History of my Mario Fandom

The first time I got introduced to Mario was when I was about 4 years old. I got the 8-bit Nintendo for Christmas and Super Mario Bros., which came with it. I never touched a console game before, but it wasn't too new to me, since I played computer games on an old TRS-80. But unlike the computer games, Super Mario Bros. was addicting! I remember that I got into the games so much that I would cry and throw a fit whenever I fell into a pit or hit an enemy and died.

I was even happier to find out that two years later, there was a sequel to the game that I loved so much, Super Mario Bros. 2. At first, I had played it at my cousin's house and fell in love with it. I finally bought it not too long after that and got addicted to that as well.

Mario Mania really didn't hit me though until the Super Mario Bros. Super Show aired on FOX-KGSW channel 14. The characters now actually had personalities. I remember laughing at the episodes because Mario and Luigi would be so clumsy sometimes when saving the Mushroom Kingdom. My dad would record the episodes and I would always watch them, even when it went off the air.

My cousins, friends, and I would get really into the Mario Mania, because we would pretend to be regular people caught up in the adventures along with Mario and Luigi. We pretended that each of the Koopa Kids had twins that were not evil, and even drew a map of Bowser's Castle, complete with detail! (I wish it wasn't thrown away! I could've put it up on this site!)

Then when The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World aired, I was more into the Mario Madness! I bought some merchandise on which you'll see on the products section.My favorite characters at the time were Yoshi, Wizardheimer, and Cootie Pie on the cartoons. I would always try to imitate their voices, as well.

I kept buying as many Mario games as I could, and even though Mario's fame started to decline a little bit, I still remained a loyal fan to him. Super Mario 64 is probably the best game on the N64 in my opinion, and to this day, I would still get addicted to it! I wanted to make a site on the Internet, but couldn't really think of a topic. But I chose none other than Mario for the topic in the end! I think Mario and his friends are awesome, and I sure can't wait to see what's in store for him in the future, especially for the up-and-coming N-Cube!

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