The super adventure

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett

This story takes place after Dragon ball GT.

Bowser:" Koopas report to the planning room at once."

In 6 minuets all Koopas were in the room.

Bowser:" So have any of you come up with a plan to defeat Mario and Luigi, better yet did any of you come up with a way to kill the plumbers?"

Koopa Troopa:" Maybe we should just attack Mario and Luigi straight on, with everything including are bomb shells."

Bowser:" Interesting plan, but Luigi and Mario will probably defeat us again like they always do, we are going to need a better plan."

Shy Guy:" Bowser Maybe I could plant some bombs in the castle, I could then leave and have a detonator to explode the whole thing, so what do you think?"

Bowser:" You probably wouldn't be able to get past Princess Peach's security at the castle."

Paratroopa:" Mario doesn't know I am working for you, so maybe we could ambush him."

Bowser:" Those two can probably since a trap from a mile away."

Fly Guy:" We should attack Mario and Luigi, when they are not together."

Bowser:" That is the dumbest plan yet, do you know how many times, I have already tried that."

Petey Piranha:" You guy's should lead Mario and his prosthetic brother to the garden land, I then will finish them both off no challenge."

Bowser:" Well your plan sucks like Fly Guy's."

Petey Piranha:" What did you just say, I only joined this dump because you are paying me handsomely."

Paratroopa:" So your just in it for the money?"

Petey Piranha:" Yup that's right"

Bowser:" I don't care if any of you are here to get paid, I just want the Mario Brothers dead."

Bowser Jr." Hey dad is it almost time to eat, because I am starving?"

Bowser:" In a minuet I will have Fly Guy order some pizza ok."

Bowser Jr.:" Alright that sounds good."

Koopa Troopa:" I'll just go order the Pizza's now, I will order about Ten or Twelve."

Petey Piranha:" I can't wait to eat."

Back at the castle

Mario:" Hey peach how long will you and Daisy be gone to rainbow world for?"

Peach:" Will be there for at least five or Six month's, why are you going to miss me?"

Mario:" I guess you could say that."

Peach then hugged Mario and then left for the airport with Daisy.

Luigi:" It shore is going to be kind of boring here without those two don't you think Mario?"

Mario:" We can just hang out with Yoshi and his buddies."

Luigi:" now that peach is no longer here with us, do you think Bowser will try to capture Peach."

Mario:" He might but we will be ready for him."

Luigi:" Mario I am going to go stop by my Mansion alright."

Mario:" Ok you do that."

Luigi then walked out of the door."

Mario went to his Living room sat down then turned the TV on to Football.

Five Minuets later Boshi and Yoshi came in."

Yoshi:" Hey Mario are you watching Football?"

Boshi:" What does it look like he's watching, duh."

Yoshi:" shut up Boshi, I didn't bring you here to be an Idiot."

Mario:" You guy's can sit down and make yourselves at home."

Boshi:" Do you live here Mario?"

Mario:" Know I don't, but I do like to visit peach a lot."

Yoshi:" I think we should all go out for Ice scream it is a very hot night, so what do you say Mario and Boshi, sound good?"

Mario turned off the TV.

Mario:" Alright guys lets go get some tasty cold Ice scream."

Yoshi, Boshi and Mario left the Castle.

Boshi:" It shore is a nice night, look at that beautiful moon."

Yoshi:" The whether is also really good, I say It's about 70 degrees."

Sixteen Minuets later the three arrived at the Ice-cream store, and walked in."

Mario:" Hey look over there it's Knuckles and Sonic"

Yoshi:" I see them."

Mario:" You can tell them that we are here, while I go get are blizzards."

Mario then got in line.

Boshi and Yoshi walked over to Sonic and Knuckles.

Boshi:" Hey what's up Sonic and Knuckles, enjoying your coan?"

Sonic:" Hey guy's have a seat."

Boshi and Yoshi sat next to Knuckles and Sonic.

Yoshi:" Mario is also here with us, he is in the line to go buy us some Ice scream."

Knuckles:" I heard Mario is one of the most skilled fighters of the Nintendo world, is that true?"

Yoshi:" Yup that's Mario."

Sonic:" I guess this will be your first time meeting Mario Knuckles, he is a really cool guy."

Boshi:" I hope he brings me chocolate."

Two Minuets later Mario came to the table with the ice cream.

Back at Bowsers Castle 2 hours later

Fly Guy:" Dinner was really good."

Petey Piranha:" Bowser do you still have the transport machine?"

Bowser:" Yes I do, were are you going with this?"

Petey Piranha:" Maybe you could reveres it and make it so that we could bring someone from another world to kill the Mario bros."

Bowser:" Piranha you are brilliant!"

Paratroopa:" I will start reversing the machine along with Koopa Troopa."

Bowser:" How long will it take?"

Paratroopa:" We could have it ready by morning."

Koopa Troopa:" Then we should get to work right away."

Next Morning.

Bowser:" Is the Machine Ready?"

Koopa Troopa:" Yup she's ready."

Paratroopa:" So were are you going to shoot the beam to Bowser?"

Bowser:" focus it to after world."

Koopa Troopa:" I will set it so that it will beam the strongest two."

After doing so he shot the beam.

Bowser:" How long will it take for them to arrive."

Paratroopa:" Any second now."

Within a minuet the two stepped out of the Machine."

Koopa Troopa:" what are your names?"

Bowser looked on the Scanner.

Bowser:" There power levels are amazing, this can't be real."

Bowser:" Machine Identifies these two."

Machine:" Both are Saiyans, were born on planet earth, Father and Mother Goku and Chi Chi, There names are Gohan and Goten."

Bowser:" Gohan and Goten cool names."

Koopa Troopa:" Can you guys speak?"

Goten:" Yaa we can speak, but what is going on How did I get here?" And Wow I feel like I am in my Twenties again."

Gohan:" Your right Goten, but I feel like I am 37."

Paratroopa:" Oooh my mistake, I made it so they would become younger again after being zapped by the beam."

Gohan:" What is going on, and who are you guys?"

Bowser:" My name is Bowser and I have brought you here to destroy a mad man named Mario, he has been killing a lot of people."

Goten:" Well that doesn't sound very good."

Bowser:" I will provide you with shelter and food if you destroy him and his little brother, do we have a deal?"

Gohan:" Yaa you have yourself a deal."

Petey Piranha stepped into the room.

Koopa Troopa:" Goten Gohan you guy's can ask the machine any info about yourself, and it will tell you."

Goten:" How old are me and Gohan?"

Machine:" Goten your Twenty four while Gohan is Thirty five."

Gohan:" Where are Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr?"

Machine:" The two are on earth."

Goten:" This thing is really neat right Gohan."

Gohan:" It is pretty cool."

Bowser:" I'm guessing you two are probably hungry, Petey Piranha fix these two 15 big pan cakes each, we can't have you two fighting on an empty stomach."

Goten:" I love pancakes, thanks."

Gohan:" So Bowser what are you supposed to be, a big Turtle?"

Bowser:" Gohan I am part Koopa and part dragon."

Goten:" So is this Mario guy tough or what?"

Shy Guy:" Mario is nothing compared to you two, one of you alone could easily take him down."

Goten:" This isn't even are fullest power, you haven't seen us at Super Saiyan yet."

Bowser:" Super Saiyan, what the heck is that?"

Gohan:" Will show you later."

