:" I agree, your power level also went up sky high."

Young Link:" I can't wait for my next match to come."

Knuckles:" I never heard of there being another tribe of Echidna's."

Mario:" To bad that Echidna was against you Knuckles."

Young Link:" I'm a little lost Sonic, was it the chaos Emeralds that gave Shadow all of that power?"

Sonic:" That is correct Young Link, the chaos Emeralds increased Shadow's power level."

Goten:" Hey Shadow, since you have those chaos Emeralds in your super form you might stand a chance against me, when I'm powered up to Super Saiyan."

Shadow:" Ok will see what you are really made of when we meet in the ring."

It then began to rain.

Raphael:" That rain really feels good, especially since it is hot out.

Mikey:" I hope my match is coming up soon, I starting to get board."

Young Link:" This is a nice light rain."

Manager:" Next up Gohan Vs. Crash Bandicoot.

Gohan then flew into the ring, Crash followed him close behind.

Manager:" Ready fight."

Gohan:" So Crash, why did you enter this Tournament."

Crash didn't say anything.

Gohan:" Ok I guess he can't speak English, I guess I will just finish him off now."

Gohan then flew over to Crash and punched him out of the ring, Crash then disappeared."

Gohan:" Wow that was nothing."

Manager:" Winner Gohan."

Gohan then walked out of the ring toward his friends and brother.

Goten:" Dang Gohan, you finished off Crash really fast."

Young Link:" He just stood there, I don't know why he even entered this tournament."

In a back room.

Shredder:" This Gold suit is much more powerful then my original suit, thanks a lot Carnage."

Carnage:" It was my pleasure Shredder."

All of them then looked threw the crystal ball.

Shredder:" This is great there are only three turtles left, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo, when are there next matches."

Ganondorf:" Every fighter must have a match before they can fight again, the one name Michelangelo has a match coming up soon."

Cell:" At least there is no Vegeta or Goku, or we would have a problem."

Carnage:" Who are Goku and Vegeta?"

Cell:" They are the two most powerful saiyans to ever live."

Ganondorf:" Link is just a child and will pose no threat to us."

Cell:" Gohan and Goten will pose no threat to us."

Carnage then walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Shredder:" The turtles will pose us a threat long as they are alive."

Ganondorf:" Don't worry Shredder they will be destroyed."

At Bowser's castle.

Paratroopa is punching on the punching bag.

Android 17:" This is starting to boar me just sitting here training, when we could be fighting."

Trunks:" Don't worry 17 we are just getting warmed up for when we attack them later."

Koopa Troopa:" Hey what are you two talking about."

Trunks:" It's nothing that important Koopa Troopa."

Android 17:" Let's get back to are training."

To Be Continue.


The Super adventure Chapter 14

the tournament continues.

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett

Manager:" Get ready everyone, because round two of the tournament is about to begin."

Gohan:" I hope my next match in this tournament is a lot harder, my first match was to easy."

Manager:" Alright First up Goten Vs. Ryu."

Goten:" Hey that is the guy who defeated Luigi."

Goten and Ryu got into the ring and shook hands.

Manager:" Ready...Fight."

Ryu:" It looks like you have a lot of friends Goten, all of them are your friends right?"

Goten:" Yeh they are, you shore did defeat Luigi quick I'm going to give you a challenge."

Ryu:" Ok lets begin."

Goten and Ryu both shot a blast, and the two blew up in the middle of the ring as they hit each other. Goten then flew over to Ryu and kicked him 12 feet into the air

Goten:" Good bye, Kamehameha."

The blast hit Ryu and he disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Goten."

Goten got out of the ring and flew over to his friends.

Sonic:" Wow you beat that guy really fast pal."

Manager:" Next match Knuckles Vs. Wind Waker Link."

Young Link:" What did he just say, Knuckles Vs. who?!"

Shadow:" He said Knuckles versus Wind Waker Link."

Knuckles entered the ring along with the other Link.

