2005 GCN Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

NAME: Miss Jolene
OCCUPATION: Journalist
AGE: 25
ORIENTATION: Female, Single, Heterosexual
HOMETOWN: Rogueport

Superstar host Miss Jolene also serves as anchor of The Early Show, the Mushroom Kingdom News' weekday morning broadcast. During the war with the Koopa Kingdom, she delivered foreign reports for the broadcast from Koopa Castle and Dark Land. Before that, Jolene served as the announcer for a pro-wrestling tournament, the Glitz Pit, and anchored Rogueport Morning News. Jolene had previously served as reporter and anchor for TMK-TV in Glitzville.

Before joining the Mushroom Kingdom News, Jolene worked as a reporter for TMK-TV Toad Town, as a producer for Rogueport NewsOne, that network's affiliate news service, and as a desk assistant in Rogueport News' Glitzville bureau, where she worked on the award-winning primetime special "Anatomy of a Riot."

Miss Jolene was born on January 6 in Rogueport. She graduated from Woohoo Hooniversity in 1991 with a degree in broadcast journalism and English. She lives in Glitzville.

*Remember that most information in these character profiles are purely fabricated.

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