Goten:" Since we are going to take care of your Mario problem , I wouldn't suppose you could provide us with some really hot babes."

Gohan then hit Goten on the head.

Gohan:" Sorry Bowser, my brother can get alittle carried away."

Bowser Jr." Hey father what are the power levels of those two?"

Bowser looked at the scanner.

Bowser:" Goten's level is Forty five Million eight hundred six and Gohans level is Sixty three million four hundred twenty two."

Bowser Jr.:" No freaking way, the machine must be broken big time!"

Bowser:" Just think of it this way my son, these guy's are from another world."

Bowser Jr.:" Mario and Luigi won't have a chance, there highest power level could probably be twenty five."

Petey Piranha:" Breakfast time Goten and Gohan."

Gohan and Goten rushed to the kitchen."

5 hours later

Back at Peach's castle

Mario:" Hey Sonic can you help me over here, with my kart?"

Sonic zoomed over. Sonic:" I see what the problem is."

Luigi and Knuckles walked over to Mario and Sonic and as they did, a blast hit all of them."

They all fell to the ground."

Sonic:" What was that?"

all four of them looked up and so Goten and Gohan smiling.

Goten:" We have been sent here to destroy Mario and all his friends, and that's exactly what will do."


The super adventure: chapter Two

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett



Sonic:" Who the heck are you guy's and who sent you?"

Gohan:" My name is Gohan."

Goten:" My name is Goten and we were sent here by Bowser to kill Mario and his evil friends."

Mario:" I'm not evil."

Gohan:" So your Mario."

Goten:" Bowser told us that you and your brother Luigi have been killing people in the mush room kingdom, he also said you speard no one."

Luigi:" It sounds like Bowser has really gone over the edge this time."

Sonic:" Ok have I ever met this Bowser guy before?"

Luigi:" No Sonic you don't know this guy, he is like Mario's rival."

Gohan:" Talk is cheap just shut up and fight."

Knuckles jumped up and tried to punch Gohan, but Gohan with no effort kicked him onto the ground.

Sonic:" No Knuckles!"

Sonic then ran fast toward Gohan and started throwing punches to his face.

Sonic stoppd after he got tired, he was breathing hard.

Gohan:" Wow thos punches tickled, or should I say I couldn't even fill them.!"

Sonic:" Darn I had effect on him."

Gohan:" I will give you all one chance to surrender yourselves to the police."

Mario:" Why should we I mean we haven't done anything wrong."

Luigi:" You could even ask the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, we are friends of her's."

Gohan:" Umm interesting, were is the Princess now?"

Sonic:" Princess Peach and Daisy are on a buissiness trip."

Gohan:" Goten I am starting to think that Bowser guy tricked us."

Goten:" I know what you mean, I think so to."

Goten walked over to Knuckles that was laying on the ground, and shot out a weird looking blast at him."

Sonic:" What are you doing to him stop!"

Knuckles then stood to his feet, wow my energy is back how did you do that?"

Goten:" I gave you some of my energy."

Sonic:" So I guess that makes us the good guy's right?"

Gohan:" You guy's are for now."

Goten:" So Mario are the two Princesses hot?"

Gohan:" Goten could you just stop talking about girls for a little bit."

Bowser appeared on the top of the castle roof along with shy guy and Koopa Troopa.

Bowser:" So you Saiyans figured out the truth sooner than I thought you would."

Goten" Bowser you no good ugly bad excuse for a turtle."

Bowser:" I am the one who brought you and Gohan to this world, so you will do what I tell you to do."

Gohan:" Sorry Bowser but we are on the side of good."

Bowser and the others all jumped of of the castle roof, and landed in front of everyone.

Goten:" I will take care of them, eat this Bowser... Kamehameha."

Bowser Koopa Troopa and Shy guy after getting hit by the blast got knocked miles a way."

Sonic:" Impressive, what is your name again?"

Goten:" My name is Goten, and you are who?"

Sonic:" I am Sonic the Hedgehog."

Knuckles:" How the heck did you do that Goten?"

Goten:" I just used some of the energy that is stored up inside of me."

Luigi:" So which one of you is strongest Goten?"

Goten:" Well my big brother is stronger then me."

Gohan:" Err it shore is hot out here."

Mario:" Why don't you come inside I can make some cold drinks."

all six of them went into the castle. Mario went right for the kitchen to go get some cold fruit drinks for everyone.

Goten looked on the walls and saw some pictures of Princess peach.

Goten:" Wow she shore is fine, hey Luigi do you think Peach would go out with me?"

Luigi:" If Peach were going to go out with a guy, it would be Mario."

Goten:" Man that sucks, I guess it's not that big of a loss."

Sonic:" Goten I'm guessing you and Gohan aren't human am I right."

Goten:" Yaa Me and my brother are Saiyans."

Sonic:" You seem to like girls a lot do you have any favorites?"

Goten:" The best girl that I did like the most was a girl named Paresue, other girls that were fine where Marron and Bra, but I never went out with any of them exept Paresue." Goten:" Don't tell my brother, but Videl was in my top 10 of hot girls."

Gohan:" Excuse me Goten what did you just say?"

Goten:" Ooh it's nothing that important."

Knuckles:" Who is Videl."

Sonic:" Yaa Goten was she one of your old girl friends."

Goten:" No, she was my brothers wife, don't tell Gohan what I said about her ok."

Knuckles/Sonic:" We wont."

Luigi:" Hey Gohan and Goten, how did Bowser bring you here?"

Gohan:" He brought us here by using this maschine of his."

Mario walked into the room.

Mario:" Everyone come get your fruit drink."

Everyone ran over to the table and picked up a drink. All the guy's drank it in less then two minuets.

Knuckles:" Hey that wasn't bad at all, that was really good."


Back at Bowser's castle.

Bowser Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy knocked on the castle door. Bowser Jr. then opend the door.

Bowser Jr:" So did those Saiyans get rid of the Mario brothers?"

Bowser:" Those two figured out that we where the bad guy's, so they turned against us."

Bowser Jr:" With Goten and Gohan on there side they are unstoppable."

Petey Piranha:" We can still beat them."

Shy Guy:" May I ask how we are going to do that?"

Petey Piranha:" We can just use the maschine again and bring three more strong fighters that can over power the two."

Bowser:" Great Idea lets do it right now."

Bowser and all of his team mates went to the maschine."

Bowser:" ParaTroopa set it so that the maschine will beam three Saiyans."

Paratroopa set it for that, and then he fired the beam, it split in three.

Bowser:" Just a couple minuets and they will be here."

Koopa Troopa:" I hope there nice like the last two."

Six minuets later the maschine door opend."

Petey Piranha:" The Maschine only found two Saiyans, there names are Trunks and Bardock."

Fly Guy:" It says Bardock is Goten and Gohans Grampa and the Father of Kakrot or Goku what ever you want to call him."

Trunks and Bardock stepped out of the maschine."

Trunks:" Ok were the heck am I what is going on, and who are all of you?"

Bardock:" I was just in hell training and then I appared at this place."

Trunks:" I'm also young again, what is going on?"

Bowser:" You both are Saiyans, so have you already met."

Trunks:" What do you think, ofcourse not I have never been to hell I am a good person."

Bardock:" I feel like I'm alive again."

Bowser:" That is because you are Bardock."

Petey Piranha:" Bardocks power level is Twenty six million and Trunks power level is fiftey million one hundred three."

Bowser:" These two together can't add up to the power level of the other two Saiyans."