Manager:" Ready begin."

Gohan:" Hey Young Link his outfit is similar to yours, but it is a bit different."

Young Link:" It must be a kid dressed up like me the hero of time."

Knuckles:" Who are you, your dressed like the hero of time."

Wind link:" I am the master of the wind."

Knuckles:" Are you from Hyrule?"

Wind Link:" I am from a island called outset, my grandma made me this suit."

Knuckles:" Are you related to the hero of time?"

Wind Link:" No I am not."

In back room

Ganondorf:" What is this it is another Link from a different time period, Knuckles must win."

Shredder:" Why are you so afraid of little boys, they are useless."

Ganondorf:" You have no idea what you are talking about Oroko Saki."

Carnage:" Lets not argue, we are suppose to be on the same team."

Cell:" Yes lets just watch the match."

Back in the ring.

Knuckles:" Ok kid let's see what kind of skill level you are."

Mario:" Hey Young Link, how old are you?"

Young Link:" I'm 11 why?"

Mario:" I was just curious."

Wind Link pulled out a bomb and threw it at Knuckles, but he kicked it out of his way and it blew up outside of the ring. Knuckles ran over to wind Link and tried to punch him in the face, but wind Link blocked the punch with his shield. knuckles then kicked him to the ground, but he quickly got back on his feet. knuckles jumped away from him to dodge the blade of Wind Link's.

Mario:" I wonder who will win, it's going to be close."

Wind Link then pulled out his bo and Arrow and shot off a dozen fire arrow's. Knuckles dodged all of them.

Wind Link:" Wow you've got good skill Knuckles."

Wind Link then shot a couple ice arrow's at Knuckles, he wasn't hit. Wind Link then threw his boomer rang at Knuckles, hitting him in the head sending him to the ground.

Wind Link:" You loose."

Knuckles then got up slowly.

Knuckles:" It's not over yet, what do you say we continue."

Wind Link:" Ok your better then I gave you credit for."

Knuckles then jumped over next to Wind Link and Kicked his sword out of his hand. Knuckles and Wind Link punched each other in the face at the same time. the two then started fighting.

Bardock:" This is a good match, I'm not shore who is going to win."

Knuckles smashed his fist into Wind Links stomach while, while Wind Link's fist smashed into his face. Knuckles jumped far from Wind Link.

Knuckles:" Hey Wind Link, throw a bomb at me I bet you will miss."

Wind Link:" Ok if you insist."

Wind Link threw the bomb directly at him, Knuckles kicked the bomb back toward Wind Link. It blew up right in his face, Wind Link then disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Knuckles the Echidna."

Knuckles then stepped out of the ring.

Young Link:" That was a good match Knuckles, I knew you would win."

Mario:" That was some good stuff you pulled off, nicely done."

Knuckles:" Don't mention it guy's."

Mario:" So far we are all doing really well in this tournament, lets keep up the good work."

Manager:" Next up Mario Vs. Redy the red Yoshi!"

Mario:" It looks like I'm going up against on of Yoshi's best buddies."

Both Mario and Redy walked into the ring.

Manager:" Get ready.... Begin."

Mario:" Lets see if you are more skilled in material arts then Yoshi."

Redy:" Yoshi knows moves but Boshi, Blackie and I have already defeated him before, I placed 3rd out of 1,267 Yoshis in the dino tournament."

Mario:" Who placed second and first?"

Redy:" Boshi placed first and Blackie came in second."

Young Link:" My money is on Mario, he will probably defeat Redy fast."

Goten:" Don't blink or you might miss it."

Mario:" Ok I'll do the first move."

Mario shot a couple fire balls at Redy at fast speed, Redy knocked one of them out of his way with his tail and punched a couple others Redy then ran over toward Mario and knocked him to the ground with his tail. Mario jumped to his feet quickly and punched Redy in the face a couple times, Mario then graved redy by his tail and threw him to the metal tournament floor. Redy got up and sucked Mario into his mouth, and then shot him back out inside of an Yoshi egg.

