Mario Party 64 Quiz

Test your knowledge on the N64 Mario Party games (1-3).
  1. This quiz is kind of like M.P.I.Q. Where did this minigame appear in?

  2. Mario Party
    Mario Party 2
    Mario Party 3
    You're pulling my leg. It was in Mario Party 4.

  3. How much does a Magic Lamp cost?

  4. 10 coins
    20 coins
    30 coins
    50 coins

  5. Where did the minigame Magnet Carta appear in?

  6. Mario Party
    Mario Party 2
    Mario Party 3
    Trick question- Mario Party 4

  7. How much are blue spaces worth in the last 5 turns of a board?

  8. 0 coins
    1 coin
    3 coins
    6 coins

  9. Where did the board Shy Guy's Jungle Jam appear in?

  10. Mario Party
    Mario Party 2
    Mario Party 3
    None of the above (Mario Party 4)

  11. What minigame is Hexagon Heat very similar to?

  12. Mushroom Mix-up
    Lava Tile Isle
    Bounce 'N' Trounce
    Musical Mushroom

  13. What does the Bowser Revolution do?

  14. Spins every player around so they get dizzy
    Distributes players' coins evenly
    Shuffles players' postions on the board
    Makes all the players move in the opposite direction

  15. What two minigames was the song "Got It?" in?

  16. Curtain Call, Three-Door Monty
    Chip Shot Challenge, M.P.I.Q.
    Aces High, Eatsa Pizza
    Hide and Sneak, Etch 'N' Catch

  17. What button lets you view a map of the board?

  18. A

  19. Who can steal stars from other players?

  20. Toad, Boo, and Millennium Star
    Boo and Bowser
    Only Bowser
    Only Boo

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