Paratroopa:" You two must be hungry, come with me to the kitchen and I will make you lunch."

Trunks:" I am really hungry but after I eat I want you guy's to explain to me what is going on ok?"

Paratroopa:" You got yourself a deal."

Bardock:" You can explain everything to both of us, because I'm kind of lost about whats going on."

Paratroopa Bardock and Trunks walked into the kitchen, Bardock and Trunks sat at the table as Paratroopa started to make a spicey chicken soup.

Trunks looked at Bardock for a little bit.

Trunks:" Hey Bardock you remind me of one of my greatest friends Goku."

Bardock:" Who is Goku."

Trunks:" He was a Saiyan like both of us, his hair shape was the exact shape of your's."

Bardock:" Who is your father?"

Trunks:" My father's name was Vegeta."

Bardock:" You mean to tell me your father was king Vegeta!"

Trunks:" No my father was prince Vegeta."

Bardock:" Ooh I see, your father was the son of King Vegeta."

Trunks:" So do you have any sons or daughter's."

Bardock:" I did have two son's, there names were Radditz and Kakorot."

Trunks:" Kakorot I know him, Kakorot is Goku."

Bowser:" We are going to have to summon one more fighter from the maschine."

Petey Piranha:" I will set it to zap the strongest fighter in hell."

Bardock:" How is Goku Kakorot?"

Trunks:" Well when he came to earth his grampa Gohan who took care of him named him Goku, When your Son Radditz came to earth, was when Goku had found out his true name and blood line."

Bardock:" How do you know all this."

Trunks:" My mother Bulma told me the whole story, and believe it or not, but your son Kakorot was the one to defeat freiza."

Bardock:" Frieza is dead."

Trunks:" He has been dead for many decades."

Bardock:" Well it is nice to meet you Trunks."

Trunks:" It's nice to meet you to Bardock."

The two then shook hands.

four Minuets later the Maschine door opend and out stepped some one with great power.

Petey Piranha:" This ones power level is Seventy nine million five thousand, wow he is even stronger then Gohan."

Bowser:" What is his name?"

Petey Piranha:" His name is Android 17."

Bowser:" How do you feel Android 17."

Android 17:" Just call me 17."

Bowser:" Ok 17 we need you to take out these guy's called the Mario brothers, and there working with these two strong Saiyans."

Android 17:" Saiyans I know them, I will only help you if you tell me what is going on."

Bowser:" Are you hungry."

c-17:" No thank you I'm fine."

Koopa Troopa:" Your team mates that you will be working with, are in the kitchen."

Juunanagou walked into the Kitchen.

Juunanagou:" Well if it isn't Goku and Trunks, wait a minuet your not Goku who are you?"

Trunks:" What why did Bowser bring you here, your not even on the same side as me."

Juunanagou:" After we take down these Mario brothers your next Trunks."

Bowser:" You two are going to have to try and get along."

17 then walked out of the Kitchen.

Bowser:" We will attack the Mario brothers in a couple of hours, they will probably be hanging somewhere in the mushroom kingdoom."

Juunanagou:" The Mushroom kingdom, Iv'e never been on this planet before but I'm shore it won't be to hard to find that place, I will take down these Mario brothers myself."

Android 17 then opend the front door and flew out into the sky.

Bowser:" Were did 17 go?"

Shy Guy:" I think he just went outside to get some fresh air."


Back at the Mushroom kingdoom

Mario:" Hey Gohan I know you and Goten are very strong, but do you guy's know any type of fighting style."

Gohan:" Me and Goten know diffrent types of fighting, you just haven't seen us in battle."

Sonic:" Hey Gohan who was the first person to ever really train you?"

Gohan:" The first person I really trained with was Piccolo, he was a Namekian."

Knuckles:" Hey Goten do you want to go to the market with me?"

Goten:" Sure I'll go, but I don't have any money on me is the money on this planet diffrent from the money on my home planet earth?"

Knuckles:" Don't sweat it Goten I'll float you."

Goten:" Hey Gohan I'll be back in a little bit, me and Knuckles are going to go get a few things."

Gohan:" Alright Goten but I'm going to stay here."

Knuckles and Goten then left Luigi's mansion.

Sonic:" I like Goten, hey Gohan your brother is a pretty cool guy."

Gohan:" Yaa he is huh."

Sonic:" I want to know more about you, do you love girls as much as your brother does?"

Gohan:" No Goten is the only girl hungry guy, he did not take after are mother or father."

Luigi:" Gohan and Sonic feel free to look around this whole mansion, and try not to get lost."

Sonic:" We can look around later."

Gohan:" Luigi this shore is a nice place you have here."

Luigi:" When I first came here this place was filled with ghost, and the one behind it all was king Boo."

Sonic:" Sounds like a nightmare."

Mario:" Later we can go see what Yoshi Boshi and there friends are up to."

Gohan:" Sounds like a really good idea."

Knuckles:" So Goten your brother was married, did you ever think about getting married?"

Goten:" Yes I was going to ask Paresue to marrie me."

Knuckles:" So what happend?"

Goten:" Well she found another guy that intrested her."

Knuckles:" Well I guess that was to bad for you, I guess the better guy alway's wins."

Goten:" Yeh I guess."

Knuckles:" You and Gohan must be the strongest guy's who have ever lived."

Goten:" My father and Vegeta were the strongest who ever lived."

Knuckles:" Interesting."

Goten:" I'll tell you about them later."

Five minuets later Goten and Knuckles made it to the market.

Goten:" Wow there are a lot of good looking fruits here."

Knuckles:" Lets find the oranges, water melon, bananas and Apples."

Goten:" This is really cool how this is an outside market."

Toad:" Hey over here."

Knuckles:" Hey do I know you?"

Toad:" Is your name Knuckles?"

Knuckles:" Maybe."

Toad:" I'm one of Mario's best friends, he told me about you he also said you were a red Echinda."

Knuckles:" Ok, and what is your name?"

Toad:" My name is Toad, who is your friend?"

Knuckles:" His name is Goten."

Goten:" Hey Toad, you shore are a little guy."

Android 17:" Yes I can feel a huge energy signal, it has to be Goten or Gohan."

Juunanagou then speeded up his flying.

Goten:" So Toad what are you buying here?"

Toad:" I just came to pick up some steak beef and Pork."

Goten:" Sounds tasty."

Goten and Knuckles gathered up all the fruits they wanted within 8 minuets."

Knuckles:" I think that is everything we can go find the others now."

as the two started to leave a Ki blast came flying down towards them, Goten knocked it out of the way before it could hit them.

Knuckles:" What the heck, who is that in the sky."

Goten:" I don't know, but I'm about to find out."

Goten dropped the bag of fruits and flew into the air.

Goten:" What who the heck are you."

Android 17:" Don't tell me you have already forgotten who I am Goten."

Goten:" Hey now I remember you, your Android 17!"

Android 17:" So you do remember me, and you probably know why I am here."

Goten:" That's simple, you are here to destroy."

Juunanagou:" I see you have done your home work."

Goten looked down at Knuckles.

Goten:" Get out of here this could get messy and I don't want you to get hurt."

Knuckles yelled back to Goten.

Knuckles:" No way I never run from a fight."

Goten:" Do as I say this guy might even be stronger then me."

Knuckles:" That doesn't sound very good, Goten you will probably need my help."

