By: Chris Schiavetta

My Idea for a game is a 4th SSB. With Newcomers and Oldies.

Reg. Characters

1. Mario

2. King Dedede (Newcomer, I think, from Kirby.)

3. Ness

4. Peach

5. Meta Knight

6. Link

7. C. Falcon

8. Shyguy (Newcomer, from Mario)

9. Sheik (Just Sheik, No Zelda)

10. Paula (Newcomer, Earthbound)

11. Yoshi

12. Kirby

13. DK

14. Bowser

15. AiAi (NOTE: It's a newcomer from Super Monkey Ball, but I don't know if that's Nintendo)

Secret Characters

1. Dr. Mario (Beat Classic with Mario, Peach, and Yoshi, with no continue)

2. Poo (Newcomer, Earthbound, Beat Classic with Paula & Ness)

3. Daisy (Newcomer, Mario, Beat Event match # something with Daisy in it)

4. Roy & Marth (Either Roy or Marth will be selected by beating classic mode on normal, if one is not there, beat classic mode with the other without losing a life)

5. Mewtwo (Beat Classic with every Reg. Character) (NOTE: I skipped 6 because I had sega characters)

7. Naruto Kun (Newcomer, Naruto, play vs. mode 500 times, or beat a team of Link, Roy, And Marth in vs. mode, each on level 5)

8. Luigi (Beat classic with Mario, Dr. Mario, Peach, Daisy, DK, Bowser, and Yoshi)

9. Y. Link (Beat classic with Sheik, Link, and Marth)

10. ReDead (Newcomer, Zelda, Beat Classic Mode With Link, Y. Link, Sheik, Marth, Roy, and Bowser)

11. Mr. G&W (Beat Classic with everyone you unlock except Bowser and you must have at least 8 secret characters unlocked)

12. Rick (Newcomer, Kirby, Beat every event # where Kirby or Meta Knight are in them and beat classic and adventure mode with Kirby, Meta Knight, Marth, and Roy)

13. Diddy Kong (Beat classic or adventure with Mario, Link, Luigi, Y. Link, Dr. Mario, Yoshi, DK, and Bowser and beat DK in vs. mode on level 9)

14. Stone Mario (Beat Adventure with every character except Shadow Link)

15. Shadow Link (Beat Classic, Adventure, and Target test with every character)

       Stages NOTE: I won't say how to unlock them or if they're locked

Mario- Mushroom Kingdom Rooftop

King Dedede- Dreamland

Ness- Onett

Peach- Mushroom Kingdom (Inside)

Meta Knight- Meta Knight Stadium

Link- Great Bay

C. Falcon- F-Zero Grand Prix

Shyguy- Shyguy's toybox

Sheik- Hyrule

Paula- Fourside

Yoshi- Yoshi's Island

Kirby- Green Greens

DK- Kongo Jungle

Bowser- Bowser's Castle

AiAi- Banana Volcano

Dr. Mario- The Dr. Mario Office

Poo- Battle Arena

Daisy- Sarasa

Marth- Altea

Roy- Lycia

Mewtwo- Nintendo Gamecube

Naruto- Electricity Arena

Luigi- Birdo's Island

Y. Link- Sinking Great Bay

ReDead- Underground Maze

Mr. G&W- FlatZone

Rick- Hamster Cage

Diddy- Jungle Japes

Stone Mario- Stone Castle

Shadow Link- Finale Field