Raphael:" What kind of crazy move is that, I think it is fantastic."

Shadow:" I kind of thought Redy was going to win from the beginning."

Redy then picked up the egg and started slamming it on the tournament floor. After about 35 sec Mario broke out of the egg.

Mario:" I feel really dizzy."

Redy:" Now I will be able to finish you without much of a problem."

Redy then started beating on Mario. Redy then kicked Mario onto the ground.

Redy:" Which move should I use to finish him with, Hey why are you smiling?"

Mario:" The whole time I was in that egg, I loaded up this fire ball just for you."

Mario then shot the fire ball at Redy, with that Redy disappeared.

Manager:" The winner of this match is Mario."

Mario jumped out of the ring.

Young Link:" Hey Mario, I thought you were going to defeat that guy much quicker."

Gohan:" At least you are still here with us."

Manager:" Next up Bardock Vs. Michelangelo."

Mikey:" What the shell, why do I have to go up against that guy he is tough."

Leo:" Don't worry Mikey, just concentrate and you will be able to win."

Mikey:" That's easy for you to say, your not going against him."

Raphael:" Yo Mikey I bet you won't be winning the tournament this time, battle nexus champion."

Leo:" Raph that isn't helping, we should be encouraging him."

Mikey then walked into the ring with Bardock.

Manager:" Fighters begin."

Mikey:" Lets see what your made of spiky hair dude, did I mention I'm the battle nexus champion."

Bardock:" I don't care what you are turtle, to bad you have to loose on your first match."

Mikey:" Who says I am the one who is going to loose"

Bardock:" I am a Saiyan, from a very powerful bloodline."

Michelangelo:" Well my master Splinter taught me all kinds of moves, I don't care how strong you are"

Bardock:" I like your confidence Mikey, lets begin."

Mikey then pulled out both of his nun chucks and ran toward Bardock to hit him. Bardock jumped up and kicked Mikey in the stomach, making fly almost to the other side of the ring Mikey jumped back on his feet. Bardock then flew fast toward Michelangelo, when he reached him Mikey did a jump spin kick and hit Bardock in the face sending him to the ground.

Young Link:" I really want to train with one of those turtles, their fighting skills are the best."

Bardock shot a ki blast at Mikey, he knocked the blast away with one of his chucks. Bardock got back on his feet. Mikey and Bardock then started attacking each other.

Goten:" How strong Bardock is, you would think this fight would be over already."

Knuckles:" You have to give the turtle credit, he know's moves."

Young Link:" Who know's, my next match could be me against one of the ninja turtles."

Mario:" I hope I at least place in the top four in this tournament."

Goten:" Mario, just try your hardest and it just might happen."

Mikey:" Wow dude your good, usually I would have beat my opponent by now."

Bardock then tripped Mikey and he fell out of the ring and disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Bardock."

Leonardo:" I don't believe it, Mikey and Donny are already out of the tournament."

Raphael:" I've only got one thing to say, better them then me."

Sonic:" It looks like you won Bardock, how do you feel."

Bardock:" I feel perfect."

In back room.

Shredder:" Yes Michelangelo has been destroyed, now the only two who remain are Leonardo and Raphael."

Ganondorf:" I watched all of the turtles matches, these two seemed to have a higher skill level then the other two turtles that were defeated."

Shredder:" Yes they do, especially Leonardo he is the leader of them all."

Cell:" Soon all of the warrior's will be gone, I we will rule everything."

Ganon:" Yes, starting with the mushroom kingdom and Hyrule."

Carnage:" Lets continue watching the tournament."

Young Link:" Hey Bardock that was a good match, why didn't you just blast him away?"

Bardock:" That would have been to lame"

Manager:" Next match is Young Link Vs. Original 1st Link."

Young Link:" What the heck"

Shadow:" What, I thought Young Link was the first Link."

TO Be Continue.