Goten:" Get out of here Knuckles you will only get in my way."

Android 17:" Are you done talking to your little friend, because I'm ready to begin."

Goten:" Let's take this somewhere else were people won't get hurt."

Android 17:" I prefer to put on a little show."

Goten:" What.. What do you mean."

17 then charged over to Goten fast and kicked him in the stomatch, he then threw a punch to Goten"s face sending him out of the sky back onto the ground."

Knuckles:" Oh no he already got beat."

Goten got back on his feet flew into the sky and started throwing fast kicks and punches at Android 17.

Knuckles:" I guess I spoke to soon."

17 started fighting back against Goten.

after 3 minuets 17 knocked Goten out of the sky again."

Knuckles:" Wow whoever that guy is, he is good."

everyone at the market was watching the fight.

Goten:" Well I guess I don't have any other choice it's time to give it my all, at least he is not fused with that other 17."

Goten smiled and started to power up.

Knuckles:" What is he doing?"

Goten transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Market Man:" What his muscles got bigger and his hair turned golden blond."

Knuckles:" Wow Goten looks fantastic, maybe he can take out that 17 guy now."

Everyone at the market had there eyies on the battle.

Goten then flew into the air.

Goten:" Lets finish this 17."

Android 17 smiled.


To Be Continue




The Super adventure chapter 3

written by Kristoffer Michael Garrett

Goten:" This fight will be much better, I promise you that."

Android 17:" Just because you are a Super Saiyan you think you can beat me, well your wrong."

Goten:" I guess I'll give you the first move."

Goten flew toward 17 punched him in the face, sending him to the ground.

Juunanagou:" Nice one, but you will not get so lucky again."

17 got on his feet flew up to Goten and they continued fighting each other.

Goten and 17 punched each other in the face at the same time. The two started kicking and punching each other, as fast and hard as they could. 17 then slammed his elbow into Goten's stomach, Goten's mouth opend as blood came out, 17 then knocked Goten down toward the ground.

Before Goten could hit the ground he landed on his feet, he then wiped the blood from his mouth.

Goten flew back into the sky and punched Juunanagou 12 times in the chest, he then kicked him to the ground.

Goten:" Now is my chance to do this while he is laying on the ground."

Knuckles:" Goten is doing great out there."

Goten:" Good bye 17, Kamehameha!"

The blast went down to the ground and hit Juunanagou direct.

Goten:" well at least that is over."

Knuckles:" Wow Goten beat that guy with no problem really."

The smoke then cleared.

Knuckles:" What there is no way he could have survived that powerful blast."

Goten:" I should have known it wouldn't be that easie."

Android 17 looked at everyone that was watching the battle.

Juunanagou:" After I am done with Goten, your sorry lives will be next."

A man started running, but 17 shot him with a ki blast and he was gone in a second.

Android 17:" Anyone tries to run, ends up like him understand"

Goten:" Hey Juunanagou the fight is up here, leave these people out of it."

Android 17:" I see playing the hero part of your father."

17 flew back into the sky and started fighting with Goten again.

Goten slammed a fast kick onto Juunanagou left rib, 17 yelled in pain as blood came flying out of his mouth.

Knuckles:" Yes Goten is doing it, for a second I thought I may have had to step in."

Goten:" Had enough yet?"

17 smiled.

Juunanagou:" Super ultra spirit ball attack!"

Juunanagou started powering up the blast, he then aimed it down on the people at the market."

Android 17:" Goten you can get in the way of this blast but it will finish you off, but if you dont get in the way the people down there will have to pay the price, your choice."

17 shot the powerful blast down toward the people, Goten flew infront of the blast he prevented it from hurting anyone, but it took him down to the ground."

Knuckles:" Goten Nooo."

After the smoke cleared Knuckles ran over to Goten who was laying on the ground."

Knuckles:" What happend to him his hair went back to black."

Juunanagou:" who wants to be next?"

Knuckles:" Goten are you alive talk to me, say something."

Goten looked up at Knuckles.

Goten:" Hey Knuckles, right now it would be wise for you to run away."

Knuckles:" Can you move Goten?"

Goten:" No I can not, that blast really took it out of me it would be best if you went to go find my brother."

Knuckles:" I can't just leave you like this."

17 shot ten blast and killed ten people, he then flew down to the ground behind Knuckles.

Juunanagou:" So your still alive Goten, and who is this your little pet."

Knuckles:" The name is Knuckles, and I am no ones pet."

Knuckles jumped up and tried to punch 17 but he just knocked him out of the way with his arm, Knuckles fell on the ground.

Android 17:" Say hello to your dead family members for me would you Goten, Spirit ball."

Befor 17 could shoot the blast an arrow came fast and almost hit him in the head.

Juunanagou stoped the blast and looked in the direction of were the arrow came from.

Android 17:" What a boy dressed in green, I can't beleive he almost hit me, what is your name?"

Voice:" My name is Link or you can call me young link."

Juunanagou:" Kid you have some nerv to think you can attack me from behind, let me guess are you a friend of Goten to?"

Young Link:" No I do not even know him, the only reason I am helping him is because he seems to be the only one who has a chance of stopping you, you have already killed like eleven people."

Knuckles then got back on his feet, and ran over next to Young Link.

Android 17:" So it is two against one."

the rest of the people at the market ran away from the market.

Juunanagou:" I'll just let them go, I think I will have enough fun with you two, after I'm done your next Goten."

Goten:" I will regain my power some how and then I will finish you."

Android 17:" Big talk for someone who can't even stand up."

Knuckles:" So your name is Young Link, well my name is Knuckles."

Young Link:" Nice to meet you Knuckles, so do you have any ideas how to beat this guy?"

Knuckles:" I think Goten was are only chance."

Young Link:" You know I am kind of agreeing with you, I saw the whole fight Goten did great until 17 shot off that huge energy ball."

Juunanagou:" Enough talking lets fight now."

Young Link and Knuckles charged at Android 17 and started trying to punch and kick him, but the two were to slow.

17 kicked them both in the stomach, leaving them out of breath the two fell to the ground in pain.

17:" I guess that makes me the winner."

17 then kicked Young Link and Knuckles into the air, they both landed next to Goten.

Juunanagou started loading up another blast.

Android 17:" It's been fun playing around, but your times on this planet are over look on the bright side at least you three will die together in the same grave."

17 felt another huge power level coming his way.

Android 17:" You three are lucky today."

17 then flew off back to Bowser's castle.

Goten:" Knuckles can you get up?"

Knuckles:" No I can't, that guy is tough."

Goten:" Young Link can you get up?"

Young Link:" Sorry I can't, I think that guy broke some of my bones."

Goten looked up in the sky.

Goten:" Hey It's my brother."

Gohan came down flying out of the sky.

Gohan:" There you are Goten, who did this to you guy's?"

Goten:" It was Android 17."

Gohan:" You can tell me about it when we get back to the castle or Luigi's mansion."

Gohan gave Goten Young Link and Knuckles some of his energy."

Gohan:" So what is your name little guy?"

Young Link:" I am Young Link."

Gohan:" Mario and Luigi have invited us to a special dinner which will take place in a hour, so I guess we could bring one extra person."

Young Link got on Goten's back and Knuckles got on Gohans, and they flew back to Luigi's mansion.

9 minuets later they arrived.

Luigi:" Finally you guy's are back what happened?"

Goten:" I'll explain it over dinner."

Luigi:" Wow Goten your clothes are all torn up."

Goten:" Lets just say there was a big fight and I happened to have been in it."

Mario:" So you guy's are finally back, I was beginning to worry."

Luigi:" Well one of you should get in the shower and get cleaned up."

Goten:" I'll go take mine first."

Goten went inside.

Mario:" So who are you?"

Young Link:" I'm Young Link hero of time, I come from Hyrule."

Mario:" I've heared of you, your just a legend well I guess the legends about you are true."

Luigi:" So your coming to the dinner to, well you can't go in green do you have any black clothes."

Young Link:" I didn't bring any extras."

Sonic came from the back yard of Luigi's Mansion.

Sonic:" Don't sweat it kid I'm the fastest hedgehog alive I could go get you some black clothes."

Young Link:" Can you run to Hyrule and pick up my black tunic, it is exactly like this one but it is in black."

Sonic:" Ok that will be no problem, is your house in Hyrule."

Young Link:" Go to the lost woods my friend Saria should be there, she will show you were my tree house is."

Sonic:" Ok got it."

Sonic ran off really fast.

Young Link:" He wasn't kidding about he was fast, he's like the fastest animal Iv'e ever seen, he is already out of site."

Mario:" Why don't you go inside Young Link, you will have to take a shower after Goten."

Young Link:" OK."

He then walked inside.

Gohan:" The moon is lovely tonight isn't it Mario and Luigi?"

Luigi:" Yes it is pretty."

Mario:" What time is it Luigi?"

Luigi:" It is almost eight o clock."

Mario:" Gohan I think we have two tuckcetoes that can fit you and Goten."

The three then went into the mansion.

ten minuets later Sonic returned with Young Link's clothes, he stepped into the mansion.

Sonic:" I'm back you guy's."

Mario:" Just set Young Link's clothes by the bathroom door he will get it when he gets out of the shower."

Sonic:" Were are Knuckles Goten Gohan and Luigi."

Mario:" The three of them are getting dressed."

Sonic put Young Links clothes by the door.

Mario:" Hey Sonic here is a black shirt and some black panths you can wear."

Sonic:" Thanks Mario."

Bowser's castle

Bowser:" You two will start training to take down the other two saiyans."

Trunks:" Bowser you still haven't told us the other Saiyans names yet."

Bowser:" There names are not important right now."

Bardock:" I'm just ready to start the training now, I want to see how good you are Trunks."

Trunks:" Yaa I guess we should train first."

Bowser Jr:" Bardock your still going to help me bake cookies after you are done training right?"

Bardock:" Of course I will, we can start soon as I am done."

Koopa Troopa:" Bowser Android 17 is back."

Bowser:" Tell him to come see me."

Koopa Troopa walked over to 17."

Koopa Troopa:" Juunanagou Bowser would like to have a word with you."

17 then walked up to Bowser.

Bowser:" Were where you."

Android 17:" I was just out getting some air."

Bowser:" Ok that is fine, would you like to train with the other two?"

Juunanagou:" I think I will sit this one out, but I would like to watch."

Bowser:" Petey Pirahana show Trunks Bardock and 17 the training room."

Petey Pirahana walked the three to the training room.

Trunks:" Wow this room is huge!"

Petey Pirahana:" You can work with anything that is provided in this room."

Bardock:" Ok this should be fun."

Petey Pirahana:" I will leave you guy's to your training now."

Petey then left the room

Trunks:" Ok Bardock are you ready to begin, we will start by fighting each other in combat to test each others skills."

Bardock:" Alright lets do this."

The two Saiyans flew into the air.

Android 17:" I wonder who will win this I'm guessing Trunks, unless this other saiyan has some hidden power."

Koopa Troopa was also in the training room punching on the punching bag.

Juunanagou:" Hey that Troopa Koopa guy isn't to bad, his punches are fast but lack of power."

Bardock:" Ok lets go."

Bardock went flying fast toward Trunks and started throwing punches at him, but he kept missing because of Trunks speed.

The entrance door to the training room opend again, and Paratroopa came in and walked over to the weights.

Bardock started trying to kick and punch Trunks at the same time, he could not even touch him.

Bardock:" Stay still you punk."

Trunks:" I'm sorry I can't do that."

Bowser had a secret camera in the training room watching everyone.

Bowser:" Wow Bardock can't even touch Trunks, amazing and Trunks isn't even the strongest!" Bowser:" I can't wait to see 17 in action!"

Juunanagou then got out of the chair he was sitting in and walked over to the weights and joined Paratroopa.

Trunks finally punched Bardock in the face, Bardock then fell to the ground hard

Bardock:" Damn that Trunks guy is good."

Bardock got back on his feet flew into the air and continued trying to hit Trunks.

Trunks:" You shore can take a punch well I'll give you that."

Bardock:" Thats it.... your mine."

Before Bardock could try and start attacking Trunks again, punched Bardock in the stomach 10 time he then punched him in the face, Bardock fell to the ground again.

Trunks:" Now to do this while he is laying on the ground.... Buster Canon."

Trunks shot the blast directly at Bardock and it hit him.

Trunks:" Had enough yet?"

Bardock began to move, he then stood up.

Trunks:" You can still move after that, I must say you have the same kind of body like Goku that can take brutal attacks."

Koopa Troopa was punching the bag really fast and hard as he could at this point.

Koopa Troopa:" I will break Bowser's record."

17 was lifting five hundred tone, while Paratroopa was lifting 800 pounds."

Bowser:" They are all doing wonderful, that Goten and Gohan will not have a chance against me and my team."

Shy Guy looked on the screen of the trainig room.

Shy Guy:" Wow the new guy's are good."

Bowser:" They will take care of are little plumber problem, Mario and Luigi are good as dead."

Bardock shot a couple Ki blast at Trunks.

Trunks:" You think those cheap blast will hurt me, your going to have to try harder."

Bardock loaded up a blast and shot it toward Trunks, Trunks just knocked it back and the blast hit Bardock.

Trunks:" All to easy."

Bardock went flying down to the ground.

Bowser:" With a little more training they will be ready."

To be continue.


The Super adventure chapter 4

Written by Kristoffer Michael Garrett

Bardock:" Wow Trunks who trained you your fighting style speed and strength are incredible?"

Trunks:" I got trained by my father."

Trunks kicked Bardock to the ground again. Bardock just laid there.

Bardock:" That's it Trunks I've had enough for awhile."

Trunks:" Ok will take a break."

Koopa Troopa stopped punching the kick boxing bag. Paratroopa and Android 17 continued lifting weights.

Bowser:" These guy's will be more then enough to take out the Mario brothers, along with any of there friends."

Twenty minuets later at the restaurant.

Manager:" Where would all of you like a seat at?"

Young Link:" Will take a seat next to the ocean thank you."

The Manager then seated everyone at a table next to the ocean.

Young Link:" Wow what a great view, I hope the food is good to."

Goten:" The view is pretty fantastic."

Luigi:" So far today is one of the best day's in my life, don't you agree Mario."

Mario:" Yes it has been a very interesting day."

Sonic:" Hey Gohan can you pass the menu?"

Gohan handed the menu to Sonic.

Young Link:" Goten I am curious, how are you that strong I have never seen a human with that kind of power you process?"

Goten:" I am half Saiyan and my father Goku was the greatest fighter."

Knuckles:" Young Link tell us more about yourself."

Young Link:" Well my rival is Ganondorf, and I have a small crush on Saria but princess Zelda is cute to."

Gohan:" Who is princess Zelda?"

Young Link:" I'll explain more about her later."

Mario:" I guess we can all start off with some hot and Sour soup."

Sonic:" That sounds like a great Idea."

Young Link:" Hey guy's I will pay for everything, I have a lot of Rupees I need to get rid of."

Luigi:" It's ok kid, but me and Mario will take care of the bill."

Young Link:" No really guy's I need to get rid of these Rupees."

Luigi:" Ok if you want to."

Knuckles:" Those Rupees will probably be more then enough."

Mario:" After everyone decides what they want just tell me and I'll tell the manager when he comes back around."

Sonic:" I know what I want, I'll take a number nine."

Gohan:" I think I'll have a number nine also."

Young Link:" I guess I'll take a number twenty."

Goten looked on the second page of the menu and so something he liked.

Goten:" I will take a number 42, with the meat baked well done."

Knuckles:" number 18 looks good, I think I will take that."

Luigi:" Number 8 is what I'll have."

Mario:" I'll have a number 16 the Ravioli and Spaghetti special!"

In two minuets the manager came back around.

Manager:" So what do you guy's want to eat tonight?"

Mario:" I will take a number 16, Goten will take a number 42 with the meat well done, Sonic will take a number nine."

Luigi:" I will have the number eight."

Young Link:" Number twenty will be all for me tonight."

Knuckles:" Number eighteen please."

Gohan:" And I will take a number nine."

The manager wrote everything on paper.

Manager:" Ok I will be back with your food in a little bit."

The Manager then walked off.

Knuckles:" Tell us more how you turned Golden and your eyes turned blue."

Goten:" That form of me was called Super Saiyan."

Sonic:" I bet it's not more powerful then a super hedgehog!"

Knuckles:" I don't think so Sonic, you haven't seen him when he is powered up."

Sonic:" If he is that strong then he is probably the strongest man alive."

Goten:" You mean second strongest, my brother Gohan is even stronger then me."

Young Link:" What how can that be."

Goten:" You guy's just so me transform into a Super Saiyan, my brother has the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan 2."

Knuckles/Young Link:" Super Saiyan 2!!!"

Goten:" That is correct."

Mario:" It does sound like a royal blood line, and very powerful."

Knuckles:" Hey Gohan can you show us what Super Saiyan 2 looks like?"

Gohan:" I promise you guy's I will show you later."

Luigi:" I think while we are waiting for the food everyone should tell a little something about themselves, who wants to start?"

Young Link:" Ok I will tell a little about myself."

Everyone looked at Young Link.

Young Link:" First I will tell you one of the biggest things about me, you all should know that I am the original hero of Time."

Mario:" What!! you have got to be kidding us, the original hero of time died hundreds of years ago."

Young Link:" Why do you think they call me the hero of time, because I can go forward in time and backwards."

Sonic:" So you want us to believe you that you are the boy all those years ago who defeated the evil Ganondorf."

Young Link:" Yes it's the truth, I had to use the master sword to bring out the other side of me."

Goten:" What's the other side."

Young Link:" The sword transformed me into a young adult giving me the power I needed to defeat Ganondorf."

Gohan:" That is a very interesting story."

Young Link:" It's not just a story it's the truth, I saved all of Hyrule."

Goten:" I don't know you guy's but the kid might be telling the truth."

Gohan:" I think so to."

Knuckles:" This Ganondorf guy sounds a lot worse then egg man."

Sonic:" That is because he probably was."

Knuckles:" So Mario and Luigi were are Toad and Yoshi, why aren't those two here?"

Luigi:" Ooh I forgot about those two, I guess we will have to catch up with them later."

Mario:" I can't wait for the food to get here because I am starving here."

Sonic:" Don't worry Mario the food should be here really soon."

Everyone at the table took a moment and looked at the beautiful ocean with silence.

Goten:" Gohan how did you know where to find me Knuckles and Young Link earlier?"

Gohan:" Well... I felt you power up to Super Saiyan, so I then knew you were about to get into a big fight."

Young Link:" Good thing you came when you did, because that Android 17 guy was about to finish us off."

Gohan:" No problem really it was nothing."

Mario:" Ooh yeh there is going to be a tournament that is going to be held down town in the mushroom kingdom."

Goten:" Are you serious Mario, a tournament."

Mario:" Yes I am positive."

Goten:" You can count me in, I haven't been to a tournament in a long time."

Young Link:" Even though I probably won't have a very good chance of winning considering Gohan and Goten will be in it, I could still enter to sharpen my skills against a couple opponents."

Sonic:" I'll enter who knows with my speed I might be the winner of the tournament."

Knuckles:" I am one of the greatest master's at material arts so I just might win."

Luigi:" Of course me and Mario will enter we are the super Mario brothers."

16 minuets later there food arrived."

Mario:" Finally I get to eat."

Everyone started eating.

Back at Bowser's castle.

Bowser:" Juunangou, Paratroopa, Petey Piranha, shy Guy, Bardock, fly guy Koopa troopa and Trunks, all of you should go to sleep now, you need your rest we will attack Mario and his allies tomorrow."

Bardock walked up the long stairs along with everyone ells.

Bardock:" So Koopa troopa where am I going to sleep?"

Koopa troopa:" You can pick any room you like that is not already taken."

Trunks:" I guess we should look around for a while since this castle is so big."

Android 17:" Yeh whatever, I just can't wait until tomorrow."

Bowser Jr. walked from out of the kitchen to the huge living room were king Bowser was sitting in his chair.

Bowser JR:" I can't wait for those guy's to kill Mario and Luigi, we should tell them to cut off there heads and bring it back."

Bowser:" I like the way you think but all I want is for those two to be dead."

Bowser Jr:" What about Goten and Gohan?"

Bowser:" Goten and Gohan are no longer a threat to me."

Bowser Jr:" Well that's a relief."

40 minuets later back at Luigi's Mansion.

Sonic:" That food shore was good, I am so full."

Young Link went into Luigi's mansion to change back into his Koriki tunic.

Mario:" That food was really tasty, we have got to eat there again some time soon."

Luigi:" You said it Mario that food was really good."

Goten:" This planet has good food."

Mario:" You and Gohan are in a whole different world now."

Gohan:" That is for shore, this planet is much different from the last one we where on."

Knuckles:" I think it's time we all get some rest, it is really late we can all meet here tomorrow."

Luigi:" That is a good idea."

Young Link then came out of Luigi's mansion."

Young Link:" I guess I will have to find a nearby hotel to stay at for the night, since Hyrule is so far."

Mario:" Hey Young Link Goten and Gohan you guy's can just stay the remaining night at my house."

Sonic:" Hey Luigi would it be ok if me and Knuckles stayed the night at the mansion with you."

Luigi:" Yaa you guys can stay the night with me."

Sonic Luigi and Knuckles left into Luigi's mansion."

Mario:" You guy's can just follow me through the forest and we will walk to my house."

Gohan:" Wouldn't it be easier if we were to just fly instead of walking through that dark place?"

Young Link:" Have you already forgotten me and Mario can't fly."

Gohan:" Me and Goten can hold you guys and fly to your house, it will be much faster."

Gohan graved Mario and Goten graved Young Link, Mario then told them which direction was to his house.

Within 13 minuets they made it to Mario's house." Mario dug in his pocket and pulled out the key to his house, and opened the door to see Boshi standing there.

Mario:" Boshi what are you doing in my house?"

Boshi:" I've been waiting for you, I need to talk to you about something."

Mario:" Well I brought a couple new friends by that are going to stay the night."

Gohan:" I'm Gohan."

Young Link:" I'm Young Link."

Goten:" And I'm Goten, nice to meet you Boshi."

Boshi:" Nice to meet you three to."

Mario and everyone went into Mario's living room.

Mario:" So Boshi what did you want to tell me?"

Boshi:" Yoshi and all of are friends are going to have a BBQ tomorrow, do you want to come?"

Mario:" That depends, maybe if I'm not to busy."

Boshi:" Ok I'll see you tomorrow."

Boshi then left from the front door.

Young Link:" I'll just crash on the couch."

Mario:" I will be up stairs asleep, there are covers in the closet wake me up if you need anything.

Mario walked up stairs to his room.

Goten:" I'll just sleep on the other coach."

Gohan walked over to the other coach and saw that a bed could be pulled out of it, so he pulled the bed out.

Young Link:" Why you lucky."

Gohan:" You never want to rush when it comes to bed time."

Goten got three covers from the closet and gave one to Gohan and Young Link, he took the other for himself. Goten got on the remaining coach turned off the light and the three went to sleep.

Back at Hyrule.

The ground began to shake and a hand popped from under the ground." He then busted out of the ground.

Dark Voice:" Yes if I am not mistaken this is the dimension link is in, I can finally have my revenge this time he will not defeat me I'm Ganondorf and no one defeats me."

Ganondorf:" Link will not have a chance this time, since I have all the power of the master sword stored up inside of me, revenge is so lovely."

Ganondorf:" First I must find were he is hiding and then I will destroy him, I must find Zelda but I will deal with her once I'm done with that punk."

Ganon called for his dark black horse, when it arrived to him he started riding throughout Hyrule field.

Ganondorf:" Wants Link is gone I can turn this place into a dark world but I will not stop there, I will make this whole planet hell... I don't care if Link is not in Hyrule, I will get him wherever he is."

Ganon had a big smile on his face.

Bowser's castle

Bowser Jr:" Everyone is asleep dad."

Bowser:" That is great they will need there rest for tomorrow's fight, wait until those other two Saiyans see what I have on my side I bet they will run away like little sissy's."

Bowser jr:" You got that right dad."

Bowser:" Hey son get me a glass of beer.

Bowser Jr. went into his kitchen and got a beer out of the fridge for his father."

Bowser Jr:" I think this one is his favorite."

Bowser Jr walked back into the dinning room and gave his father the big beer bottle."

Bowser started drinking it.

Bowser:" This stuff is just great thanks son."

Bowser Jr:" No problem."

30 minuets later Bowser and Bowser Jr. went to sleep.

To Be continue.



The super adventure chapter five

Written by Kristoffer Michael Garrett

After a long night of sleep it was finally the morning. Young Link's eyes opened and he looked at the clock to see what time it was, the clock showed it was 16 minuets after 9:00 Am. Young Link yawned.

Young Link:" Hey Gohan and Goten wake up."

Goten and Gohan woke up after hearing Young Link's voice.

Goten:" What's for breakfast?"

Gohan:" I slept great last night."

Mario came walking on the stairs from upstairs.

Mario:" I see you guy's are finally up, what do you say I make some eggs sausage and Pan cakes?"

Goten:" That is a very great idea, I shore am hungry."

Mario:" Ok I will start now."

Mario walked into the kitchen turned the stove on and got the materials he needed to cook with.

Young Link:" Hey Goten or Gohan, do either of you want to train with me, in Mario's back yard?"

Gohan:" I will later I'm still a little tired."

Goten:" I guess I can to burn off a little time."

Goten got out of his covers and put his shirt pants and shoes on.

Young Link:" You slept in your boxer shorts."

Goten:" Yeh I always do that."

Gohan also got dressed back into his clothes. Goten and Young Link went out of the back door that leads to Mario's back yard. Gohan walked into the kitchen.

Gohan:" Hey Mario you don't mind if we are in your back yard do you?"

Mario:" I'm perfectly fine with that, I'll call you guy's in when breakfast is ready."

Gohan:" Ok thanks."

Gohan left out to the back yard.

Young Link:" Go easy on me, after all I am a human."

Gohan sat down on the bench to watch. Young Link pulled out his sword and shield.

Gohan:" This kid say's he is a legend, if that is true he will at least do half descent against Goten."

Young Link ran toward Goten when he reached him he jumped up and tried to cut Goten in the face, but Goten moved out of the way quickly. Young Link started swinging his sword at Goten trying to hit him.

Goten:" Wow this kid is good, his swordsmanship is great and so is his speed, I better be careful."

Young Link jumped up and threw a side kick toward Goten's head, Goten blocked it and knocked Young Link to the ground. Yong Link front flipped from laying on the ground and landed on his feet. He continued swinging his sword at Goten.

Young Link:" Why can't I hit you?"

Goten:" Your just not skilled enough."

Goten kicked Young Link in the stomach, he fell to the ground out of breath.

Goten:" Do you want to take a break little man?"

Young Link got back on his feet.

Young Link:" No breaks."

He jumped into the air did a back flip and left some distance between him and Goten.

Gohan:" This kid is defenently a legend like he said, he has to be.!!"

Mario was juggling ten pan cakes, and then he threw them onto the stove while he was baking the eggs."

Young Link pulled out a bomb and threw it toward Goten.

Goten:" Ooh shoot."

Goten jumped out of the way and flew into the air.

Goten:" Nice move Young Link, you almost had me there."

Son Goten then flew back down onto the ground.

Gohan:" After breakfast let's go meet up with Luigi, Sonic and Knuckles."

Young Link:" Yaa we will do that."

Goten:" So Young Link, how do those bomb's of yours work?"

Young Link:" I throw them and whatever object or person it hits, it explodes."

Young Link pulled out another bomb and threw it toward Goten.

Goten:" I'll wait for the last second, then I will move."

Young Link pulled out his bow and arrow and shot an arrow at the bomb, the bomb then exploded in Goten's face. Young Link started laughing.

Young Link:" Yeh I got him!!!"

Goten:" Nice move."

The smoke then cleared.

Young Link:" What the bomb didn't do anything to him!"

Gohan:" This kid has skill that's for shore."

Mario:" Come in guy's it's time to eat."

Back at Luigi's mansion

Luigi:" Hey Sonic do you know were Knuckles went?"

Sonic:" Knuckles is in the room were the punching bag is, he is lifting weights."

Luigi:" Go get him we are going to go meet up with Mario."

Sonic ran fast to Knuckles location.

Sonic:" Hey Knuckles we are going to go meet up with Mario and the others."

Knuckles dropped the weights

Knuckles:" Alright, I just need to get in shape for the tournament that is coming up if I want any good chance of becoming the champion."

Sonic:" Yaa I know what you mean I need to start training myself."

Knuckles and Sonic walked to the front door of the mansion were Luigi was waiting. Luigi opened the front door and all three of them walked out.

Luigi:" So how did you guy's sleep last night?"

Sonic:" I slept pretty good."

Knuckles:" It was a comfortable sleep."

Luigi:" Well that's good to know."

Within 17 minuets they made it to Mario's house, Sonic knocked on the door and Mario answered it

Mario:" Hey guy's we just got done eating breakfast."

Knuckles:" So are you guy's going to come outside?"

Mario:" Hey Goten Gohan and Young Link let's go."

Everyone went outside.

Knuckles:" Can I see hands for who wants to train for the tournament coming up?"

Mario:" Yes we should do that to get warmed up for the day."

Young Link:" I have to go back to Hyrule, there are a couple things I need."

Gohan:" I can fly you there, if you tell me the directions on the way."

Young Link:" Ok."

Gohan flew off with Young Link at a fast speed.

Sonic:" Ok the training will begin when those two get back from Hyrule."

Goten:" So what should we do in the mean time?"

Mario:" I don't know but we can think of something."

Luigi:" We can go to the gym and play some basket ball."

Sonic:" I guess we can go to that."

They all walked up to the city gym.

Goten graved a basket ball.

Goten:" So how are teams going to go?"

Mario:" I'll sit out for the first match, which team ever looses I will fill in for one of the player's, The teams will be Knuckles and Goten Vs. Sonic and Luigi."

Both teams went to the middle of the gym and Mario threw the ball up in between both teams, Goten jumped up and knocked the ball on his teams side. Knuckles went over and started dribbling the ball as he ran to the hoop, Luigi tried to knock the ball out of his hand Knuckles jumped up and threw the basket ball into the hoop.

Goten:" Good work Knuckles, couldn't have done it better myself."

Knuckles:" It was no problem Goten!"

The two smiled.

Sonic:" Let's go again I'm ready."

18 minuets later.

Mario:" Goten and Knuckles 17 points, Sonic and Luigi 15 points, first team who reach's twenty is the winning team."

Sonic started dribbling toward his teams hoop, Knuckles knocked the ball out of Sonic's hand and dribbled the ball toward his teams basket ball hoop.

Luigi came in front of Knuckles, blocking him from shooting a basket so knuckles threw the ball to Goten

Goten jumped up and threw the ball toward the basket but Luigi jumped up and knocked the ball over to Sonic, he dribbled the ball and then scored.

Sonic:" Ooh yeh we rock."

five minuets later.

Mario:" The winning team is Knuckles and Goten."

Goten:" Hey Mario can we take a break before the next round?"

Mario:" Sure Goten."

Back at Bowser's castle.

Bowser:" Everyone to the meeting room now."

All of Bowser's team mates came.

Android 17:" What is it you want you over sized turtle."

Bowser:" 17 Bardock and Trunks get ready, because in an hour I'm going to send you all off to destroy the Mario brothers."

Bardock:" I can't wait, this will be a lot of fun."

Trunks:" Do you have any idea how strong these saiyan's are?"

Bowser:" I can tell you that they will not be strong enough to take down you three."

Trunks:" Well that's good at least it won't take long for us to finish them off."

17 said to himself.

Android 17:" That's just it soon as Trunks sea's that Goten is one of the saiyan's, he will not fight he might even turn against Bowser."

Bardock:" I can't wait to show those saiyans what I can do, they will not stand a chance."

Koopa Troopa:" I may not be as strong as you guy's but I will still put up a fight."

Bardock:" Maybe it would be better if you little turtles guy's just stay here, you don't know how strong saiyans are so you guy's might get killed."

Koopa Troopa:" I don't care what you say, I'm going."

Paratroopa:" Me to, I would never back away from a fight."

Trunks:" Ok you guy's can come just be careful."

Petey Piranha:" I will stay here, I'm really not a fighter."

Android 17:" I think that would be a good idea, you would only get in the way."

Bowser:" I will stay here and wait for you guy's to return."

A door that leads to the kitchen opened, it was Bowser Jr.

Bowser JR:" I'm coming with you guy's, my skills of fighting are pretty good and so is my speed."

Bowser:" Yes you can help them kill Mario."

Back at Hyrule.

Gohan had finally made it to Korki forest.

Young Link:" Fly down there, that is my tree house."

Gohan flew Young Link down to his house. the two walked in.

Gohan:" Nice place, but it is really small don't you think."

Young Link:" Yeh maybe your right, but it is just enough room for me."

Gohan:" It may be small but it is still a nice place."

Young Link:" Yup this is the place were I was born here in the forest."

Gohan:" There are a lot of kids out there, were are the adults?"

Young Link:" Well Gohan you are the only adult here."

Gohan:" What do you mean?"

Young Link:" If you live here in the Korki forest you will never age at all, that is why this place is filled with kids like me."

Young Link looked under his bed and pulled out an extra shield, he also got some bomb's."

Gohan:" So do you make the bomb's yourself."

Young Link:" No I don't make them myself, I buy them and keep a couple under my bed."

Gohan:" Do you think it is cool being a kid all of the time?"

Young Link:" Yeh I think it is cool, hey since we are here you can meet my friend Saria."

Gohan and Young Link then left the tree house. they walked over to the small pond, where Saria was standing there.

Young Link:" Hi Saria."

Saria turned and looked."

Saria:" Ooh hi Link what are you up to, and who is your friend?"

Young Link:" His name is Gohan."

Saria:" Hi Gohan."

Gohan:" Aa hi, I love the forest"

Saria:" So do I, it really is beautiful."

Young Link:" Ok Saria I'm going to show him the lost woods now."

Saria:" Ok."

Saria then hugged Young Link, afterwards Gohan followed Young Link to the lost woods.

Gohan:" Wow what is that wonderful song playing?"

Young Link:" It's the theme of the lost woods."

Gohan:" So where is the boom box located at?"

Young Link:" There is no boom box the woods itself play's the music."

Gohan:" Wow that's amazing talk about cool."

Gohan and Young Link walked deeper into the woods.

Gohan:" I have to give it to you, your world is really cool."

Young Link:" You haven't seen everything yet, we still haven't went to Hyrule!!"

Gohan:" Well what are we waiting for, let's go."

The two then left the Lost Woods and went to the Hyrule fields."

Gohan:" The air is so fresh and the grass is so green, it's beautiful."

Young Link:" Come on we will stop by the Lon Lon Ranch, I want you to meet another friend of mine."

Young Link stopped for a second and pulled out his ocarina, and played the song to call Epona." within three minuets the Horse arrived.

Gohan:" What did you just call that horse by using the ocarina?"

Young Link:" Yup that's right."

Young Link then got onto the horse.

Young Link:" Follow me, I will lead us to the Lon Lon ranch."

Epona started running to the Ranch, Gohan was flying in the air following. In 15 minuets they made it to the ranch.

Young Link walked into the arena were the horses where running, He looked in the middle of the arena and so Malon.

Young Link:" Hey Malon it's me Young Link."

Malon:" fairy boy what bring's you to the Ranch?"

Young Link:" I just thought I'd come by to see you, I brought a friend his name is Gohan."

Malon:" Hey Gohan welcome to the ranch."

Gohan:" Nice to meet you to, this is a nice Ranch."

Young Link:" I got my horse Epona from her Gohan."

Gohan:" That is really neat!"

10 minuets later.

Young Link:" Malon we are going to leave now."

Malon and Young Link then hugged each other, Gohan and Young Link left the Ranch.

Young Link:" Ok let's go back and meet up with your brother Goten Sonic Mario and everyone ells, they should be a couple miles that way."

Gohan:" Yeh let's do that."

Young Link:" When we come back to Hyrule again, I'll show you around at the market."

Gohan:" Ok."

To Be continued.